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Wonder why Rs are trying to push #Kavanaugh through? THIS.
So he’s seated before This is before SCOTUS.
#StopKavanaugh #WhatsAtStake
#WhatAreTheyHiding #SaveSCOTUS
/2 This alone makes the #StopKanavaugh movement an URGENT MATTER!…
Hidden motive behind Republican attempts to fast-track #Kavanaugh:

“Under the doctrine of separate sovereigns, federal & state govt are considered to be "separate sovereigns", so Double Jeopardy Clause does not apply to prosecution of the same crime by both fed and state courts”
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@mbyrnes37 @emptywheel Brian Benczkowski was appointed Head of the DoJ Criminal division by R' votes only. He would replace Rosenstine if Trump fired him.

Benczkowski could fire Mueller and end all the work Mueller's people were doing. A Constitutional Crisis yes.
States AGs are not under the DoJ.
@mbyrnes37 @emptywheel State charges against Trump and his crime family can not be pardoned. NY and NJ have enough to bring Trump & Co. down.

Mueller is always 10 steps ahead of Trump and his Three Stooges Legal Team.
I'm sure Mueller saw this coming when Benczkowski was appointed to DoJ.
@mbyrnes37 @emptywheel The rush to confirm Kavanaugh is connected to #TrumpRussia

Getting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court has been the GOP endgame for a long time.

I started posting this thread right after the Nunes recording came out.
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This should NOT be framed as a He Said, She Said
Whys the @GOP rushing to dismiss what SHE SAID. Fords allegations are supported by the fact that Kavanaugh,in his & Judges own words,seemed to have an alcohol & party culture. Its disturbing to look at ALL we already know..THREAD👇
👉Kavanaugh says 'What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep'
👉The potential witness during the attempted rape refuses to testify & wrote a Memoir called 'Wasted'
👉Why are the GOP hiding 90% of Kavanaughs documents
👉It appears he already Perjured himself
👉Kavanaughs email after a "boys boat trip" mentions 'blacking out' & cautioned confidentiality-WHY?
👉Judges memoir is corroborated by Brett Kavanaughs own disturbing Yearbook entries
👉GOP indicate that even if Brett DID attempt to rape Dr Ford he should still be confirmed
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I am calling on Senate Republicans to delay next week’s Judiciary Committee vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
This is the most important Supreme Court vacancy in a generation, and President Trump has chosen Judge Kavanaugh to be the decisive vote on the health, privacy, and rights of all Americans, and whether our Constitution will protect everyone or just the wealthy and powerful.
The American people deserve to know who Judge Kavanaugh is, but Republicans are trying to rush through this nomination while concealing critical parts of the nominee’s record. There are far too many questions swirling around this nomination. #WhatAreTheyHiding
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A thread on Judge #Kavanaugh & perjury.

I’m an attorney & have followed the Kavanaugh nomination closely. I want to discuss why I think it's important to use the word perjury to discuss some of #Kavanaugh's dishonesty. Continued ⤵…
A major problem with news coverage of Kavanaugh's deception is that the news relies on experts for its stories & that many of the legal experts including #NeverTrump conservatives & anti-trump progressives know #Kavanaugh to be a thoughtful lawyer. (Cartoon via @tomtomorrow)
A good example of this came from 1 of my favorite podcasts, @NSLpodcast. Hosts are 2 attorneys—1conservative/1progressive—both critical of Trump. Both set aside evidence of #Kavanaugh's dishonesty bc they believe him to be honest. They know him personally
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Article re: Russia’s penetration of a #Smartech server containing some “old emails” including some of @LindsayGrahamSC’s. As shown in my Thread below, the Bush admin, of which #Kavanaugh was a part, also used Smartech for emails. 1/ #WhatAreTheyHiding…
“The Smoking Gun noted that the Republicans whose emails appeared on DC Leaks all used Smartech, an email and web-hosting firm that, according to Tom Del Beccaro, ex-chairman of the California Republican Party, had admitted to being hacked.” 3/…
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Alright, kids.

