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@senjudiciary @ChuckGrassley @SenMajLdr @LindseyGrahamSC @JeffFlake @SenSusanCollins @lisamurkowski If you don't demand a supplemental FBI investigation & push back your vote, Kavanaugh's every decision & good name will be forever tainted, as will SCOTUS itself and ALL its

Why don't you ask the other justices if they want him as a colleague w/o an FBI investigation to clear him 1st? Every single justice would say 'NO'. You'll be tainting them with his presence for the next 40 years.

First, you've hidden 90% of his documents; now you
brush off assault and perjury allegations. Why, why are you so desperate? Americans hate Brett more than Bork. There are so many other great judges you could nominate. Why let the sexual predator/liar-in-chief guide your decisions when he clearly cares only about his own fate?
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Let’s be clear. The .@FBI is already conducting #BrettKavanuagh background check. Same for all Supreme Court nominees. #ChristineBlaseyFord is simply asking that they include her claim in their normal course of work, so that the facts that Kavanaugh is judged by are confirmed. 1/
27 years ago the White House ordered the FBI to investigate #AnitaHill’s claim against @JusticeThomas67. This is #BASIC. The investigation was complete within 3 days. 2/
GOP is saying #ChristineBlaseyFord “is in no position” to dictate parameters of her testimony. #NO! 37 yrs ago Blasey Ford was #innoposition to control her attackers. Today she is standing in her power. She is demanding basic respect. #FACTSFIRSTTHENHEARING #dealwithit #SCOTUS 3/
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We need to pay attention to--and work to end--the use of solitary confinement. It is there, in the long-term lockdowns & sensory deprivation conditions that daily house upwards of 100,000 people in US, where the cruel endgame of American punishment is made clear. 1/
Solitary has always been a part of American prisons. It was central to the Quaker notion of "penitentiaries," only instead of penitence isolation led people to mental & physical decay. As well as rebellion & romance. See @activisthistory… 2/
Isolation has long been the weapon of abuse prison systems use to punish dissidents, from people engaged in political protest to those who violate prison rules of segregation and compulsory (but institutionally prohibited) heterosexuality. E.g.…
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For months, we've consistently cautioned that the Senate must #PressPause on considering President Trump's SCOTUS nominee until the Special Counsel's investigation ends.
LDF President and Director-Counsel @Sifill_LDF penned an op-ed on our country’s commitment to equal justice under the law and why "it is imperative that the process to replace [Justice Kennedy] not be rushed." #WhatsAtStake #ScotusPick #SCOTUSnominee…
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1/Oh-Oh Ocasio - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Wondering what planet she came from and who sent her?
ss-Cortez win sends shockwaves through dem party
2/In the spring of 2017 Ocascio-Cortez was working as a bartender & waiting tables at Flats Fix, a taco & tequila bar in Manhattan, while pondering what to do next. --- "I was taking brunch orders, with the AC off, and people from progressive political groups were calling me"
3/'Girl from the Bronx' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who beat high-ranking DEM Joe Crowley, faces questions over her 'working class' background after it's revealed she grew up in a wealthy suburb north of NYC…
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Under The Affordable Care Act, Health insurers can NOT charge more or deny coverage to you or your dependents on your insurance b/c of #PreExistingConditions of ANY kind.

Here are the 20 @GOP state AGs & Governors trying to nullify the #ACA

What YOU need to know!

(THREAD) 1/15
Feb.18: 20 States, led by TX, sued, claiming #ACA was illegal:

ME (Gov. Paul LePage)
MS (Gov. Phil Bryant)

Lawsuit argues w/o #ACA individual mandate (repealed in 12/17 #TaxBill) the entire law should be illegal! How? Why? What?

In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts stopped a 2012 lawsuit to make ACA illegal. Roberts said Congress could not order people to buy insurance....BUT

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Trump didn’t pick #KavanaughSCOTUS based on his opposition to:
—Roe v. Wade
—Assault weapons ban
—Net neutrality

The Federalist Society did. These were bonuses.

45* picked him for 1 reason: His view that a POTUS should be exempt from investigations, indictments & the law.
A potentially* #IllegitimatePresident must Not be allowed another extreme #SCOTUSPick

On the SCOTUS building in DC are the words “Equal Justice Under Law”

McConnell has set binding precedent over and over again: no #SCOTUSpick in an election year. Let the people have a voice.
This POTUS*is under investigation for collusion with a hostile foreign adversary & obstruction of justice.

