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1/ UPDATED ACTION ITEM TO STOP KAVANAUGH; The ABA has issued a formal notice requesting that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings be delayed pending a formal FBI investigation. In the meantime, the ABA continues to rate Kavanaugh as "well qualified." As no federal judge has ever
2/ been confirmed without a "well qualified" rating by the ABA, if the ABA were to rescind this rating (as it did once before in 2006) it could further derail Kavanaugh's confirmation. For all of you who hire lawyers or know lawyers please ask them to contact the ABA to urge the
3/ ABA to immediately withdraw Kavanaugh's rating of "well qualified" and institute a process to reconsider whether this rating is still appropriate after the surfacing of extremely negative information about Kavanaugh during his hearing with Dr. Ford. Of course this request
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Wonder why Rs are trying to push #Kavanaugh through? THIS.
So he’s seated before This is before SCOTUS.
#StopKavanaugh #WhatsAtStake
#WhatAreTheyHiding #SaveSCOTUS
/2 This alone makes the #StopKanavaugh movement an URGENT MATTER!…
Hidden motive behind Republican attempts to fast-track #Kavanaugh:

“Under the doctrine of separate sovereigns, federal & state govt are considered to be "separate sovereigns", so Double Jeopardy Clause does not apply to prosecution of the same crime by both fed and state courts”
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[THREAD] Here's what just happened on #Kavanaugh. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 (all Rs, including @JeffFlake voting yes, all Ds voting no) to send the nomination to the Senate floor. 1/
As part of his remarks, @JeffFlake told the Committee he'd prefer the Senate floor vote on Kavanaugh to be put off one week to allow for an FBI investigation. 2/
Two things @JeffFlake does not control:
1️⃣ Whether there is an FBI investigation.
2️⃣ Whether the floor vote is put off by one week. 3/
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This exchange tells me everything I need to know about Kavanaugh. What a POS he is.

#NoKavanaugh #SaveSCOTUS #SCOTUS #KavaNOPE
Here's a photo of the exchange, or the non-exchange, as it were.

Kavanaugh refusing to shake the hand of a man who lost his daughter in the Parkland shootings on February 14, @fred_guttenberg.
#SCOTUS #NoKavanaugh
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THREAD Why is he #CorporateKavanaugh? Why do we need to #SaveScotus? Let us count the ways (1)
Even some Republican judges felt he went too far when he found the structure of @CFPB unconstitutional in the PHH Corp. case. He's a judicial activist in favor of corporations. (2)
Kavanaugh’s ruling would have let the president remove independent regulators at will, allowing big corporations with friends in high places to influence what ought to be non-political decisions to #ProtectConsumers (3)
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For months, we've consistently cautioned that the Senate must #PressPause on considering President Trump's SCOTUS nominee until the Special Counsel's investigation ends.
LDF President and Director-Counsel @Sifill_LDF penned an op-ed on our country’s commitment to equal justice under the law and why "it is imperative that the process to replace [Justice Kennedy] not be rushed." #WhatsAtStake #ScotusPick #SCOTUSnominee…
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I'm not seeing NEARLY enough press on how much of a hero @SenatorBaldwin is. It's incredible. This Senator is up for reelection in a Trump-won state THIS YEAR. And she's demonstrating more leadership to #SaveSCOTUS than all these blue state Dems. Quick thread on what this means:
This is a huge deal because we're NEVER going to get Collins or Murkowski against Kavanaugh if we can't even get safe blue state Dems onboard. Hell, we're not going to get Heitkamp, Donnelly, or Manchin onboard if we can't lock up these safe Dems ASAP.
Remember, the strategy to defeat Kavanaugh is simple:
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[THREAD] There's a LOT of updates today around the #TrumpPutinSummit and the #MuellerInvestigation. Here's what you need to know:
Trump’s disgraceful and disloyal press conference today shows that he is a danger to us all, and that he is clearly acting on behalf of Russian, and not American, interests. Instead of confronting Putin’s threats to our democracy, he instead attacked the Russia investigation.
Putin suggested 𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙖 should join the investigation, & it should be expanded to investigate U.S. citizens. Trump should have put a stop to that idea immediately - instead he agreed it was a good idea. He had a choice between Americans and Putin, and he chose Putin. Again.
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THREAD. It's not just #SCOTUS: With the help of @SenateMajLdr and @ChuckGrassley, Trump is trying to take over the entire federal bench. While we fight to #StopKavanaugh, here's what you should know this week about the lower courts and Trump's judicial takeover. #courtsmatter
This week, the Senate is set to vote on 5th Circuit nominee Andrew Oldham and 9th Circuit nominee Ryan Bounds – two more Trump judicial picks who are young, white, male, and extreme. It’s a disturbing pattern and a huge setback for judicial diversity in America. #courtsmatter
If these two conservative ideologues are approved by the GOP-led Senate, Trump will already have TWENTY-FOUR circuit court judges on the bench (just a year and a half after his inauguration). Trump is, disturbingly, 16+ months ahead of Obama’s pace on circuit court confirmations.
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One of Kavanaugh’s cases in the spotlight is Agriprocessors vs. NLRB, in which management argued they didn't have to bargain with the workers because they were undocumented immigrants.