The @SenateDems and @SenBooker need a full court press from us today.


Call every Senator you can find a phone number for. I’ll be tweeting focus calls to particular Sen, watch for those.
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@SenatorLeahy The US attorney scandal in which #Kavanaugh may have been involved was/is a big deal, & the Bush White House claimed to have "lost" 22 MILLION emails when Congress tried to subpoena them to investigate the scandal in 07. Some were found in 09... 1/
@SenatorLeahy 2/ Thread about the US attorney scandal (from the Bush years) in which #Kavanaugh may have been involved, and the 22 MILLION emails that the Bush White House claimed to have lost when Congress subpoenaed them to investigate the scandal in 2007.
@SenatorLeahy 3/ According to @craigunger of Vanity Fair, the emails were hosted on a server owned by a company called Smartech.
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The US attorney scandal in which #Kavanaugh may have been involved was/is a big deal, & the Bush White House claimed to have "lost" 22 MILLION emails when Congress tried to subpoena them to investigate the scandal in 07. Some were found in 09... 1/
2/ Thread about the US attorney scandal (from the Bush years) in which #Kavanaugh may have been involved, and the 22 MILLION emails that the Bush White House claimed had been lost when Congress subpeonaed them to investigate the scandal in 2007.
3/ According to @craigunger, the emails were hosted on a server owned by a company called Smartech.
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THREAD: Between 2001 and 2003, Republican Senate staffers hacked into and stole 4,670 files on controversial Bush judicial nominees from 6 Democrats, including me. This scandal amounted to a digital Watergate, not unlike Russia’s hacking of the DNC.
The ringleader worked closely with #Kavanaugh in pushing these controversial nominees. Kavanaugh testified he had no reason to suspect anything “untoward.” Today I began confronting him with the many reasons why he would have known there was something deeply wrong here.
Days before the hearing for a hyper-controversial nominee, the ringleader of the hack sent Mr. #Kavanaugh specific details on what I was planning to ask about at her hearing. Said he learned it from “Intel.”
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In answer to their critics, Dems showed up to the Kavanaugh hearing and hammered the GOP for rushing confirmation with a fraction of this reactionary judge’s WH documents released.

With no way to block this nomination on their own, they can still make their argument to voters.
Booker hammers Senate GOP for rushing through a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land with just 10% of his documents reviewed, and for ceding it’s duty to evaluate the documents for release to a partisan lawyer.

In Kavanaugh’s court, the same people always seem to win: the powerful, the privileged, the corporations, and the special interests. The rights of everyday people, the oppressed, the workers, women, always lose.

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Just hours ago, 42K pgs. of Judge Kavanaugh’s record were dumped on us--the cherry atop an historically shameful process that has become an outright sham. Saying that we’ve fully vetted Kavanaugh’s record is perpetrating a fraud against the American people. #WhatAreTheyHiding
J. Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS hearings begin w gaping holes in his record, spanning multiple yrs. of his career as a partisan operative. Thx to Republicans, we’ve seen only 7% of his WH record. Compare that to the 99% the Senate demanded of Justice Kagan's WH record. #WhatAreTheyHiding
Even the 7% the Judiciary Committee has seen was pre-screened by a hyper-conflicted, hyper-partisan Republican lawyer who once worked for Kavanaugh in the Bush White House. He hasn’t even told us what he’s withheld, because Rs DIDN’T ASK HIM TO. It’s a sham. #WhatAreTheyHiding
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On the eve of Labor Day weekend, only days before the start of Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, @realDonaldTrump announced he would stop the Senate from reviewing over 100k pages of Kavanaugh’s records from the White House Counsel’s Office. #WhatAreTheyHiding…
.@realDonaldTrump's 11th hour move to hide Brett Kavanaugh’s record is unprecedented. When Justice Kagan was nominated, NONE of her WH records were withheld because of executive privilege. So what's in these documents? And why is Trump so eager to bury them? #WhatAreTheyHiding
The Constitution directs the Senate to provide advice and consent on all judicial nominees. We cannot effectively fulfill that duty when @realDonaldTrump refuses to disclose Kavanaugh's record. Senate Republicans know this, too – they just don't care. #WhatAreTheyHiding
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The GOP Admin is claiming exec privilege on over 100,000 Kavanaugh documents from his time as assoc WH counsel. The GOP refuse to review his records as WH staff sec.


