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Hmmm: based on prior user behavior, Twitter can tell if a certain @verified user tweets about a woman, when it'll spawn abuse from followers
Given a consistent pattern of threats & abuse, at what point will Twitter & @verified user become liable for the predictable harm caused?
This is what we, as a community, allow and enable--and putting up with it makes us responsible for it. Our participation legitimates it.
& every time I dont mention Voldemorts name or advise other women not to, it becomes harder to pretend that our participation is valued here
And, so, 9 months later, @twitter unverified Voldemort. Is twitter more responsible/liable for @verified users? How long till he's banned?
Also, wondering: is there a special process for unverification? What does it entail?
Unverified? Isn't it deverified? Wouldn't one go from unverified to verified to deverified?
even if Twitter's new TOS just moved a few grafs around, is there potential liability for verified "journalis24TT0z8TUT
and, 6 months later, Voldemort is finally permanently banned. How much predictable harm did Twitter allow &…IHXJ
So, if Twitter admits they can see the "uptick," couldn't they also predict the likely abuse inX2hD9MOHO2
After so many years & so much harm, did Twitter finally do the right thing..or is it finally commercially necessaVVgx
I was optimistic that Twitter would do something about harassment years ago; I was now until change has occurred, no cookies:)
sure its great Twitter finally banned Voldemort; but, come on, why did it take this long & did they even have a choice at this point?
Also I'd love to know what "continuing to invest heavily" means...& who'll fund the litigation that'.co/BURjoG4edf
I used to expect better of Twitter. And I want to, but this is too true & all the praise for Twitter is discomfitIArX
Hey journalists, The best part of banning Voldemort is that you can actually just stop talking to or about him. You can just NOT cover him.
I keep thinking about this: how many interviews with how many outlets is appropriate? who benefits? who is harmed?
Really @verified? With no explanation or transparency? Now awaiting my rejection; my optimism misplaced again:(
FFS: this is absurd. Now pleased I didn't submit my license or passport--@verified now feels like a phishing scam!
And, @verified rejected me too;) At least I'm in good company...& glad I didn't submit my ijQ0
I guess I ought to change "the dearest hippie" back to my real name. was kinda waiting till a new SCOTUS juA5IMhw26KB
Given who they are rejecting, I doubt it'll make a difference but...
if only I were a fictional character, maybe @verified would approve me & I'd have access to safety filters tB3TP
Its been a week since Twitter banned Voldemort. Wonder if there's been a corresponding decrease harassment complaint tickets?
so much correlation between being denied @verified status & blocked by pmarca & c8GtHXwliB
Reapplying for @verified so saying goodbye to the dearest hippie, my beyond obscure homage to Obergefell, even tho there's no new Justice;(
Somehow "newsworthy" now means "outrage-clickbait-worthy". I want better filters. I know how awful Voldemort is; he is not attention-worthy
There are many people whose latest projects/awfulness I don't care about. And so many I never get to hear about. Why give racists attention?
& its weird when masses express "hate" directed at strangers. & why not filter out celebs you abhor & not give your (limited) attention?
I'd love to not even know who various models & boy band members are. And mostly its unavoidable.
Similarly, I don't want to know what the founder of American Apparel or Girls Gone Wild is doing next.Why is this worthy of press attention?
And what does it express that those who outrage women &/or people of color continue to worthy of space & (our forced) attention by media?
The media choses what it covers & deems worthy of our attention; coverage is implicit support for greater awareness-& creates complicity..
#tired & tiring. the result is spending less time hYBDu
journalists of the world unite! all you have to lose is your audience's scorn
Unless Voldemort commits/is charged with a crime (or perhaps is a victim-maybe?-see eg Zimmerman) or passes away, he is not newsworthy.
What if the media, after uncovering eg folks like T-rump's fraud, racism, sexism etc, stopped covering them.Unless they die or get arrested.
my attention deserves better than decades of covering & thereby increasing the successes of corrupt selfish jackasses.
its weird when folks you like &/or admire share their dislike for someone neither of you know but is at least apparently suffering.
Isn't it better to filter out all mentions of a person who, when they've been robbed, you feel somehow compelled to blame them for it?
Wouldn't you rather be blissfully ignorant than unkind/hateful in unison w/ too many other strangers, to another struggling stranger?
not even Justice Breyer can avoid keeping up with Kim. our attention is valuable. We need filters!…? #loligarchy
LOL/damn it/changed my username to Nasty Ombre/meant to change it back because I'd applied to be @verified/forgot/got rejected:(
it could just be that I'm not worthy or verifiable. But, Twitter doesn't tell you why. I guess I'll try again? I want filters dammit!
also, as for a name/branding, Nasty Ombre is also the absolute worst.I'd reject myself on that basis alone.I'd prolly question my judgement.
our attention isn't inevitable; if we build better filters, we can make better decisions… #loligarchy #clickcomplicit
Really @verified? WTF??? If this is who makes qualifies-as a journalist no less-is it even worth reapplying?
WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG? Also, is Twitter still verifying "journalists" who post f3sMHCdYt3o
Also, is being @verified the 1st step to being banned?

