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Sep 3, 2020 12 tweets 3 min read
I think this Tore is a fake. She has been posting slides from a presentation widely leaked and reported on.
techdirt.com/articles/20140… She talks about being a localization specialist because they're good at blackmail. That doesn't make any sense. Localization has to do with creating strategies that appeal to local populations. From a development perspective it is correlated with resilience. There is no magic.
Sep 1, 2020 39 tweets 10 min read
#StandWithSophie - are we dealing with a coverup of child sex trafficking?


9/1/2020 update 1

--> You are here: 9/1/2020 update 2 "Sophie, 9 yo, has disclosed...domestic violence, sexual grooming, and most recently molestation/rape in her primary residence. Her father is fighting for her life while her abusers pull every resource to get their hands back on her."
Oct 9, 2018 63 tweets 14 min read
1) Cannibalism (claim) - Mengele (Source: “Erik Orion”)

thebushconnection.com/mengele.html 2)
Oct 9, 2018 79 tweets 27 min read
1) Starting a near-midnight thread, basically to help me collect my thoughts on a variety of related topics. 2) I would really prefer to just do research and then go out with that. But oh well
Oct 8, 2018 38 tweets 13 min read
1) Should we alter the historical narrative to make its victims feel better?

It’s #coffeetime
Monday, October 8, 2018 2) I remember when the local school changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.


Hard to spell.
Oct 7, 2018 6 tweets 2 min read
Oct 7, 2018 74 tweets 28 min read
1) “Am I my sister’s keeper?”

“I AM my sister’s keeper!”

It’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime.
Sunday, October 7, 2018. 2) Please bear with me while I plug in
Oct 6, 2018 16 tweets 3 min read
1) Tom Luongo: It was an op: “nuts and sluts”
tomluongo.me/2018/10/06/kav… 2) a “operation run on the Dems & the Soros Group to expose not only their tactics...but also in the process crush certain powerful members of the Dem party which have been the conduit through which ‘the Resistance’ has driven our political process to the point of no return.”
Oct 6, 2018 4 tweets 1 min read
“Justice K >>> Highest Court in the Land.
Law & Order [majority] [U.S. Constitution] safeguarded.
Think HRC win >> SC appointments >> SC 'Corrupt' TILT [ex: LL]”
“Now comes the real PAIN.
Now comes the real TRUTH.

They want you DIVIDED.

Oct 6, 2018 61 tweets 14 min read
1) Showstopper.
thegatewaypundit.com/2018/10/huge-s… 2) “Leland Keyser told the Wall Street Journal she was pressured by former FBI agent and Ford friend Monica McLean — and offered proof to FBI investigators.

And now this…
From a trusted Republican source:”
Oct 5, 2018 104 tweets 34 min read
1) Brett Kavanaugh and the lynch mob.

It's an emergency session of coffee time.

Friday, October 5, 2018.

#ConfirmKavanaughNow 2) Am I able to Tweet?
Oct 4, 2018 27 tweets 9 min read
1) Starting a thread to talk about "feminist" P5CfbRbi0T 2) If you truly care about women...why would you annihilate an innocent man?
Oct 2, 2018 67 tweets 14 min read
1) Starting a thread to explore #QAnon Post #2305 (October 1, 2018): "The Swamp Using Dr. Ford to Frame Justice Kavanaugh"

In 3parts:
--What is Q saying?
--Why is Q saying it?
--How do we know if Q is telling us th8ch.net/qresearch/res/…xMdKOGR9yX

#MKULTRA #ConfirmKa
vs55nFTlLFf 2) Couple of things.
--Why is this important? A few reasons. #1, mind control to influence a seat on the SC is huge. #2, if it's a clear setup, it ends now.
-- If you have good stuff to share please do. I might incorporate it here.
-- Time is limited; will do the best I can.
Oct 2, 2018 44 tweets 15 min read
1) The Kavanaugh witch trial demeans real victims everywhere.

It’s coffee time.
Tuesday, October 2, 2018. 2) The enemy is not the ordinary person with sincere beliefs. The enemy is a group of rich 💰, power-hungry, sick 😷 and frankly mentally ill 😜 dictators, all running 🏃‍♀️ around, hiring PR flacks to confuse people.
Oct 1, 2018 38 tweets 12 min read
1) Starting a thread about the next Democrat Party narrative: "Kavanaugh the overprivileged belligerent party animal frat boy alcohoTp0dpxBsOm 2) We have demonstrated that the Ford story is not exactly believable. #ConfirmKavanaughNow
Oct 1, 2018 19 tweets 4 min read
1) New thread to start research around this video asking corruption researcher George Webb if he had an affair with Kavanaugh accuser & Avenatti client “Julie Sweatsocks.” Intimates that they may have teamed up in “brownstoning” (sexual blackmail) onpbM 2) If true, to me this would also imply a Mossad connection.
Sep 30, 2018 52 tweets 5 min read
1) The Baptist meets the rabbi.

It’s Bible study coffee time.
Sunday, September 30, 2018. 2) This is a story told to me.
Sep 30, 2018 37 tweets 12 min read
1) Reviewed the opening statement. Some questions and thoughts. 2) Source: Real Clear Politics realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/09/…
Sep 29, 2018 21 tweets 8 min read
Michael Savage: Nicholas Deak was Christine Blasey Ford’s grandfather.

But Nicholas Deak had one child, a son, R. Leslie Deak.

News tells us her dad is Ralph Blasey Jr. & mom is Paula.
nytimes.com/1984/12/10/bus…4Wwashingtonpost.com/local/christin…OSmichaelsavage.com/is-dr-ford-dee…WLWLt 2) Nicholas Deak’s son - CIA links:

“From 2006 to 2008, R. Leslie Deak worked as a ‘business consultant’ to this super-secretive security contractor [Patriot Defense Group, LLC - DB] with ties to the CIA and counterterrorism forces.”

Sep 29, 2018 12 tweets 3 min read
Thank you @Twitter for restoring my account!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone who spoke up for me!!!!!!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!! Let me find your handles @janestaller
Sep 29, 2018 48 tweets 10 min read
1) Nazi mind control tactics and the Hollywood-media-campus- DC machine: #BrettKavanaugh is 100% innocent.

It is up to the rest of us to save his life.

It’s coffee time.
September 29, 2018. 2) Let’s unravel this fantasy. Shall we?