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Just came off the streets after march and rally with hotel workers of @unitehere and #publicschool teachers @uesf who just earned a pay raise thru SF’s #YesOnG ballot campaign waged with @SFDemocrats @sflabor and @TeamPelosi. People are angry and scared about #Janus.... 1/thread Christine and SF teachers union leaders marching
We marched with hundreds of hotel workers of @unitehere who are in contract negotiations with massively lucrative #SF hotel chains that will not give their workers a contract with fair wages. Message: “One Job Should be Enough” It’s NOT - and #Janus makes their lives harder. 2/ Susie Christine Rafael marching
Both the hotel workers and the teachers said the same thing: Donald Trump’s #SCOTUS sided with corporate bosses over workers, first denying protections against #sexualharassment and today denying voices in the job in #Janus. By design, TRUMP’S COURT IS HURTING WORKING PEOPLE. 3/ Local 2 Hotel Workers Union and Teachers Union leaders speak at SF rally
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Today's Supreme Court's #Janus ruling is a devastating blow to working people and to the labor movement. As someone who has previously organized a union in my workplace, I have some thoughts to share with non-labor people trying to make sense of what this decision means (1/)
Historically, unions have been the best vehicle for workers to win fair wages, pay equity, and all sorts of benefits through a process called collective bargaining where workers have the power to sit down as a group to negotiate a contract with their employer (2/)
Labor unions are accountable to their members because members pay dues – unlike nonprofits who often have complicated relationships with wealthy funders or foundations. Of course, there are some bad leaders who make bad money decisions but the membership can vote leaders out (3/)
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SCOTUS has made it possible for millions of public-sector workers to get the protections & benefits of collective bargaining without paying their fair share for that representation. Today's decision is a partisan bending of the law and an attack on middle class Americans. #Janus
As Justice Kagan said in her dissent, "The majority has chosen the winners by turning the First Amendment into a sword, and using it against workaday economic and regulatory policy… the First Amendment was meant for better things." #Janus
Congress must now take action to restore fairness and equity for our public-sector unions, which helped build our country and our middle class. Working people should have the right to join together to improve their workplaces and earn wages and benefits that can support a family.
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SCOTUS: "Whenever the Federal Government or a State prevents individuals from saying what they think on important matters or compels them to voice ideas with
which they disagree, it undermines these ends." #Janus…
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🚨🚨🚨 The Supreme Court just ruled against workers' rights in the Janus v. AFSCME case.

Neil Gorsuch—Trump's SCOTUS appointment—cast the deciding vote. Read about his history of ruling against workers and what this case means for collective bargaining ⬇️ 1/
Trump appointed Gorsuch to the Supreme Court despite his history of ruling against workers and organized labor while he was a lower court judge. 2/
⁉️As a circuit court judge, Gorsuch wrote an opinion claiming that a truck driver deserved to be fired.

The driver's fireable offense? He abandoned his trailer in sub-zero temperatures to avoid *freezing to death* while he waited for help.… 3/
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One of the only big opinions left for #SCOTUS to issue is #Janus, where plaintiffs seek to ban security fees for all public unions.

Unions are widely expected to lose. But pay close attention to HOW they lose. The reasoning the Court uses matters a lot.
Let me explain.

The prior case law on this issue is Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. In that ruling, #SCOTUS said security fees are not compelled speech — as long as they don't fund political activity, and unions keep a firewall between bargaining and political campaigning.
In other words, #SCOTUS said if a union is campaigning for a political candidate, that's compelled speech, and workers not in the union can't be made to pay fees for that purpose — BUT if they're using the money to bargain contracts for workers, that's not speech and is allowed.
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