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Oct 2, 2018 6 tweets 4 min read
"If you don't like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don't give a shit."

Lindsey Graham has done gone lost his mind. History will not be kind to him.
"I have argued to you that when you found that a judge was a perjurer, you couldn’t in good conscience send him back in a courtroom because everybody that came in that courtroom thereafter would have a real serious doubt."
@LindseyGrahamSC (January 1999)
Oct 1, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
Covertly concentrating groups of children in remote desert camps at night? Nothing about the child detention crisis is over or resolved. Irreparable damage has been done to immigrant children at the hands of our government. It's been 66 days since the Trump admin failed to adhere to a court's deadline to reunite children and parents. Many of these kids/parents will NEVER be reunited.
Sep 27, 2018 58 tweets 23 min read
Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement makes him seem overtly political. Not a good look for a Judge hoping to be a Supreme Court Justice. #KavanaughHearings HOLY SHIT!!! Did Brett Kavanaugh really just say this is a political hit by the Clintons?!! Really?! The GOP playbook is so predictable, and getting old, when in doubt blame the email lady. #KavanaughHearings
Sep 26, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
Trump: "If we brought George Washington here...the Democrats would vote against him...and he may have had a bad past, who knows."

This guy is an idiot. "George Washington would be voted against 100 percent by Schumer and the con men."

- *45TH POTUS (9.26.18)
Sep 24, 2018 7 tweets 2 min read
BREAKING: Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing Russia probe, has offered to resign. There are conflicting reports.
Sep 21, 2018 32 tweets 11 min read
BREAKING: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein denies a NYT report that he suggested last year he secretly record Trump to expose chaos in the administration. According to the Times Rosenstein also floated the idea of trying to remove Trump through the 25th Amendment.… Rod Rosenstein should know better than to joke about something like the 25th Amendment. Especially in the era of Trump.
Sep 20, 2018 14 tweets 7 min read
So Dr Ford is "confused" and "mixed up" about what happened 35 years ago but Brett Kavanaugh's memory of the same incident from 35 years ago is perfect and crystal clear? When men, decades later, report abuse by priests they are believed, increasingly there are state investigations despite the statute of limitations having lapsed decades before they go public.

Whereas, Women who come forward decades later are "confused" or "lying."

Got it.
Sep 18, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
Bert and Ernie writer ends speculation over whether Sesame Street duo are gay. Mark Saltzman, who joined the show in 1984, says he did indeed write Bert and Ernie as a same sex couple. #MuppetLoveIsMuppetLove… Whatever you have to say to Bert you should be able to say in front of Ernie, they've been a couple since 1984!
Sep 14, 2018 10 tweets 3 min read
BREAKING: Paul Manafort will plead guilty in federal court today as part of a plea agreement with Mueller. BREAKING: Special Counsel’s Office files superseding information against Paul Manafort, i.e. a plea is expected.
Sep 13, 2018 9 tweets 6 min read
.@Netflixhelps (afr 3 hrs of dropped calls) I just got off w/ supervisor John who REFUSED to refund me after my account was HACKED and disconnected from @TMobile for payment, even w/ T-Mobile on the phone saying my connection was active. John basically said "tough shit." @netflix I am livid. In January I got @TMobile which includes @Netflix. Feb 12 I connected my Netflix account to TMobile for payment. In May my account was hacked. I contated netflix but they weren't able to recover my account and advised me to make a new one and that when I connected
Sep 11, 2018 4 tweets 2 min read
17 years ago, today, Donald Trump felt the need to remind America and NY that his building, 40 Wall Street, was now the tallest in downtown Manhattan since the Twin Towers had collapsed. He hasn't changed a bit. There is a Trump #TweetForEverything
Sep 7, 2018 12 tweets 15 min read
It's Friday night! I can't wait for the @HeadCountOrg benefit at the @ApolloTheater w #PhilLesh @harlemgospel, @grahamelesh @nickibluhm @TalibKweli & more! 💀🎩🐻(🐢🚉)(🇨🇳🐱🌻)🌷⚡ #GratefulDead #TheFutureIsVoting #RegisterToVote #FridayFeeling @Marc_Brownstein will I be seeing you in Harlem tonight?
Sep 6, 2018 4 tweets 3 min read
Kavanaugh refers to birth control pills as "abortion-inducing drugs" because, you know, science.

Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh believes life begins before conception.
All of the political dogma aside, Brett Kavanaugh appears to have lied under oath several times. We impeached a President for that.
Sep 4, 2018 5 tweets 3 min read
Wow, this interaction says all you need to know abt Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh is so embroiled in toxic GOP politics that as a nominee for the Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh is unwilling to even shake the hand of the father of a victim of gun violence, regardless of his politics. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, well this picture of Brett Kavanaugh refusing to shake the hand of Ferd Guttenberg should be worth a lifetime appointment.
Aug 31, 2018 5 tweets 2 min read
Cruz 2016: Trump is a "pathological liar."

Trump 2018: "I will be doing a major rally for Senator Ted Cruz in October. I’m picking the biggest stadium in Texas we can find. As you know, Ted has my complete and total Endorsement."

They deserve each other.
2016 Ted Cruz on Trump: "This man is a pathological liar. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth, in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology text book. His response is to accuse everybody else of lying. The man cannot tell the truth, but he..."
Aug 31, 2018 7 tweets 3 min read
Bombshell leak upends NAFTA talks: In secret ‘so insulting’ remarks, Trump says he isn’t compromising at all with Canada.

Trade negotiations were dramatically upended Friday morning by the inflammatory remarks from President Trump.… In remarks Trump wanted to be “off the record,” Trump told Bloomberg News reporters that he is not making any compromises at all in the talks with Canada — but that he cannot say this publicly because “it’s going to be so insulting they’re not going to be able to make a deal.”
Aug 30, 2018 5 tweets 1 min read
The SDNY has provided ample evidence that Trump was involved in deals to pay two women to keep them from speaking publicly about affairs before the 2016 in violation of campaign finance laws. But it turns out that Trump wanted to go even further.… He and his lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen, devised a plan to buy up all the dirt on Trump that the National Enquirer and its parent company had collected on him, dating back to the 1980s, according to several of Trump’s associates.
Aug 29, 2018 6 tweets 1 min read
RT if you or a family member has a #PreexistingCondition. RT above ☝️ if you or a family member has any of the following preexisting conditions: Pregnancy, Rape, ADD, Diabetes, Heart disease, Genetic conditions, Injuries, Epilepsy, Cancer, Mental disorders, AIDS/HIV, Alcohol or drug abuse with recent treatment, Alzheimer’s/dementia
Aug 27, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
Farewell Statement From Sen McCain:

"My fellow Americans, whom I have gratefully served for 60 years, and especially my fellow Arizonians.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you and for the rewarding life that service in uniform and in public office has allowed me to lead. I've tried to serve our country honorably. I’ve made mistakes, but I hope my love for America will be weighed favorably against them.

I've often observed that I am the luckiest person on earth. I feel that way even now as I prepare for the end of my life.
Aug 27, 2018 49 tweets 8 min read
Sen. John McCain last speach on the floor of the US Senate on July 25, 2017.

“I’ve stood in this place many times and addressed as president many presiding officers. I have been so addressed when I have sat in that chair, as close as I will ever be to a presidency." “It is an honorific we’re almost indifferent to, isn’t it. In truth, presiding over the Senate can be a nuisance, a bit of a ceremonial bore, and it is usually relegated to the more junior members of the majority."
Aug 23, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
BREAKING: Federal prosecutors have reportedly granted immunity to David Pecker, CEO of American Media, Inc., as part of the investigation into Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Pecker has flipped on Trump! Pecker is the publisher of the National Enquirer, that bought a story from former Playboy model Karen McDougal as part of an apparent “catch and kill” effort. The tabloid bought the rights to McDougal’s claims of an affair with Trump for $150000, in a deal brokered by Cohen.