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At 10 PM in DC yesterday, McConnell filed for cloture on the #KavaNOPE confirmation. According to Senate rules, that gives us till 11 PM Friday to make our voices heard.

There has never been a more important time to call your Senators. Tell them to vote NO. #StopKavanaugh
Dozens of potential witnesses to Kavanaugh’s behavior were ignored by the FBI. Dr. Ford was not interviewed, nor was Kavanaugh himself. Corroborating witnesses for additional accusers were not interviewed.

The FBI investigation was a sham.…
A letter being presented to the US Senate today: 1,000 law professors and counting insist that Brett Kavanaugh should not be confirmed.…
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#Kavanaugh HIMSELF + his team contacted his @Yale friends BEFORE the @NewYorker article on Deborah Ramirez👉🏼asked friends to go on the record to defend him.🙄

Kavanaugh LIED when he testified he learned of the allegations from the article‼️…
Kavanaugh told @SenJudiciary UNDER OATH that the 1st time he heard of Ramirez’s allegation was in the Sept. 23 article in The New Yorker.🤨

But texts show that Kavanaugh & his team knew as early as *July*‼️

#StopKavanaugh #KavaNOPE
*Multiple* people have contacted the @FBI with credible evidence that #Kavanaugh **LIED repeatedly** to the Senate, which is a #felony‼️

There is NO WAY that #Kavanaugh should sit on SCOTUS.🤬

@SenFeinstein @SenBlumenthal @amyklobuchar @CoryBooker

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1/ UPDATED ACTION ITEM TO STOP KAVANAUGH; The ABA has issued a formal notice requesting that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings be delayed pending a formal FBI investigation. In the meantime, the ABA continues to rate Kavanaugh as "well qualified." As no federal judge has ever
2/ been confirmed without a "well qualified" rating by the ABA, if the ABA were to rescind this rating (as it did once before in 2006) it could further derail Kavanaugh's confirmation. For all of you who hire lawyers or know lawyers please ask them to contact the ABA to urge the
3/ ABA to immediately withdraw Kavanaugh's rating of "well qualified" and institute a process to reconsider whether this rating is still appropriate after the surfacing of extremely negative information about Kavanaugh during his hearing with Dr. Ford. Of course this request
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💥Heidi Heitkamp's GOP Opponent Is Saying Too Much re: Kavanaugh


Heidi Heitkamp 202-224-2043
Collins 202-224-2523
Lisa Murkowski 202-224-6665
Joe Donnelly 202-224-4814
Joe Manchin 202-224-3954
Jeff Flake 202-224-4521
Jon Kyl 202-224-2235…
💥💥Please read: best argument is that the The American Bar Association has called for the Senate Judiciary Committee to delay voting until an FBI investigation can be completed. The “appointment is simply too important to rush to a vote.” -ABA

🔗Link to faxzero where you can send free faxes. Fax numbers are provided for all Senators.

1, Kavanaugh needs an FBI investigation into sexual assault/rape charges
2. His temperament is not suitable for #SCOTUS
3. He committed perjury multiple times
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Maryland investigators are probing a *SECOND sexual assault complaint* against #Kavanaugh during his senior year in high school after an anonymous witness came forward this weekend.

Up to *FOUR women* now accuse Kavanaugh of SEX CRIMES‼️…
This latest allegation potentially brings the number to **FOUR women** accusing Kavanaugh of SEX CRIMES👉🏼Dr. Ford, Deborah Ramirez (former @Yale student), and a female client of @MichaelAvenatti who has “credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.”

.@MichaelAvenatti now confirms that this FOURTH woman alleging SEXUAL ASSAULT by #Kavanaugh is NOT his client.

FYI, sexual predators do NOT stop after one attack.🤬

#StopKavaugh #KavaNOPE

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RW: “The line crossed on this declassification-as-obstruction is redder than you can imagine.”

TeamTreason: One senior administration official said that pulling Kavanaugh at this moment would be akin to Team Trump signing its own political “death warrant.”

Dr. Blasey, Kavanaugh’s accuser thrust suddenly into a spotlight that she never sought, has been inundated w/vulgar email & social media messages & even death threats.

“From what I’ve heard you have 6 mos to live, you disgusting slime,” one message said.

Dr. Blasey has two teenagers, has moved out of her house, is arranging for private security for herself and her family, and is effectively in hiding,

Is Kavaneuh?

Dr. Blasey is requesting FBI investigation prior to testifying on Capitol Hill. #KavaNOPE
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Differences between #AnitaHill and #CavanaghHearings.