Kavanaugh was the lone judge who agreed with the company. (thread)
But you might remember Agriprocessors for another reason: In 2008, ICE launched one of the largest workplace raids in history on a Postville, Iowa slaughterhouse that made headlines across the country.
In the raid, ICE officials rounded up hundreds of immigrants, mostly from Guatemala and Mexico. They found more than 20 underage workers in the plant, including some as young as 13. The raid tore families and the entire community apart, and left many struggling to get by.
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Former congressional staffer here. I'm seeing a few different tactics/strategies being thrown out to #SaveSCOTUS, and a fair amount of misinformation. Here's a short thread on a few tactics that won't work.
1) Pressure on Senators who don't represent you. If you don't live in Maine, Sen. Collins doesn't care what you think. That's not even a knock on Collins - that's just how representative democracy works.

Exceptions: You are a millionaire, famous person, or big campaign donor.
2) Pressure on House members. Members of the House of Reps are very important for many things, but they have no vote on Supreme Court justices.

Exception: Could be worthwhile to get every Dem House member in red states to publicly oppose, creating contrast with GOP senators.
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The President’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh will propel our nation’s highest court in a dangerous direction for generations. He passes Trump’s anti-choice ‘litmus test’ w/ flying colors & will likely help end #RoevWade, rolling back decades of hard-fought reproductive freedoms
#WhatsAtStake? Protections for people w/ pre-existing health conditions, voting rights, workers’ rights, & LGBTQ equality. I urge my Senate colleagues to oppose this nomination.
The President should find a candidate who reflects mainstream values and respects the fundamental rights of all Americans. #SaveSCOTUS
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BREAKING: Trump just announced his #SCOTUSpick - Brett Kavanaugh, who has a troubling record on #reprorights, the environment, the ACA, and more. Keep reading to learn more about #WhatsAtStake and why we must #StopKavanaugh ⬇️
Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most cravenly partisan choices Trump could have made. He’s been called the “Forrest Gump of Republican politics,” as he seems to always show up in high-stakes, far-right political battles and conspiracy theories.
Kavanaugh doesn’t believe that a sitting president can be indicted, and believes presidents should have wide latitude to hire and fire special counsels. His nomination could shield Trump from facing accountability for his crimes and corruption.
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🚨 #BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump has nominated #BrettKavanaugh to the #SCOTUS seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy. 👎🏾 #SaveSCOTUS #WhatsAtStake🚨…
Judge #Kavanaugh has been on the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit for over 10 years. He's a member of the Federalist Society. (@FedSoc) (yikes!)
Let's take a look at his record! 🧐 #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS…
ICYMI: The Federalist Society is “a group of conservatives and libertarians dedicated to reforming the current legal order.” #SCOTUS nominee #BrettKavanaugh is a member. Fun!
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Justice Kennedy was the swing vote on a number of landmark Supreme Court cases protecting the environment, LGBT rights, and women's rights among many others. Here are the most notable 5-4 decisions #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v Casey reaffirmed Roe V Wade's core holding that the Constitution protects a woman's right to make fundamental decisions about her own health care #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS
Whole Woman's Health v Hellerstedt struck down a restrictive anti-choice law in TX bc it put an undue burden on women's access to reproductive health care services #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS
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Couple things to keep in mind ahead of SCOTUS announcement today:
1) McCain is unlikely to vote
2) So if all Dems oppose, Trump needs every single GOP vote
3) GOP like Collins don’t want to be the deciding vote
4) But...three Dems voted for Gorsuch (Heitkamp, Donnelly, Manchin)
This is why the events this week are important. Swift, united Dem opposition across the country is critical for putting pressure on the swingable GOP. Regardless of your state, we need your voice this week to #SaveSCOTUS.
It’s also why @SenSchumer’s role is so important right now. As Minority Leader, it is literally his job to lead the Dem Caucus. This is why New York Indivisibles are holding events calling on him to “whip the vote.” We desperately need his leadership to get those 3 Dems back.
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Trump: Day 534
-125th Day at Trump Golf Club
-168th Day at Trump Property
-Obstruction Confirmed by Giuliani
-Killing UN Breastfeeding Resolution
-Launches Eminent Domain in Texas
-Travel Ban Impacts More than 135M
-Announcing SCOTUS Tomorrow
-Pompeo Calls the World "Gangster"
Day 639 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 491 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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The President who will nominate this person is under a cloud. It would be tragic for the President to nominate someone and then for the Mueller investigation to reveal itself to implicate him. #SCOTUSnominee #CourtsMatter #WhatsAtStake
Every name on Trump’s SCOTUS shortlist passed Trump’s litmus test—Roe v. Wade. We cannot afford a justice who places partisan politics over people. We need a justice who has advocated for civil rights, not against them. #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS…
We have seen the extreme jurisprudence of Justice Gorsuch – who was President Trump’s first nominee for the Court. We can have no confidence that President Trump will present a nominee with a record of commitment to racial equality and…
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We have no illusions that Pruitt’s departure will change the direction of the Trump administration.