Regardless, grateful that @twitter banned this "journalist" a week after vCiBkIzlYE3
I need better filters. He's not worthy of attention & this is part of the problem

At least he's not paid to…et308
how many alt-righters are posing as antifa & the reverse at any given moment? Who is whose toF51l #loligarchy
In retrospect, would those who enabled Voldemort (by profiling/ writing about him) still have given him a platform?
Its on those who enabled him to stop including him & profiting from hate they help spread. Are you complicit?…NUkK
If you are a journalist who profiled, quoted or gave a platform to Milo, will you continue to? Why? And, the next hate & abuse preacher?
Thanks Hermione! Now maybe we can all do our parts & STOP talking about him! (Unless @jk_rowling has a better…LucL
This reminds me that I meant to reapply. For the filters. And the vanity.

Wonder if he didn't submit his id either.
Did we learn nothing from the last Voldemort we gave a platform to? Why replace him w/ his BFF? Clicks are complicit
Makes sense that T-rump-but why is the mainstream media, once again, legitimizing & giving a platform to Milo's…Qzto
Protip: don't write about Voldemort's return. Interviewing him = complicity.

No receipts for that $12 mill investment? Lies or Mercers?
I get it-its news. Is it?

He is a fabulist; w/o corroboration, why report that $12m? No one even defends him now-who'd really give him 💰?
When a fabulist troll puts out a literally threatening press release-that claims he raised $12 mil-will any news orgs require receipts? #no
Related: I'd love it if some news org posted a daily roundup of stories they'd have totally published if they could be corroborated.
Protip: you can just stop quoting & covering a serial fabulist's lies. Its ok. Yes, obvi no publisher wants him so just let Voldemort go.Ui1X
If only this'd lead actual journalists to stop quoting & giving a platform to these outrage propagandisvSxB
@verified Twitter has verified nazis/harassers for years; these men get filters & more views-but women (like me) don't
The Ice Bucket challenge, but for journalists to stop interviewing fabulist nazis like Voldemort, Cerno, & Spencer.
Journalists: Voldemort supporters: Counter-protestors


Replies: RTs: Favorites

When will the media 🛑 rabidly his every twitch?
I want a @slpng_giants campaign directed at journalists who continue to cover, interview & make relevant these lying racists fabulists.
whoops: when will the media 🛑rabidly covering his every twitch?

