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✅ VOTES NO on Kavanaugh
✅ Mainers for Accountable Leadership funds her future opponent

Pledge to help get Collins out of office in 2020 if she doesn’t stand with constituents;
Please RT 🖲…
Who says the GOP doesn’t care about women?

Chill the hysteria ladies!

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse (NE) is here to mansplain: Women’s Concerns About Losing Their Constitutional #ReproRights are just “HYSTERIA”…
The Grotesque Decency of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings
▪️Everything’s Fine
▪️Except Democrats who’ve descended into “mob rule”
▪️Democrats obstruct
▪️Stop squawking about documents
| Slate…
#HystericalDemocrats 👈🏼
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THREAD. It's not just #SCOTUS: With the help of @SenateMajLdr and @ChuckGrassley, Trump is trying to take over the entire federal bench. While we fight to #StopKavanaugh, here's what you should know this week about the lower courts and Trump's judicial takeover. #courtsmatter
This week, the Senate is set to vote on 5th Circuit nominee Andrew Oldham and 9th Circuit nominee Ryan Bounds – two more Trump judicial picks who are young, white, male, and extreme. It’s a disturbing pattern and a huge setback for judicial diversity in America. #courtsmatter
If these two conservative ideologues are approved by the GOP-led Senate, Trump will already have TWENTY-FOUR circuit court judges on the bench (just a year and a half after his inauguration). Trump is, disturbingly, 16+ months ahead of Obama’s pace on circuit court confirmations.
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Today marks the 150th anniversary of the 14th Amendment which was designed to give full citizenship to African Americans who had been formerly enslaved. #14thAmendment #CivilRights
The promise of full citizenship was meant to include the ability to participate equally in the political process. #CourtsMatter #VotingMatters #OTD
The 14th Amendment's relevance can't be overstated, especially in today's legal landscape. "We can only hope that, in the words of Frederick Douglass, it will continue to “give full freedom to every person without regard to race or color in the U.S.”…
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The President who will nominate this person is under a cloud. It would be tragic for the President to nominate someone and then for the Mueller investigation to reveal itself to implicate him. #SCOTUSnominee #CourtsMatter #WhatsAtStake
Every name on Trump’s SCOTUS shortlist passed Trump’s litmus test—Roe v. Wade. We cannot afford a justice who places partisan politics over people. We need a justice who has advocated for civil rights, not against them. #WhatsAtStake #SaveSCOTUS…
We have seen the extreme jurisprudence of Justice Gorsuch – who was President Trump’s first nominee for the Court. We can have no confidence that President Trump will present a nominee with a record of commitment to racial equality and…
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Since the #KennedyRetirement I've seen pessimism that Roe v Wade & the ACA are already lost. But we in #TheResistance aren't pundits.


WE won on the ACA repeal.
Senate margin➡NARROWER.
There's a path to victory—just need to march there.
Details in thread⤵
ICYMI, in a debate in 2016, then candidate 45 vowed that he would "put[] pro-life justices on the court," and that if he could place multiple justices on SCOTS, that Roe v Wade would be overturned "automatically."…
45 & SCOTUS may think that a woman’s right to choose is a close partisan decision, 5/4 with Kennedy as the deciding vote. But It’s not even close; only 18% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances—has stayed steady since Roe.…
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This should be obvious, but rumors about a woman sleeping her way to the top of the corporate ladder can constitute sexual harassment under federal law. #ThatsHarassment #MeToo
Malicious rumors questioning a woman’s professional expertise and upward mobility:
➡️ Damage her career
➡️ Subject her to sexual harassment
➡️ Discriminate against her based on sex
In fact, malicious rumors about an employee of 𝐚𝐧𝐲 gender getting promoted based on sexual conduct or favors is a form of sexual harassment. #ThatsHarassment #MeToo
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This important conversation between @Sifill_LDF and @AriMelber (who's filling in for @Maddow tonight) will begin in 15 minutes.

Make sure you tune in to @MSNBC to learn more about how the Trump Administration is reshaping the federal judiciary. #CourtsMatter
STARTING NOW! Turn your TV to @MSNBC to watch @Sifill_LDF break down the dangers of the Trump Administration appointing anti-civil rights judicial nominees like Wendy Vitter, Andrew Oldham, and Thomas Farr to lifetime seats on the federal bench. #CourtsMatter
On @Maddow, @Sifill_LDF begins by sounding the alarm on Trump's judicial nominees: "This is the most important legacy of this President or any President." #Maddow #CourtsMatter
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BREAKING: The Senate just confirmed extremist nominee Michael Brennan to a permanent seat on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on a party-line vote.1/
Brennan is the 1st judicial nom that @ChuckGrassley & @SenateMajLdr have pushed to confirm w/out a blue slip. They advanced Brennan's nomination over the strong objections of WI @SenatorBaldwin, breaking Senate tradition & setting a combative precedent.… 2/
Brennan holds alarming views on women's, LGBT, & civil rights that make him #UnfitToJudge in a lifetime appointment on one of the highest courts in the US. #CourtsMatter #TrumpJudges… 3/
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