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Feb 2, 2018 28 tweets 15 min read
@katiezavadski “F---ing Sith Lord,” “Horrific Leakers,” & “Berserkazoid Craziness”: The Mooch Recalls His Brief Shining Fortnight at the Center of US Politics, by @WilliamCohan… Wish he’d been asked about🇷🇺sanctions, RDIF & if he now supports what he opposed at #WEF17? This is something, coming from a guy who missed the birth of his child—& had his lawyer demand a paternity test?

Does suing CNN & forcing a journo to resign for accurate reporting have permanent benefits?
Jan 12, 2018 24 tweets 14 min read
As per ⬆️, an excellent post by @katiezavadski, examining RDIF & Dmietiev! And a great thread follows. Hope to see Scaramucci, Thiel & Goldman Sachs looped in, just in time for Davos! @katiezavadski So T-rump, Scaramucci & Mnuchin are going to #WEF2018. What about Schwarzman, Bonderman, Black & or WEF Young Global Leaders Dmietriev & Thiel? Or Milner? Is there an RDIF reunion scheduled?

Also, out of curiousity, any chess tourneys or events scheduled?
Dec 30, 2015 39 tweets 13 min read
Thinking a lot lately about the VIPization of American culture & how its displaced the notion of equality. Curious about when this started.. I'd like to read a history of VIP sections:)When did they become mainstream/acceptable/legitimate? How are they justified to kids?Any recs?
Dec 22, 2015 5 tweets 2 min read
So, some dude in Bristol Farms just asked me if I was in #HatefulEight - his wife thought I was Jennifer Jason Leigh! #flattered #yearmade 💗 I clicked on this because I am vain, but loved this interview with Jennifer Jason Leigh…
Dec 20, 2015 564 tweets >60 min read
Why is O'Malley still running? There is no way a white man will be either Hillary's (Castro) or Bernie's (Warren?) choice for VP. #DemDebate "You'll be very happy...I'll let you talk then" #shhhO'Malley
Dec 16, 2015 173 tweets 62 min read
yes...which is why the OpenAI team's lack of diversity is so discomfiting.... Long @NewYorker profile on Bostrom & the state of AI; not a single woman (unnamed wife aside) mentioned or quoteILtp
Dec 8, 2015 227 tweets >60 min read
Despite what its marketing suggests, Anomalisa is as heartwarming or life-affirming/life-changing as an episode of The Affair. (aka its not) (Anomalisa is still an incredible film-but, "the most human film" it is not...its more man than human...& really, he could be Noah Solloway)
Dec 7, 2015 7 tweets 1 min read
Zite, my favorite ipad app of all time, is shutting down today-thanks finding what I read-& for fostering my obsession w/ quantum weirdness I really miss Zite; maybe they just don't know me as well, but the other app's algorithms just serve me listsicles & I'm getting stupider...
Dec 1, 2015 5 tweets 1 min read
Venture funded. With an 18 year old founder. Wonder who the default terms of the contracts it "writes" wilX0kxugVZpM Trusting a service to collect signatures, store contracts, or even to provide an NDA (which are realistically unenforceable) is one thing...
Nov 29, 2015 5 tweets 2 min read
"I used to say Osama Bin Laden was the...Donald Trump of the terrorist world." Gina Bennett, CIA analyst #Spymasters Spymasters interviews all 12 former & current CIA directors...but, since its unclear if its all fiction, Mandy Patinkin is the narrator.
Nov 13, 2015 9 tweets 3 min read
Feel creepy eavesdropping on participant break chatter on #platformcoop livestream...but I don't want to miss the program resuming. (I'd think nothing of it if I were at #platformcoop-& wish I was-but wish they'd mute the mics as folks prolly don't know they are live)
Oct 30, 2015 7 tweets 3 min read
Tune in to the @medialab's 30th anniversary right now & watch @johnmaeda rocking the stage:)…BCG6 Still thinking about (& may never stop) what @nnegroponte said @medialab 25...that our next challenge is not digiCnsr
Oct 29, 2015 6 tweets 1 min read
Socialism doesn't start with a warm kiss.. Socialism starts with cheap champagne, aka Prosecco, which is less alliterative but at least affordable.
Oct 14, 2015 46 tweets 6 min read
The surprise threat! btw, apparently Democrats love to yell & Las Vegas is filling in Joe Biden's chair.
Sep 23, 2015 5 tweets 1 min read
Good Yom Tov dear ones:) Anyone made a Yom Kippur edition of the Game of Thrones nun? Chanting "Atone"?
Aug 17, 2015 9 tweets 3 min read
Let's say I wanted to capture all the tweets (& users) in support of Amazon's culture ...what app, tool, software etc would you recommend? Trying to collect tweets that defend or deny Amazon's practices; there are fewer than I'd have guessed-& more quitting than I'd think.
Aug 12, 2015 45 tweets 19 min read
Dr Dre, rapper-turned-Apple guru, wants you to forget about all the women he beat up (& still has never…Lexm Et tu @icecube? Really? Decades later, as an adult, why doubledown on the misogyny of your youth? Don't words matter?
Aug 11, 2015 7 tweets 3 min read
Confused: doesn't @SenSanders agree with @lessig on campaign finance reform? If so, what is this about? Also confusing: Rather than supporting single issue candidates or running as one, why doesn't @lessig build ballot initiative campaigns?
Jul 28, 2015 5 tweets 1 min read
Congress passes a terrible science funding law (prizes, not grants.So no $ for research, but cure cancer & you…3g8v Reps were inspired the Xprize's approach.Is it a coincidence that the XPrize's founder recently proclaimed the govt doesn't fund innovation?
Jul 25, 2015 10 tweets 2 min read
Twitter is deleting stolen jokes on copyright grounds #chilling… Misleading celebs & joke aggregator accounts that copy but don't credit are lame-but, will taking down tweets much later deter them at all?
Jul 25, 2015 5 tweets 1 min read
Reminder: this is how things work. Thank you @KimKardashian great idea! Can you make Twitter tackle trolls next?:) Yes, I'm sure you (/everyone) came up with & shared the idea to edit tweets before Kim did....but I'm not sure why you think that matters?