Obama admin didn’t claim exec privilege on ANY of Elena Kagan’s documents. #StopKavanaugh
We need at least 2 GOP votes to cross the isle. Collins and Murkowski are our best shots, and they’re receiving calls from everyone.

Lisa Murkowski ☎️ 202-224-6665
Susan Collins ☎️ 202-224-2523
The following Dems are undecided. Are you their constituent?

Donnelly (IN): ☎️ 202-224-4814
Heitkamp (ND): ☎️202-224-2043
Jones (AL): ☎️ 202-224-4124
McCaskill (MO): ☎️ 202-224-6154
Manchin (WV): ☎️ 202-224-3954
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.@Chuckgrassley and the @SenateGOP keep touting the # of pages released, as hearing “transparency.” But an event invitation like this, duplicated more 44,000 times, doesn’t tell America about #JudgeKavanaugh’s record. #WhatAreTheyHiding?
.@SenateGOP’s ‘record-breaking’ document request? The Kavanaugh documents include more DUPLICATES than any Supreme Court nominee in history. They’ve padded the document request--for instance with 50,000 pages of duplicate event invites. #WhatAreTheyHiding #ReleaseTheRecords
Republicans are conducting an unprecedented & hyper-partisan vetting, hiding docs. related to his time in the Bush WH when critical decisions about now discredited torture policies were made. Instead they release 85k+ of duplicate docs. #WhatAreTheyHiding #ReleaseTheRecords
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If you were unable to demonstrate yesterday, you can still play a big part in the fight to #StopKavanaugh.

Call your Senators. Call volume is key! Tell them a President implicated in conspiracy to commit multiple felonies cannot be trusted to pick a Supreme Court Justice.
We need 2 GOP votes to cross the isle in order to have a chance to #StopKavanaugh.

Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are our best hopes, and they’re receiving calls from everyone.

Tell them you do not trust a man who admires Justice Scalia so much with protecting Roe v Wade.
The GOP insisted on reviewing all of Elena Kagan’s WH documents before proceeding with confirmation, yet they’re rushing to confirm Kavanaugh with less than 1% of his WH documents reviewed.

Torture memos?
A role in the strategy to oppose marriage equality?
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No President implicated as a co-conspirator in multiple felonies, who is under fed investigation, can be trusted with nominating a SCOTUS Justice.

This Sunday, Aug 26, is a National Day of Action to #StopKavanaugh
Sign up for events in your area.
Petitions and tweets make us feel like we’re making a difference, but Congressional staffers agree: public demonstrations and calls are the only things that get real attention from our reps. Make a call to your Senators:

☎️ 202-224-3121
To have a chance to #StopKavanaugh
In the Senate, we need 2 Republicans to cross the isle. Murkowski and Collins are our best bets. Both are accepting calls from non-constituents.

Lisa Murkowski ☎️ 202-224-6665
Susan Collins ☎️ 202-224-2523
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💥BOOM💥Everyone agrees that Kavanaugh lied to the Senate about torture in 2006. What nobody talks about is WHY HE LIED. He lied because he was PROTECTING Bush and Cheney from WAR CRIMES. That is why there is a @GOP COVERUP‼️
🔥The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program🔥…
⚠️Under Kavanaugh, Bush’s excessive use of “signing statements” were a part of a larger agenda that claims exclusive control of war related matters for the President and holds that any involvement by Congress or the courts should be minimal⚠️ @benwikler @SenFeinstein
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At first, when Kavanagh was nominated, top GOP senators said that “it just seems to be common sense” that all his White House papers should be released.