After learning a source is dishonest, why continue to endlessly cover them?
What'll it take for journalists to stop covering him & his band of merry racists? How many lies? How much fraLeC3
How Bannon & Voldemort made white nationalism go…4wy8 with help from @wadhwa @mitchsunderland @AuerbachKeller &more
Maybe @realdanlyons should've emailed @kumailn about how woke he is? & started by apologizing to the women he harbzWG
@realdanlyons @kumailn Is it better or worse that you "don't know" the women you harmed? Should how you feel matter? How will you make it up to theN1knNT0H6r
@realdanlyons @kumailn Is opposing income inequality & age bias somehow relevant? Does supporting workers rights excuse misogyny & encouraging women's harak3apwQgx
@realdanlyons @kumailn Are these the only women whose harassment you've encouraged? Should you/we focus on how the harm you've caused is hurting you--or others?
So, will journalists stop quoting & giving these dudes a platform now? Isn't that how we keep getting herrzx
Maybe. But without US journalists constant attention, interviews & tips, where would he be? Time to stop,…eSE7
💯I wish just one of these journalists would take responsibility for their role in popularizing these nazi creeps.…
So, if rich white celebs agreeing to STFU for just 1 day results in Twitter banning nazis, how many days for Trump?
If @jack banned nazis & abusers years ago, how different would the🌎be? Who'd be POTUS? Would we know Milo or Spencer? Who'd not've suffered?
@jack Had nazis/abusers been banned, where would any of these fabulist racist miscreants be? Who wouldn't have been threatened & harassed?
@jack which nazis & racists did Twitter verify into relevance?

When'll the women & PoC they target be offered the superior @verified filters too?

"He ended his usefulness"!?!

Time to stop giving Voldemort & flock of his nazi interns a….co/OKaphKlWjI
@jack @verified So, will @twitter remove verification from nazis? And, finally offer it (& superior filters)to the women & PoC they adLKPCyI
@jack @verified @Twitter So, just when did @jack realize @verified was broken? Amd when’ll Twitter’s “public interest policy” FINALLY start verifying survivors & NOT perpetratoR6CZ
@jack @verified @Twitter So @jack & @twitter offers @verified status to predator @HarveyWeinstein—who has never logged on—but not most of the women who survived his abuse & need suppkxIJFAxh
@jack @verified @Twitter Looks like Twitter has finally launched its nazi deverification program!

Want to help? Report all & any @verified account-supported violence, hate &…aPj67DcRz
@jack @verified @Twitter Hope the review starts with the @verified accounts with the most hate & harassment reporGzRC
Now that Twitter is deverifying & even banning nazis, will journalists stop quoting & covering them?

I know our/my clicks are complicit—but pretty please, enable their to relevance cease!
🤢😡🤢So, if men in journalism suddenly totally actually do get #MeToo, will they stop interviewing, profiling & collaborating with rape denying fabulist misogynisJoho
Funny how the result was @verified accounts for white supremacists & misogynists & the journalists who gave them a platform—-but not the women & PoC who they 🎯.

Its almost like if they included women & PoC in their decisionmaking, this w/
I know. I’m click complicit —& had to search for it! But this year, reading legal briefs is somehow therapeutic.

Anyway, here’s a link to all the filings in the Simon & Schuster v…HezRQCRrr7
@verified Dear @jack, Once again, certain @verified accounts are encouraging harassment—this time of #Parkland students & families (whose accounts, of course, are not @verified). Will you ban these cretins before they do further—predictable—harm to these CHILDREN? And verify them? PleaiJ3v
@verified @jack Fantastic to see @Emma4Change was @verified; now—instead of creating a pedestal—how about extending the same platform & privileges to @davidhogg111 & all their peers?

Also, why are those encouraging #Parkland harassment still @verified—& o/o5CMmjG2u8
@verified @jack @Emma4Change @davidhogg111 Fantastic to see @davidhogg111 was @verified too; hope @jack will offer the same support to all of his #ParklandStudentsSpeak peers—-& will de-verify & ban accounts who urge their haraTfWWskuR
In 2017, antisemitic harassment, threats & vandalism in the US surged by 60%. Are there any journalists who, in retrospect, recognize the role they’ve played in spreading the hate & regret quoting & giving a platform to these
The @nytimes Fired My Doppelgänger… (who is “friends” with the same nazi) How can “pacifism” require befriending nazis-who’re actively harassing Jews & others—when such support results in more harm to victims? If not a collaboration, what is a friendsh02P0
@nytimes To be clear, everyone is racist & sexist—& thus friends with & related to racists & sexists. But its a long journey from my (now dead) racist Holocaust surviving grandmother to devoting one’s life to nazi hate & harming folks. Befriending folks who harm hurts those they’ve harmed
@nytimes As a child of a survivor, its crushing that we just can’t manage to learn DON’T BE FRIENDS WITH nazis.

