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Under The Affordable Care Act, Health insurers can NOT charge more or deny coverage to you or your dependents on your insurance b/c of #PreExistingConditions of ANY kind.

Here are the 20 @GOP state AGs & Governors trying to nullify the #ACA

What YOU need to know!

(THREAD) 1/15
Feb.18: 20 States, led by TX, sued, claiming #ACA was illegal:

ME (Gov. Paul LePage)
MS (Gov. Phil Bryant)

Lawsuit argues w/o #ACA individual mandate (repealed in 12/17 #TaxBill) the entire law should be illegal! How? Why? What?

In 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts stopped a 2012 lawsuit to make ACA illegal. Roberts said Congress could not order people to buy insurance....BUT

...Congress could impose a tax penalty (#ACA individual Mandate) on them for not having insurance, which allowed the mandate and the rest of the #ACA to become law. The 12/17 #TaxBill repealed this mandate, thus the premise for the 20 State lawsuit.

With no financial penalty, the @GOP states argued the requirement to buy insurance cannot legally stand. They argue the mandate is key to #ACA, so the ENTIRE law should be found unconstitutional too.

6/7/18: Trump administration & AG Sessions agreed w/lawsuit: the repeal of #ACA mandate &, with it, the law’s rules that prohibits insurers from denying people health insurance or charging them higher rates due to #PreExistingConditions should now be found unconstitutional.

Justice Department lawyers informed the court the rest of #ACA would remain, including #Medicaid expansion. BUT, if the Trump administration’s argument were to succeed, insurers could once again be able to deny people insurance or charge more based on #PreExistingConditions

Trump administration has been trying to undermine #ACA via sabotage since 1/20/17!

Expanding short-term plans (insurance plans that don’t have to comply with the reforms) is one of many ways, but lawsuit would dismantle the foundations of the law.

While the #ACA lawsuit plays out in the courts, insurers are setting their rates for 2019. Due to this uncertainty & instability created by this Administration turning its backs on those who are ill & most vulnerable, some plans are already increasing premiums by 30%++

.@larry_levitt of @KaiserFamFound “Any time there’s uncertainty about the future, insurers are going to build extra cushion into their premiums to make sure they get revenues while they can..”

Before #ACA, insurers denied coverage to millions w/#PreExistingConditions

7/19/18: 49 Democratic senators introduced a resolution, that would have the Senate intervene in the lawsuit brought by Texas & 19 other states against #ACA

To date, no Senate @GOP co-signed this intervention to protect ACA & #PreExistingConditions

9 of the 11 states with the HIGHEST rates of #PreExistingConditions among adults under 65 have signed onto the lawsuit to strike down the #ACA

In WV alone, 36% under age 65 have a #PEC!

1 in 3 of them would have a hard time buying insurance w/o #ACA protections.

.@KaiserFamFound estimates 27% of adults under 65 (or 50M), have #PreExistingConditions that would have jeopardized their coverage pre-#ACA If insurers didn’t deny coverage outright, they could have charged exorbitant premiums, or excluded coverage for costly conditions.

If #SCOTUSpick is confirmed, 20 state @GOP lawsuit could be HEARD by him!

We must keep calling our Reps & ask them NOT to confirm Kavanaugh or this could be the END of #ACA & people w/#PreExistingConditions having access to healthcare & treatment. We must ALL speak out!

Your voice is NEEDED to #ProtectOurCare #ACA & #PreExistingConditions

Use Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 & make your #ThreeCallsToCongress

ALSO, please call AGs trying to make the ACA unconstitutional:…

Thank you for your advocacy!

End 15/15

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Sep 13, 2018
Feb. 2018, 18 @GOP AG's & 2 GOP Governors Filed a Lawsuit to Repeal the #ACA in the U.S. Northern District of TX

This lawsuit is currently being heard. This is what it means to YOUR healthcare if Kavanaugh is confirmed. #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake (THREAD)1/15
These are the Republican state attorneys general and governors from 20 states that filed the lawsuit in February 2018 in the U.S. Northern District of Texas.

#ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake 2/15
In June of 2018, the Trump Administration said it would not defend the #ACA and actually AGREED in part with the plaintiffs, arguing that protections for people with #PreExistingConditions should be overturned.

#ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake 3/15
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Sep 11, 2018


On 9/20, I have 14 DC Senate meetings to protect #ACA #PreExistingConditions #Medicaid & #Medicare



DM your healthcare story w/FULL name CITY/Zip by 9/17. 100% confidential!

Need your VOICE!

On 9/20, I have 14 DC Senate meetings to protect #ACA #PreExistingConditions #Medicaid & #Medicare

DM your healthcare story w/FULL name CITY/Zip by 9/17. 100% confidential! Need your VOICE!

On 9/20, I have 14 DC Senate meetings to protect #ACA #PreExistingConditions #Medicaid & #Medicare

DM your healthcare story w/FULL name CITY/Zip by 9/17. 100% confidential! Need your VOICE!
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Aug 26, 2018
On 7/27/17, the day of the #SkinnyRepeal Vote-A-Rama, I went to DC to meet with any Senate office that would listen to my healthcare story. I was terrified of #ACA repeal.

I had 8 spontaneous meetings that day.

At 515pmET I met w/@SenJohnMcCain Legislative Assistant. 1/5
@SenJohnMcCain's LA began to cry when I told her I had #Lupus (turned out her friend has it). She apologized & explained her friend had to move from DC, to a climate more conducive to the disease. But now she didn't have the same care. So I provided resources to help. 2/5
I was grateful I could help. I asked her to please tell @SenJohnMcCain to vote no on repeal, enhancing #ACA would be more beneficial for everyone. She would pass along my message. I left his office, got on a train back home & felt I did everything I could to stop repeal. 3/5
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Mar 22, 2018
On the 8th Anniversary of #ACA it's crucial to demonstrate how our President has undermined healthcare for MILLIONS via #ACASabotage since his inauguration.

This THREAD is dedicated to everyone who used their voice to save healthcare & why we all must be a #HealthCareVoter 1/30
1/20/17: Trump's #ACA Executive Order directs federal agencies begin ❌ ACA “to maximum extent permitted by law.”

EO delays ACA provisions imposing tax, fee, or other costs & develops “free & open market” in health care among states.

Repeal legislation begins. #ACASabotage 2/30
1/26/17: Administration stops planned ads for the final week of open enrollment for marketplace health coverage. As a result, 400K+ are not enrolled.

Final 2017 plan selections come in below 2016. #ACASabotage 3/30
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