Then, on July 24, they met with Trump’s counsel. Turned on a dime. Now, releasing the papers would be “a bridge too far.” 1/
What the hell happened at that meeting? What did the senators hear? We don’t know, because only Republicans were invited. Their lips are sealed.

@SenatorLeahy, ex-chairman of Judiciary Committee, wants to find out. Here’s the letter he sent today to Don McGahn, Trump’s counsel.
As @SenatorLeahy notes, he’s been in the Senate for 44 years. 19 SCOTUS nominations. Voted on every current member of the Court.

In that time, he’s NEVER seen the White House interfere with the Judiciary Committee’s doc requests for a nominee.

Seriously: What are they hiding?
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So, uh, looks like Kavanaugh lied to the Senate during 2006 judicial confirmation hearings—even just going by the tiny fraction of documents that are publicly available. Said he knew nothing about Bush torture & rendition. But: was emailed talking points.…
Republican superlawyer Bill Burck, who simultaneously represents Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Don McGahn in their dealings with the Russia probe, is also brokering access to Kavanaugh documents for the Senate. He's keeping a *very* tight lid on them.…
Grassley & Burck made deal where, of the few Kavanaugh papers that the Senate does receive, tons are labeled "committee confidential"—meaning the 79 senators *not* on the Judiciary committee don't get to see them.

Collins & Murkowski aren't on committee.

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Take note: Republicans are trying to ignore the plain words of what Judge Kavanaugh said under oath in 2006: “I was not involved and am not involved in the questions about the rules governing detention of combatants.” This statement covers his time as WH Staff Secretary.
If there are Staff Secretary docs showing Kavanaugh’s involvement in “questions about the rules governing detention of combatants," those docs are directly relevant to the credibility of his sworn testimony in 2006.  That’s why it’s so important to see them. #WhatAreTheyHiding
But Republicans won’t disclose any of Kavanaugh’s Staff Secretary documents. They want to keep the American people in the dark about this 3-year period in Kavanaugh’s career where he worked on highly controversial issues. This is a Supreme Court nominee we are talking about.
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Republicans announced #SCOTUS hearings will begin on Sept 4th. Let’s recap how the Senate GOP’s blatant and historic obstruction of Judge Kavanaugh's record is denying both the Senate & the American people access to critical information about a potential Supreme Court justice.
The GOP is deliberately withholding the entire record of Judge Kavanaugh’s 3 years as Staff Secretary– the most senior position he held in the Bush Admin & a job Kavanaugh himself said was “formative” & “instructive” as preparation for being a judge
Meanwhile, the small % of docs the Judiciary Committee will get to see are being pre-screened by a GOP political operative who worked for Kavanaugh in the Bush admin and currently represents Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and Don McGahn.

If this seems shady, it’s because it is.
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Read my statement on watchdog group @weareoversight's request to a federal court seeking to unseal a court-ordered report on possible violations of grand jury secrecy laws by #Kavanaugh. #WhatAreTheyHiding #WhatsAtStake
Divulging grand jury information is a serious offense that no judge will take lightly. It can put witnesses at risk, compromise important evidence, and threaten the integrity of entire investigations and prosecutions. #WhatAreTheyHiding #WhatsAtStake…
We know Ken Starr played a dangerous game of using the news media to prosecute his case in the court of public opinion, and we know that #Kavanaugh was an important part of Starr’s team. #WhatAreTheyHiding #WhatsAtStake
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Trump: Day 567
-143rd Day at Trump Golf Club
-186th Day at Trump Property
-Sz NFL'ers "Unable 2 Define" Protests
-Omarosa Pens White House Memoir
-Mueller Subpoenas Randy Credico
-China Fires 6 Warnings at US Navy
-RHONY Friend Dead in Trump Tower
-Kavanaugh Hearings 2 Begin 9/4
Day 672 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 524 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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