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MoonBeam:a gift;I'm keeping it. Love cooking,people,home,books.Don't love GOP, bigotry,intolerance,blind faith in fairy tales,idjits #PeaceByPiece
Sep 24, 2018 5 tweets 5 min read
@carolandmocha @JohnnyBlkshrt @Jamsy69 Mine brutal rape was in 1974. I still flinch when my gentle, loving, supportive husband raises his arm -to scratch or grab something overhead. I still won’t deadbolt the door when I’m inside -that’s how he trapped me. I still have nightmares -screaming with no sound. @carolandmocha @JohnnyBlkshrt @Jamsy69 I was editor of our school paper and yearbook and I encouraged his poetry and art.
He was my best friend’s boyfriend and she knew he “liked” me.
She blamed me.
Why was I so nice to him?
He hanged himself a couple of years later but I’m sure he raped others.