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Alright I'm going to make a thread on solid #PrisonStrike2018 articles today. Because for all the dime a dozen ones that didn't even take time to read press releases, demonized prisoners or presented state denials as having some validity, there were some really good ones too
I'll start with a new long form piece by Alejo Stark from @rustbeltradio & @MI_Abolition #PrisonStrike2018…
The Movement Against Modern Day Slavery by @thetous #PrisonStrike2018…
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We need to pay attention to--and work to end--the use of solitary confinement. It is there, in the long-term lockdowns & sensory deprivation conditions that daily house upwards of 100,000 people in US, where the cruel endgame of American punishment is made clear. 1/
Solitary has always been a part of American prisons. It was central to the Quaker notion of "penitentiaries," only instead of penitence isolation led people to mental & physical decay. As well as rebellion & romance. See @activisthistory… 2/
Isolation has long been the weapon of abuse prison systems use to punish dissidents, from people engaged in political protest to those who violate prison rules of segregation and compulsory (but institutionally prohibited) heterosexuality. E.g.…
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7 incarcerated people were killed earlier this year in Lee Correctional in S.C.

It was the deadliest attack in a prison in 25 years.

Prison Strike 2018 is a direct response to the inhumane conditions inside prison walls, like how 7 people can be murdered with no consequences.
Incarcerated folks across the nation are striking for their LIVES, we need to pay attention.

ICE detainees have, many have joined the #PrisonStrike2018 by going on a solidarity hunger strike.

We can take action right where we are too.

Our struggles are all interlinked.
You can care about immigration and separated families AND fight for imprisoned folks, I promise.

If you want to know a secret, it’s really the SAME DAMN THING....

Join the #PrisonStrike.

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So given the number of reporters we've talked to about #PrisonStrike2018 who have never covered prisoner resistance before and in many cases have little to no experience writing about prisons, I'm making a list of writers I suggest editors try to commission for pieces (thread)
First is my mentor @bsonenstein who sets the bar in writing about prisoner resistance. He has years of experience including the most thorough reporting on the 2016 strike, where he broke many of the stories…
I think people should approach Mariame Kaba @prisonculture to write an essay or opinion piece on why the #PrisonStrike2018 presents an urgent call for a new form of (transformative) justice
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Trump: Day 582
-150th Day at a Trump Golf Club
-193rd Day at a Trump Property
-John McCain Dies at Age of 81
-Doesn't Regret Mocking J. McCain
-Increases Attacks on Jeff Sessions
-Draws a Blue Stripe on U.S. Flag
-3 Executive Orders Struck Down
-528 Migrant Kids Remain Separated
Day 687 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 539 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama.

The FISA warrant Trump referenced targeted Carter Page. #TrumpLies
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Deaf/Disabled folks need to show up for #PrisonStrike2018.

At least 60% imprisoned folks are Disabled. They are targeted for no/lowest wages and other discrimination: no access to ed, programs, services, info, mental/healthcare.

#PrisonStrike2018 supports #Disabled/#Deaf ppl

Exhibit A: One demand's to end to Prison Litigation Reform Act #PLRA

PLRA's behind Deaf/Disabled imprisoned folks not being able to get support fr attys. If you struggle w English/can't get through complaints, nothing can be done.
Literally every #PrisonStrike2018 demand helps disabled immprisoned folks even more than abled folks. Take a look at the demands for yourself (linked) & commit to daily posts, convos, teaching, etc. w/i your Commmnity.

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Today marks Day 3 of #PrisonStrike2018. I wrote about ending low-wage prison labor and investing in incarcerated people…
First, the facts: about half of the 1.5 million people who are currently incarcerated work. Most work in "correctional industries," which are state-owned enterprises, and are compensated 86 cents per hour, on average. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 (which itself is very low)
Some of these jobs are mundane, but others are quite dangerous. For example, 58 youth, according to a @CACorrections tweet, are "fighting wildfire flames"
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Mars is a nocturnal malefic. Why? Well, why are 'daylight robberies' unusual? Because it's not expected. "The night is dark and full of terrors". Why are werewolves associated with the Moon, why do vampires hate the Sun? Darkness is dangerous, it's Mars's time of day. (thread)
Aspects have benefic/malefic qualities and diurnal/nocturnal associations. As a planet is in a waning sextile with the Sun, it becomes increasingly less visible. When it's in a waxing sextile with the Sun, it's moving toward visibility but it's still less visible. (cont)
Meanwhile planets moving toward or away from a trine with the Sun are largely at their most visible, starting their annual oppositions with the Sun. So the sextile is more nocturnal, while the trine is more diurnal.
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I woke up and kept getting sick (that's how I politely say 'vomit' so as to not gross out the healthies) and then I started poking the shmot and then I stopped getting sick (again, read: emesis), and I can't believe people are in f*cking prison for this
People are in prison.
Like, process that.
Process that prison exists.
And then process that prison exists, and that we put people in it for things like selling a dime bag to a grandma on chemo to help pay off their student debt.

That is a thing in the world in which we all live.
And THEN they get paid PENNIES PER HOUR for their forced labor in a workforce disproportionately comprised of Black folx & NBPOC, disabled folx, poor folx, Queer/Trans folx, and people who live at the intersections of multiple marginalizations
#EndPrisonSlavery #PrisonStrike2018
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