‘91 Almost ALL white dude staffers behind a ALL STRAIGHT WHITE MALE SENATORS on judiciary committee.

‘18 Half/same old gang of straight white male rape enabler @GOPs vs @Dem’s diversity , and a stfu old @Vp.

‘99 Thurmond, 1948 “States rights” party white supremacist nominee for president, 51 years later he’s grabbing my breast.

‘18 Orrin Hatch, Still So 😡 Mormon chicks don’t blow and black Women don’t sit still for berating on CSPAN.

#AnitaHill #Kavanaugh
Youngs need to be told Biden got a big shiny rehab by Barack.

He was VILE to Anita Hill in front of her 80 year old BLACK country church proper one generation removed from SLAVERY parents. It was vile.
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I have a 15 year old son.

Today, I told him the story of #ChristineBlaseyFord and #BrettKavanaugh.

I asked him what he would do if he was #MikeJudge.

He said, "what? What do you mean? I could never let something like that happen."

I asked him why.

He said, "you can't treat people like that. You've always taught me that. Ma. Why are you even asking me this?"

Talk to your kids about things you hope they'll never see.

They listen. This is how we create change.

Excuse me for a moment. It's very dusty in here.

Obviously I didn't mean Mike Judge.

Mark Judge. The guy who wrote the book about his high school escapades with a character named "Bart O'Kavanaugh."

Tired ass mom brain...
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We should've seen this coming.

It's the usual narrative shifting/both sides bullshit routine we've watched play out over & over since 2015.

Because we now know that Republican #SCOTUS nominee #BrettKavanaugh has almost certainly committed perjury multiple times.


What to do?

Well, if you're part of the evil fucking Republican Party cabal that has been playing footsie with #Russia and accepting money laundered donations via the @NRA you would want to draw some heat away from your guy. Right?


Two words: Hillary Clinton.

No one has more reliably distracted the media from the real story for Republicans more than @HillaryClinton.

She is literally the goose who lays the golden egg for Republicans.

What are the best ways Republicans have found to get themselves out of the hot seat?

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@SenatorCollins - We have already raised over $280,000 to be given to your future opponent if you vote to confirm #KavaNOPE The whole procedure stinks of 3rd World Dictatorship. Put #CountryOverParty Vote NO to #Kavanaugh…
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Hey .@GOP - what if 5 of Obama's advisors and campaign chair were indicted and convicted and he was named an #UnindictedCoconspirator, would *You* let him seat a SCJ? Asking for a friend.
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This exchange tells me everything I need to know about Kavanaugh. What a POS he is.

#NoKavanaugh #SaveSCOTUS #SCOTUS #KavaNOPE
Here's a photo of the exchange, or the non-exchange, as it were.

Kavanaugh refusing to shake the hand of a man who lost his daughter in the Parkland shootings on February 14, @fred_guttenberg.
#SCOTUS #NoKavanaugh
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WATCH: @KamalaHarris leads the charge, interrupting @ChuckGrassley @SenBlumenthal moves to adjourn the Kavanaugh hearing.
Protesters shouting. Chuck Grassley is NOT pleased.
Follow @atrupar for updates.
#TuesdayThoughts #StopKavenaugh #TuesdayMotivation
Ugh, I've been spelling Kavanaugh wrong all morning.
I broke the first rule of tweeting:
never tweet before my third cup.
#KavAnaughHearing #KavaNOPE #NoKavanaugh #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaymotivation #SCOTUS
"You have said multiple times that your staff has already reviewed the 42k pages of docs produced at 5:41pm yesterday.The docs weren't available until 6AM this morning. How's it possible that your staff concluded its review before the docs were even loaded? Blumenthal to Grassley
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I challenge every member of #TheResistance to spend at least one third of their social media time in the coming days actively fighting the illegitimate nomination of #BrettKavanaugh to #SCOTUS by the Unindicted Co-conspirator In Chief.


There are many valuable ways you can do this. Here are a few:

1. Tweet every US Senator expressing your belief that this nominee should not be confirmed.

2. Amplify any compelling #StopKavanagh tweets that come into your feed by retweeting them. Bookmark the the best.

3. Use the hashtags #StopKavanaugh and #NoKavanaugh inside all political and #Resist tweets.

4. Identify and expose bots and trolls you find attempting to promote pro-Kavanaugh propaganda by using one of these sites

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Someone anyone who gave #KavanaughSCOTUS a blowjob or a handjob, or was a “bro”at a bathhouse, please check with @MichaelAvenatti.
Thank you
~ immi
Overly religious people always have a paid handjob story.
learned from the master himself #KavaNope
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