CALL your senators. Don’t stop calling.📲202-224-3121

Tell them #DoNotConfirm until the #MuellerInvestigation is complete – or at the very least, until after the midterms.
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As expected, Trump has chosen an extremist for the Supreme Court who can & would undermine:

-Healthcare as a right, not a privilege
-Reproductive rights
-Voting rights
-Workers' rights
-Consumer rights
-A safe environment

For a generation. #Scotuspick #KavanaughSCOTUS 1/11
We need to call every one of our Senators. 202-224-3121, or with

We need to support those who have come out against Kavanaugh & convince those that haven't that #Kavanaugh is the wrong choice. #NOKavanaugh

The following will tell you why. 2/11
A woman's right to choose is in jeopardy. A full repeal may or may not be attempted soon, but Roe v. Wade will be chipped away at.

Pro-choice GOP Sens. Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski need to be reminded. Collins has been lied to before. #WhatsAtStake
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The newfound urgency to fill Justice Kennedy’s #SCOTUS seat from many of the same people who refused to even consider President Obama’s nominee is transparent opportunism that represents everything Americans hate most about politics today.
We can’t ignore the reality that Donald Trump wants to take us back to a time when insurers could refuse coverage to ppl w/ pre-existing conditions or that he promised to only nominate Justices who would put the government back in between women and their doctors #SCOTUSpick
If Trump succeeds, it won’t only affect people like me who could be prevented from having children through IVF; the impacts will be felt by everyone. Whoever replaces Justice Kennedy will play a critical role in the lives of all women and every single American #SCOTUSpick
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BREAKING: Tonight, we’ve been presented with another troubling moment in America. President Trump has nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. This nomination, if left unchallenged, will weaken the integrity of our democracy. Here’s #WhatsAtStake 1/
"Judge Kavanaugh’s record makes it clear that he cannot be entrusted to uphold the awesome responsibility to be independent, open-minded, and to fairly weigh critical legal questions that have broad and significant impact on the lives of all who call the US home." —@MarielenaNILC
@MarielenaNILC .@MarielenaNILC: "Kavanaugh’s legal writings and recent dissents speak for themselves: he thinks immigrant communities should be Constitution-free zones, and that reproductive justice should be curtailed." #SCOTUSPick
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The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is alarming & I’m strongly opposed to his confirmation. #ScotusPick
Right off the bat, this nomination couldn’t get any swampier—Kavanaugh is a partisan Republican, who worked for Kenneth Starr during the Clinton impeachment & in the George W. Bush White House.
Our next justice should be a champion for protecting & advancing rights, not rolling them back—but Kavanaugh has a long history of demonstrating hostility toward defending the rights of everyday Americans.
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Brett Kavanaugh, 53

•Bush-appointed judge
•On team pushing Bill Clinton’s impeachment
•Prevented immigrant teen get abortion
•Scaled back Obama-era environmental regulations
•If confirmed, will codify 45/VP dangerous anti-LGBTQ agenda into law for many decades

Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote
Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote

No @realDonaldTrump Appointment Until Russia Investigation Is Complete by Mueller.
Please sign petition.

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Well, Trump made the first bad decision of his Presidency; literally blowing an opportunity for Conservatism w "concensus" pick.

Brett Kavanaugh:

*Kennedy clerk.
*Close Bush ties.
*Suggested Roberts to W.
*Upheld Obamacare.
*Close to Elena Kagan who clerked 4 him.

What a disappointment.

This guy is as close to the Bush family as you can imagine.

Kavanaugh will pull Goursch to the Left the way Breyer pulled Souter left.
#News: Rand Paul likely not to support.

Bush 43 just endorsed Kavanaugh.