Or the corrolorary: if you are a journalist, don’t help nazis to build their platform by quoting or writing profiles of them.

More simply: don’t EVER normalize nazis.
@nytimes So, I’ve not met Quinn Norton, but we’ve got many friends in common—&, while I understand the bias of loyalty & thus personal support, its crushing to witness folks who I like & admire commending a post that defends being friends with an ao/YTt1XF8195
@nytimes The rest of the essay, sure, but how can anyone get past the being friends with a nazi part?

The context of this support is friendship; but when does that collapse? Do real friends publicly legitimate the acceptability of being friends w/ nazis—or tell you that’s not friendship?
Insisting you are “friends” with an active nazi, who is literally dedicated to harming people, is simply hurtful & insulting to the experiences of his victims (& also survivors). So is publicly supporting someone with this POV, even if your friend is hurting & being misunderstood
Wow this really did my head & heart in yesterday....this is how nazis are normalized HNUTU
Not linking to this response to Quinn Norton’s post because, well, its pointedly personal & cruel. I’m all for accountability, but its meanness (& utter lack of empathy) undermined rather than strengthened its impact—& it felt gendered*.

But it’s got 1 truly excelo/k9lpS41QPs
On the *gendered:

Weird how few of Milo’s journalist buddies have been held accountable or faced any consequences...

nazis aside, few would defend @jpbarlow’s awful tweet. Quinn didn’t—she didn’t even try “RTs are not endorsements”. But regardless did anyone call him a racist?
If Quinn was a man, who doubt she’d still be @nytimes —& be offered more empathy for the tragedies she’s publicly survived?

OTOH if Quinn were a POC, she’d never have been given the chance, let alone any empathy

Creating a huge disconnect between those who & don’t know her irl
Plus we’ve build a feedback loop that incentivizes the awful & exaggerated....which disproportionately rewards men & punishes women

Being calm, empathic & reasonable is, sadly for me/all of us, not “engaging.”

And clicks are cash....& outrageous pays the bills measured doesn’t
Farrakhan is no w—v & I’m obviously not keen on his antisemitism etc—but, while I can’t comprehend defending being “friends” with an active nazi, I do understand why some folks won’t publicly renounce him or all his work. I also get why this is…5GYJ
If Farrakhan were young or his life’s work didn’t exist, sure..

His antisemitism & trans-hate sucks & is indefensible. But its absurd to pretend that his peers—Jewish & Christian leaders of his generation—aren’t racist & Islamophobic....yet, noone demands their renunciations?
Its complicated. And I’m not claiming to be consistent—or to have an answer? An maybe I’m splitting hairs?

For me, friendship &/or professional endorsement legitimize hate—but at what point does “engagement” cross the line into (unintentionally?) offering support & acceptance?
I guess what I’m saying is that obviously I’m not keen on Farrakhan, given the hate he professes. But ffs look at rest of our leaders. And look hard...

That said, its also a terrifying time for Jews. Farrakhan sounds a lot scarier today, in this context
Such an excellent piece. The one thing I’d add is: until 2016, understanding his history—even as a child of a survivor—meant I sort of wrote off Farrakhan’s antisemitism as indefensible, but anachronistic? Now, the context has changed & it is much scari6GBV
Lordy, may I have the will, vanity & fearlessness to write a post analogizing Farrakhan, Jennifer Lawrence & Quinn Norton.

Which’ll conclude with: while I abhor Farrakhan’s hate, I understand its context. And whose context is granted empathy/legitimacy is about white supremacy..
Why Tamika Mallory Won’t Condemn Farrakhan, by @AdamSerwer… 👏👊❤️Such an excellent post! This nails it:
@AdamSerwer Thanks for writing that. The other part of this is her age. In our twenties, we are so certain we know stuff & that we are right (particularly about places we’ve never been)—& both being expected to know & having to learn in public, in real time, is an unreasonable expectation.
Hate drives clicks; it’s “engaging.” Who’d click on “Rapper admires Tupac”?

Similarly, unless Farrakhan is spouting antisemitism or anti-LGBT garbage, does he attract any media attention?

