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#contracall #khujli_trade Bought YESBANK fut at 217.2, SL 216
Sl to 216.95 #no losstrade #aaryapaar
Sl 217.50
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Let’s be clear. The .@FBI is already conducting #BrettKavanuagh background check. Same for all Supreme Court nominees. #ChristineBlaseyFord is simply asking that they include her claim in their normal course of work, so that the facts that Kavanaugh is judged by are confirmed. 1/
27 years ago the White House ordered the FBI to investigate #AnitaHill’s claim against @JusticeThomas67. This is #BASIC. The investigation was complete within 3 days. 2/
GOP is saying #ChristineBlaseyFord “is in no position” to dictate parameters of her testimony. #NO! 37 yrs ago Blasey Ford was #innoposition to control her attackers. Today she is standing in her power. She is demanding basic respect. #FACTSFIRSTTHENHEARING #dealwithit #SCOTUS 3/
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Simplification has a rule:
1) Make the thing unnecessary
2) Then get rid of it.

Don't throw away the crutch while you're leaning on it.
This has relevance to every #No<thing> hashtag. If you reduce or eliminate a need, you can reduce or eliminate a practice or role.
Maintaining unneeded practices and roles is waste.
Anytime you recognize that you're not leaning on the crutch, it might be time for step 2
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From 2015–before #metoo #churchtoo #silenceisnotspiritual. #THIS is most white-male-centered narcissistic drivel I have ever read in my entire life. @JohnPiper claims scripture is his authority then offers no exegesis of any text. “Principles” instead. 1/…
Teaching “principles” rather than teaching excellent exegesis is a narcissistic tactic of control. ANYONE can claim the scripture says ANYTHING when they leave the scripture out. Brings followers into close relationship w/ leader, but leaves them not knowing Jesus (The Word). 2/
What .@JohnPiper did here was unbelievably manipulative. Demonstrated #ZERO submissiveness to scripture. Has nerve to guilt/shame women into “submission to scripture” then offers #NONE. Only offers his own “principles,” which scripture would drop-kick. 3/
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¡Castelloneo espontáneo! Puesto que está disponible online, me pongo a livetuitear el primer episodio de "Los perros duros no bailan", la nueva xenoficción (?) de Arturo Perreteverte.
"... en aquel tiem­po pesaba cincuenta kilos, medía setenta y cuatro centímetros de las patas a la cruz..."

Perros eruditos que conocen el concepto de kilogramos y de centímetros.
"Agilulfo —un podenco flaco, filósofo y culto que sabe de estas cosas— asegura que nací para el combate; que soy un guerrero antiguo con una es­tirpe gladiadora tan vieja como la historia de los hu­manos."

Agilulfo le dice que es un alma antigua, que lo ve en su aura.
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Alternate History:

Weiss: Immigrants they get the job done
Crowd: Hey she's not an immigrant (also misquote)
Weiss: Oops, sorry, my bad! #delete

Like sure, sometimes people refuse to accept apologies. And sometimes apologies aren't enough if there's a pattern of behavior showing a lack of incremental improvement.
But mostly, when folks say, "oops, sorry," it ends things. Especially these days, when folks have shifted from the patterns of #hasjustinelandedyet. There's an attempt to give people space to "oops" their way back.
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¡Atención! Da comienzo este hilo castellonense sobre Ready Player One de Ernest Cline, en compañía del gran Cthulhu.
Auspicia este hilo: @frauwaz. Lean todos su cuento en la antología "Cachava y boina" de @edcerbero.
Los preliminares incluyen recomendaciones del libro, entre las cuales no me resisto a citar la de John Scalzi. Espero que no sea una descripción literal de lo que me espera.
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1. FACT CHECK: Dreamers DID NOT break the law. They were brought here BY THEIR PARENTS as children. They are not responsible and should not be penalized for someone else’s wrong. #basicethics #nosoullesspolitics #TruthMatters #DreamActNow
2. FACT CHECK: Dreamers DO PAY TAXES. Under DACA Dreamers are able to work, pay taxes, Social Security, build businesses, pay business registration fees, etc. #TrumpShutDown pitting Dreamers against “tax paying Americans” is ignorant as hell. #nosoullesspolitics #DreamActNow
3. FACT CHECK: Who is holding whom hostage? #TrumpShutdown is holding America hostage—trying to force us into #humansacrifice ritual: “Choose white children over brown immigrants. Dems said #NO! #ShutItDown #WeSeeYou #DreamActNow #nosoullesspolitics .@chuckschumer @NancyPelosi
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1 or 2 long threads to cover…

This will be 2 long Tweets. Reading the article is also important.
1) Given the recent indictment of former uranium company transportation official, Mark Lambert, perhaps it is worthwhile revisiting the December 21st back-story to how AG Jeff Sessions announced his intention to reopen the investigation therein.
2) DECEMBER 21st, 2017 – Well, it would appear AG Sessions has instructed the DOJ to follow something similar to the basic investigative outline CTH recommended on 11/23/17 regarding #UraniumOne. When Katica discovered the FOIA documents an investigative trail
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Hmmm: based on prior user behavior, Twitter can tell if a certain @verified user tweets about a woman, when it'll spawn abuse from followers
Given a consistent pattern of threats &amp; abuse, at what point will Twitter &amp;amp; @verified user become liable for the predictable harm caused?
This is what we, as a community, allow and enable--and putting up with it makes us responsible for it. Our participation legitimates it.
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