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I write about sexual violence, ableism, toxic masculinity, chronic illness. Engaged to @jmkutner. He/him. Queer. Disabled. Email: (handle) at gmail dot com
Sep 29, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
I've been thinking a lot about this insightful piece by @andizeisler.

It speaks about how the humiliation of women is a currency for male bonding, how jokes and pranks exist to reinforce male dominance.

Three experiences emerge in my mind.… The upsetting thing is that at the time of 2 of the 3 experiences, I thought they were the greatest thing ever.

That I was being initiated into the world of real men.

I implicitly knew, as Zeisler writes, that "strong bonds can be made stronger at the expense of women."
Sep 28, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
A challenge for men.

Engage your male friends, family, colleagues about the Ford/Kavanaugh hearings.

Ask what they thought. Remain neutral. Listen.

Do they sympathize w Kavanaugh? Express doubts of 35yo allegations? Wonder why it's relevant to his nomination?


PUSH BACK. It's important to push back because our culture is at stake.

It's not just about if the GOP will confirm a judge who will vote against Roe, LGBTQ rights, and healthcare.

All of that is massively important, but it's out of our hands.

We're at a pivotal moment in rape culture.
Aug 16, 2018 9 tweets 4 min read
I've thanked @Amy_Siskind in person and #onhere, but in light of her recent behavior, I've revisited some old tweets.

Her conversation on Apr 25 with @sarahkendzior has been cast in a stark new light.

The message that Amy was sending that night was a dangerous one.

Here's why. The conversation went like this. Sarah talked about reality and a dark future. Amy continuously responded with unfailing hope.

The message: we all have the power to change the course of our nation every day.

She painted herself as an exhausted yet somehow tireless change agent.
Jun 14, 2018 41 tweets 14 min read
Gretel Katz, my grandmother, was once an illegal immigrant in a country that didn't want her.

In 1938, she fled to Switzerland from Nazi-occupied Austria.

Gretel would have been deported were it not for Paul Grüninger, a man who didn't believe in borders. (More on him shortly) Gretel was raised in Vienna, a dancer in the ballet at the famed Wiener Staatsoper, the Vienna State Opera house. She was 15 and had recently earned a pension, awarded after 9 years work. It was meant to be her job for life.

Here she is on the right with a Viennese opera singer.
Apr 14, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
Yes! That has always amazed me, too. The roast beef story is one of six moments in his tale of survival where the determination of life or death was decided in an instant.

At the work camp Szebnie, Monek was working as a gardener at the villa of one of the SS officers in charge. Every day while the officer was away, his chef would bake fresh dog biscuits for his German Shepherd. She would leave them out, but the dog had no interest.

One day, Monek approached slowly. The dog wagged its tail. Monek was starving, and he took the biscuits and ate them.
Apr 12, 2018 35 tweets 14 min read
This is my grandfather, Murray Goldfinger. The tattoo, 161108, was given to him at Birkenau.

He's 91 and his health is failing. He told his tale of survival for 65 years. Now, I've taken the responsibility.

One part of his story always gets a big reaction from students. January 1945. Murray (born Monek) was on The Death March west from Birkenau as Russian soldiers advanced from the east.

He was tired, cold, and hungry. He saw something in the air, descending towards him.

It hit him in the chest, and he caught it.

A 2-lb piece of roast beef.
Feb 14, 2018 31 tweets 14 min read
2018 is an election year. Keep an eye on this list. Check back for updates. Remember these men. Call them out. #Resist… Meet Arthur Jones. He denies the Holocaust, calling it an "extortion racket." He says that he stands “shoulder to shoulder, philosophically,” with President Trump.…