What is more engaging—& thus presently more valuable—than haF8gh
If folks are still engaging with & quoting Voldemort, have we learned from this yet?

Between the tech platforms & media companies, isn’t it time to stop giving him (& the other pizzagaters/fascist terrorists he’s spawned) a platform—& 🛑/
Still hard to fathom that folks like this are @verified. Would I’ve ever joined Twitter had I known this’d be whose relevance they’d support & endorse? I increasingly resent that my participation helped legitimate this—&, with the cost of switching too high, made me compliISL4TTZs
@verified 👏👊❤️ to @Sethrogen.

For years, I convinced myself that it wasn’t that @jack & @ev (& Zuck etc etc) didn’t care—it was that they must just not know (ah, youth!) But that’s absurd—if they cared, they’d have known...instead, they made us all comZJzqIFNV
@sharonwaxman Very surprised & concerned to see this guy interviewed in @TheWrap —& even more so without specific reference to his background &…o/F3osvSTZRa
@sharonwaxman @TheWrap Hope you’lll consider this (& all the women he’s harmed) before giving him or his buddies a platform or quoting them in the futurQFWO
This—& journalists, please stop giving these jackasses relevance (& paychecks) by quoting them, profiling or responding to them.

Haven’t we learned that our brains just can’t resist clicking—& engagement is just another woro/TAPQ7OXcBh
I can’t imagine who’d be insane enough to sign up for such a role, but I wish Twitter had a public ombudsman.

That said, what it Twitter had many ombudspeople? One for every state & country?
This is who gets @verified.

How much do these credentials enable & help perpetuate his (/other) fraud?

If Twitter finds this status is being used to commit fraud (like harassment), must they remove it?

Regardless, hope @kayvz ends this nonsense asal7kp
@verified @kayvz Wanna know what’s wrong with @verified? Check out the first replies you’ll see to @elonmusk’s tweet below & see how folks with these privileges use them to confuse users, spread misinfo & perpetuate fraud (while targets of their abuse remain unveczVaTNROl
Does twitter recommend folks unfollow brands? What about “engaging” accounts that encourage hate or harassment? Or unfollowing @verified accounts? Do they encourage unfollowing more men or women? Similarly, what the demographics of who they recommend now?
How many more “dapper” fascists will be given an elevated platform, @verified status & enriched both financially & with legitimacy? What’ll it take for the clicks not to be worth it to journalists & media & /
Meanwhile Facebook/Instagram fan Voldemort’s flames.

Afterall, this is what Zuck & Thiel call diversity! & free speech!

Has anyone apologized for their role in building his platform, wealth & fame? Or is the hunt still on for America’s Next Dao/YNoEE0rD0m
Fastest & easiest way to foster more inclusive Twitter (but least likely to be noticed/addressed because journalists benefit/don’t notice): fix @verified & the algorithms that overvalue these users tweets. Because nazis are @verified & their 🎯o/svAlAM4pSg
@verified I get why every media outlet breathlessly reported that @jack wants to kill the ❤️. Because we’ll click.

But ffs how better to distract the conversation from the actual issues—eg that there’s nothing more engaging than hate—& thus @verified nazis are profitable for Twitter:(
@verified @jack Not even sure what “comment” is...nonetheless I’ll keep harping a broken record, spinning endlessly but inaudibly amidst the un-@verified abyss:)
@verified @jack How much more reach do hoaxes created by @verified users have? Given the presumption of their legitimacy & the increased visibility of @verified tweets, how many fraud charges must be filed before Twitter is aiding &…afDsoU2q
@verified @jack The youngest guy to be permanently banned from Wall St is @verified.

With this stamp of legitimacy, Twitter marks #JacobWohl as trustworthy to targets of his scams/hoaxes—while algorithmically multiplying his reach—thus ensuring his tweets appear in media
@verified @jack Also: mirroring @verified, it’s also overwhelmingly white &…PWbv By not verifying women & POC (except celebs & journos), Twitter ensures our tweets aren’t surfaced....& thus not represented or included across media platforms.

• • •

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I still wouldn't recognize O'Malley if I saw him in the supermarket. #DemDebate
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yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting....
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