The acting @EPA director will be a former coal industry lobbyist against whom we’ve already filed an ethics complaint.

But there’s an important lesson in the Pruitt debacle. /1
Until he was forced out, Pruitt appeared to be protected by a super anti-hero armor that made him impervious to ethics scandals, no matter how outlandish.

And he had Trump’s complete backing. Until he didn’t. /2
That’s how it goes with the Trump administration: The victories seem impossible, until they aren’t.

The lesson is: We don’t win unless we fight, unless we fight together and unless we fight together even when — especially when — the odds seem long. /3
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Amy Coney Barrett's record makes very clear that workers’ rights, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and voting rights would be at risk if she is confirmed as a #SCOTUS justice. #SaveSCOTUS #stopbarrett
In June 2017, 3 judges on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the dismissal of a racial discrimination claim against AutoZone for allegedly assigning employees to stores based on race.
When Amy Coney Barrett joined the court, she joined four other judges—over a sharp dissent by three of her colleagues—in denying an appeal by the African-American worker to have his case heard by the full 7th Circuit.…
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We're on the call now and looking forward to what @CourtsMatterIL has to say about how to #SaveSCOTUS. 1/
Carol Levine of @CourtsMatterIL says group is coalition of orgs to ensure a fed judiciary of judges who'll uphold core constitutional values, incl voting rights, right to privacy, and more. Such judges have NOT been nominated to lower courts. So what will happen w/ SCOTUS?
Caroline Ostro from National Council of Jewish Women @ncjw reminds us Kennedy has been important swing vote. His replacement will sit on bench for decades. The candidates on Trumps's list are all far right. Likely narrowed to 4 of the candidates #SaveSCOTUS
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Amy Coney Barrett has been perfectly clear—she wants to overturn #RoevWade. She also belongs to a group that both refers to women as “handmaids” (no, we're not joking) & believes that husbands are in charge of their wives. She's on Trump's #SCOTUS shortlist.
Amy Coney Barrett's Stance On Abortion Is Under Scrutiny As She's Floated For The Supreme Court…
Trump is set to announce his Supreme Court nominees 1 week from today, on 7/9—leaving us w/ a short amount of time to raise our voices against any potential dangerous picks. Call your senators TODAY & demand they oppose Trump's anti-choice SCOTUS picks: 1-844-515-2798 #SaveSCOTUS
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Just came off the streets after march and rally with hotel workers of @unitehere and #publicschool teachers @uesf who just earned a pay raise thru SF’s #YesOnG ballot campaign waged with @SFDemocrats @sflabor and @TeamPelosi. People are angry and scared about #Janus.... 1/thread Christine and SF teachers union leaders marching
We marched with hundreds of hotel workers of @unitehere who are in contract negotiations with massively lucrative #SF hotel chains that will not give their workers a contract with fair wages. Message: “One Job Should be Enough” It’s NOT - and #Janus makes their lives harder. 2/ Susie Christine Rafael marching
Both the hotel workers and the teachers said the same thing: Donald Trump’s #SCOTUS sided with corporate bosses over workers, first denying protections against #sexualharassment and today denying voices in the job in #Janus. By design, TRUMP’S COURT IS HURTING WORKING PEOPLE. 3/ Local 2 Hotel Workers Union and Teachers Union leaders speak at SF rally
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Following Justice Kennedy’s resignation—and as recent SCOTUS decisions illustrate—what’s at stake in the next Supreme Court seat is the very character of America. Thread. #SaveSCOTUS
Americans cannot and will not tolerate a Supreme Court pick who will strip away a woman’s right to control her body.
Americans cannot and will not tolerate a Supreme Court pick who will backtrack on marriage equality and the rights of LGBTQIA people.
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