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A thread (inspired by @KassyDillon’s latest for @thehill):

The correlation between The Crucible by Arthur Miller and what is happening with the #KavanaughHearing today is undeniable:
We begin with Abigail Williams. She is the clear villain of the play. She accuses those who she believes have wronged her and her single motivation is jealousy and power. She is manipulative and has no regard for her actions. She uses those in power to get what she wants:
Accusing those in the village. Those accused have two options, to be hanged or to admit that they are guilty. Abigail knows this.

Abigail Williams represents the Democrats who wish to bring down Kavanaugh with whatever they can...
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My (probably unpopular) take on #SNL's #KavanaughHearing skit:

I understand that it's important to take a break from all the despair. I understand that comedy can serve as a much needed pressure release valve. Certainly I make jokes. I laugh at other's jokes and 1/
often feel a sense of community because of it. Less alone in seeing the absurdity - the frustrating, rage-inducing absurdity of where we are.

Having said that, I didn't laugh at #MattDamon's impression. Not because Damon has made some really telling and shitty comments 2/
about #MeToo (although the idea that doing this send up might rehabilitate his rep better than any lukewarm apology is insult to injury). But because I couldn't help but imagine how #DrFord would react to it. Beyond that and more importantly from a societal perspective, 3/
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(1/9)The Twatter thread that got Thomas Wictor suspended by Social Media Nazi thought police leader Jack. #ThomasWictor #KavanaughHearing #KavanaughConfirmation #AlyssaMilano #Qanon
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Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement makes him seem overtly political. Not a good look for a Judge hoping to be a Supreme Court Justice. #KavanaughHearings
HOLY SHIT!!! Did Brett Kavanaugh really just say this is a political hit by the Clintons?!! Really?! The GOP playbook is so predictable, and getting old, when in doubt blame the email lady. #KavanaughHearings
I cant even pay attention to the rest of Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement I am still dumbfounded that Kavanaugh really just said that this is a plot by the Clintons. How, why, what? How could HRC have orchestrated this? Its just utterly ridiculous. #KavanaughHearings
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1) Testimony thread starting in 5 minutes. #KavanaughHearing
2) Ready.
3) I just got off the phone with my mother.
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Good morning, all! It's Sam (@samsokol19) back live-tweeting Day 3 of the #KavanaughHearings. We're all a little tired 😴... but let's do this!
Yesterday, Kavanaugh dropped some major hints about how he plans to undermine church-state separation on the Supreme Court. #StopKavanaugh
Yesterday, Kavanaugh clearly stated that he thinks it's ok for the government to fund religious activities with taxpayer funds.

Each of us should get to decide for ourselves whether & how our money supports religion–that’s a guarantee of the U.S. Constitution. #StopKavanaugh
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The most interesting answer of the AM at #KavanaughHearing was the judge’s explanation of Casey being precedent not just on reproductive rights but also on precedent itself. “Precedent on precedent.” I don’t think Ranking Member Feinstein’s team served her well there. A follow
up asking simply “Can you expand on the importance of ‘precedent on precedent’ would have served everyone but especially progressive critics of #JudgeKavanaugh best. The judge is clearly qualified, clearly will be confirmed, but his commitment to the testimony he gives was a big
part of one answer. Thus Ds should want to hear more —much more— about precedents on precedents. As for his 4 greatest moments in #SCOTUS history, Marbury Brown and Nixon don’t surprise but Youngstown did. Since #POTUS power interests Ds that could be fruitfully explored as well
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THREAD from #Kavanaugh confirmation hearing Day1. Day2 begins. GOP chair Grassley said yesterday’s protesters plotted w/ Democrats to disrupt hearing. “Today is different,” he said. Protests continued. One said: “I’m offended; I called out Durbin. I didn’t coorindate w/Democrats”
Feinstein starts questions on gun regulation & “common use.” She said she never thought she’d see children mowed down in schools. #Kavanaugh: “It’s all about precedent. If a type of firearm is widely owned like assault weapons, then it’s unconstitutional to ban them under Heller”
Feinstein asks about Roe: I don’t want to go back to those numbers [women dying in back alley abortions]. #Kavanaugh: I don’t live in a bubble. I understand its importance. As a judge, Roe & Casey are long-standing Supreme Court precedent. (Implying it should stand, it seems.)
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The great @ThomasWictor has offered the Judas Goats of the President theory as to why the democrats are self-destructing like never before.
@HNIJohnMiller backs the theory up... seems legit to me.
I offer my own small opinion here in this small corner of the Internet.
What went on at the #KavanaughConfirmation today was worse than what you’d see at the most undisciplined kindergarten. But why? Why were these ‘distinguished senators’ so willing to be completely unhinged like that?
Well, I don’t know but I’ll take a little guess based on how I opened this thread up...
Do you all remember “Die Hard”?
From the beginning we’re told no matter how well Theo hacks the system, he can not break through the final lock?
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🔥Democrats ask GOP Judiciary Chair Grassley to adjourn Kavanaugh hearing over withheld documents. Blumenthal asks for vote on motion. Booker appeals to decency. Feinstein discusses context of Trump admin corruption. Grassley denies motion as out of order. It is not. GOP=Thieves.
Leahy: I’ve been in the Senate for 19 Supreme Court nominations from Repubs & Democrats. What’s being done here is unprecedented. I’m just sorry to see the Senate Judiciary Cmte descend this way.
🙄GOP Cornyn: This is mob rule.
Blumenthal: We simply ask for regular order.
One after another Democrat raises issue after issue on how rushed, hidden & unprecedented Kavanaugh process is. Chair Grassley reads responses, prepared in advance for the many objections. He knows full well how out of order his process is. Repubs are used to stealing & cheating.
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WATCH: @KamalaHarris leads the charge, interrupting @ChuckGrassley @SenBlumenthal moves to adjourn the Kavanaugh hearing.
Protesters shouting. Chuck Grassley is NOT pleased.
Follow @atrupar for updates.
#TuesdayThoughts #StopKavenaugh #TuesdayMotivation
Ugh, I've been spelling Kavanaugh wrong all morning.
I broke the first rule of tweeting:
never tweet before my third cup.
#KavAnaughHearing #KavaNOPE #NoKavanaugh #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdaymotivation #SCOTUS
"You have said multiple times that your staff has already reviewed the 42k pages of docs produced at 5:41pm yesterday.The docs weren't available until 6AM this morning. How's it possible that your staff concluded its review before the docs were even loaded? Blumenthal to Grassley
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