Go figure.
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BREAKING: Trump just announced his #SCOTUSpick - Brett Kavanaugh, who has a troubling record on #reprorights, the environment, the ACA, and more. Keep reading to learn more about #WhatsAtStake and why we must #StopKavanaugh ⬇️
Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most cravenly partisan choices Trump could have made. He’s been called the “Forrest Gump of Republican politics,” as he seems to always show up in high-stakes, far-right political battles and conspiracy theories.
Kavanaugh doesn’t believe that a sitting president can be indicted, and believes presidents should have wide latitude to hire and fire special counsels. His nomination could shield Trump from facing accountability for his crimes and corruption.
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Do you want to see *all* of Judge Kavanaugh's dissents and concurrences, with a brief explanation of each one? Well, here you go from D.C. Circuit Review -- Reviewed @YaleJREG.…
And my conclusion:
Thanks Miranda Cherkas and Charles Sherrill. These two amazing research assistants worked very, very hard -- and very, very quickly to boot -- to help me put this list together.
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🚨 #BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump has nominated #BrettKavanaugh to the #SCOTUS seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy. 👎🏾 #SaveSCOTUS #WhatsAtStake🚨…
Judge #Kavanaugh has been on the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit for over 10 years. He's a member of the Federalist Society. (@FedSoc) (yikes!)
Let's take a look at his record! 🧐 #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS…
ICYMI: The Federalist Society is “a group of conservatives and libertarians dedicated to reforming the current legal order.” #SCOTUS nominee #BrettKavanaugh is a member. Fun!
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Trump: Day 535
-Selects Brett Kavanaugh as SCOTUS
-Only Reunited 2/102 Under Age of 5
-Abusing Immigrant Pregnant Women
-Sued by Personal Driver 4 Unpaid OT
-Offers Club Members Tours of AF1
-Told Putin Aides Are "Stupid People"
-Approval Rating Plummets to 41%
Day 640 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 492 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread starting July 9, 2018.

🇺🇸Previous thread starting July 4:

🇺🇸30+ other threads like these:…

🇺🇸Unrolled versions:

Below: Arriving back in DC after weekend in NJ.
(2) It's almost 9pm: Watch the announcement live at #ScotusPick

(3) Great to see the US Embassy in Seoul setting up this photo op with the POTUS portrait in the b/g. That hasn't always been the case with State Dept offices around the world. Thank you Mike Pompeo! (And Amb. Harris)
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Donald Trump has had one thing on his mind as he interviewed his four Supreme Court contestants for Associate Supreme Court Justice. While millions of Americans are concerned about their reproductive rights, their voting rights...
...their jobs, & the kids who’ve been snatched from immigrant parents, this is what Donald Trump was asking his finalists:

1. Can a President pardon himself?

2. Can a President be indicted?

3. Can elections be canceled or delayed if a President declares a state of emergency...
...4. How did FDR get more than two terms? Can I?

5. In our democracy, the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment — so why not the Presidency?

Tune-in tonight (9pm ET/8pm CT) to see who gave him the correct answers!
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The #ScotusPick is going to be a retrograde reactionary I've barely heard of. S/he may or may not be confirmed...but s/he WILL have to recuse on all Trump/Russia matters.

Trump likely thinks this person will help him escape justice. He's wrong.
There's an awful lot of bots pushing back against my assertion. Make of that what you will.
I'm bumping @DirkSchwenk's reponse re: the recusal. He's an attorney and I'm not:

My point remains: This will NOT help Trump escape justice.
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#HisNameWasSethRich and I said in July of 2016 that

this whole thing was a setup in disinformation by the

MSM and the DNC. I also stated that this murder would

not go unsolved and just go away. The following are from

the Anons on the Board.
HOLY SH#T is right @mflynnJR! This is YUGE news

coming out the day before the 2nd anniversary of

#SethRich’s murder.

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1. Conventional "wisdom" in politics is almost always wrong. That's what Mitch McConnell & Co. tried to push on @realDonaldTrump with this SCOTUS pick. They want Trump to pick the most D.C.-friendly nominee. As far as the smartest pick electorally...
2. As far as the smartest pick electorally, this isn't even a choice. Not that I'm expressing a personal opinion, but there's only one candidate who passes the age, base excitement, ideological litmus tests, etc, and forces the Democrats to make a very, very unpopular argument.
3. Updating this now that we are getting closer to #ScotusPick & b/c it's worth pointing out. Listen to and read the reactions. There's only one candidate who 1) won't tick off some wing of his base 2) meets a litmus test and 3) sets a political trap for his opposition. Clearly.
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