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The #KavanaughSCOTUS hearings start today.

I've seen MANY people express frustration, and trolls posing as progressive far left are bashing Schumer & Senate Dems.

Dems can't stop this confirmation.

Here's why, and what WE need to do. #TuesdayThoughts THREAD 1/6
🙋‍♂️ Why don't Dems just not show up? Then the senate can't vote on the confirmation!

👩‍🏫 There are easy procedural ways around that, esp. after McCain’s replacement is named (will be sooner than later if Dems try no-show). They could slow it down by hours - not weeks. 2/6
🙋‍♀️ Dems gave in too easily! Why didn't they fight back?

👨‍🏫 They did - they filibustered & insisted on roll call votes for some controversial candidates, which passed.

As the minority, there isn't much else they can do. 📰 3/6
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For months, we've consistently cautioned that the Senate must #PressPause on considering President Trump's SCOTUS nominee until the Special Counsel's investigation ends.
LDF President and Director-Counsel @Sifill_LDF penned an op-ed on our country’s commitment to equal justice under the law and why "it is imperative that the process to replace [Justice Kennedy] not be rushed." #WhatsAtStake #ScotusPick #SCOTUSnominee…
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Recently, repetitive tweets containing the text "As a Hoosier, I'm calling on @SenDonnelly to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. #KavanaughSCOTUS" started showing up. Let's have a look. At the time of this writing, there are 756 such tweets from 727 accounts.
Of these 727 accounts:

119 have default profile pictures (16.4%)
102 have fewer than 100 tweets (14.0%)
331 have fewer than 100 followers (45.5%)

These percentages are all roughly 5x what we usually see. Doesn't mean all these accounts are bots/sockpuppets, but some likely are.
The first "As a Hoosier, I'm calling on @SenDonnelly to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. #KavanaughSCOTUS" tweet is from a default profile pic account with 18 tweets, and includes a button to allow others to quickly duplicate the tweet.
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1/There is much fear mongering by the Left of the #KavanaughSCOTUS, particularly a threat that his seat will somehow overturn Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973). No doubt, most of those pushing this narrative have never read the Roe decision (…).
2/It's important to note that the Left doesn't bring up Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992), where the Court re-affirmed its Roe decision, with some minor changes (…).
3/Roe challenged Texas' statute criminalizing abortions with the exception of "saving the life of the mother" and, at times, rape or incest (noe: Norma McCorvey ("Roe") lied that she was raped, but didn't produce a police report, so she was denied).
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Trump didn’t pick #KavanaughSCOTUS based on his opposition to:
—Roe v. Wade
—Assault weapons ban
—Net neutrality

The Federalist Society did. These were bonuses.

45* picked him for 1 reason: His view that a POTUS should be exempt from investigations, indictments & the law.
A potentially* #IllegitimatePresident must Not be allowed another extreme #SCOTUSPick

On the SCOTUS building in DC are the words “Equal Justice Under Law”

McConnell has set binding precedent over and over again: no #SCOTUSpick in an election year. Let the people have a voice.
This POTUS*is under investigation for collusion with a hostile foreign adversary & obstruction of justice.

CALL your senators. Don’t stop calling.📲202-224-3121

Tell them #DoNotConfirm until the #MuellerInvestigation is complete – or at the very least, until after the midterms.
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As expected, Trump has chosen an extremist for the Supreme Court who can & would undermine:

-Healthcare as a right, not a privilege
-Reproductive rights
-Voting rights
-Workers' rights
-Consumer rights
-A safe environment

For a generation. #Scotuspick #KavanaughSCOTUS 1/11
We need to call every one of our Senators. 202-224-3121, or with

We need to support those who have come out against Kavanaugh & convince those that haven't that #Kavanaugh is the wrong choice. #NOKavanaugh

The following will tell you why. 2/11
A woman's right to choose is in jeopardy. A full repeal may or may not be attempted soon, but Roe v. Wade will be chipped away at.

Pro-choice GOP Sens. Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski need to be reminded. Collins has been lied to before. #WhatsAtStake
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1/ As a circuit court judge, Brett Kavanaugh dissented in a 2011 case filed by Indonesian villagers in the province of Aceh who accused Exxon Mobil of letting private security forces murder, torture, and abuse local residents on company property.…
2/ The case was filed by the HR group International Rights Advocates in 2001, citing the 1789 Alien Tort Statute, a law used by other victims of HR abuses overseas to seek civil redress in US courts against corporations or individuals resident in the US.…
3/ The legal argument was that Exxon was responsible for crimes committed by Indonesian security forces working for it on its property. A majority of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals decided that Exxon Mobil could be held legally accountable if the charges were proven true.
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Hahaha Sierra Club is on it like flies on sh!t... found this in my junk mail.

If the Senate lets Trump successfully install Kavanaugh to fill this seat, the court will rubber stamp Trump’s agenda for decades to come -- no longer functioning as a check against political abuses.🙄
One thing I will say about these blue wave resisters and the fraudulent Dems.... they are organized little marching ants. We all need to get more organized, hammer stuff before it hits, then hammer it hard when it does hit, and never back down.
So, for all of these little ants calling, emailing, tagging their senators.... we do the same, telling them to VOTE FOR #KavanaughSCOTUS. If for nothing else, just to annoy the sh!t out of them.🤣
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Someone anyone who gave #KavanaughSCOTUS a blowjob or a handjob, or was a “bro”at a bathhouse, please check with @MichaelAvenatti.
Thank you
~ immi
Overly religious people always have a paid handjob story.
learned from the master himself #KavaNope
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@POTUS chooses Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.

#WWG1WGA #MAGA #SupremeCourtJustice
Kavavaugh has files on Vince Foster! @POTUS knows Vince Foster was a hit, spoke on it prior to election. JR retweeted Stock Monster about Bill Clinton firing FBI director on the eve of Vince Foster’s death. #VinceFoster
#SupremeCourt #KavanaughSCOTUS #KAVANAUGH #MAGA #WWG1WGA
No Name to confirm! Post 1649. 💥
#FutureProvesPast #QProof

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