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Long Tall Sydette Sea Wall & Rockaway Beach. CMIF Fellow @annenberglab. frmr @coralproject always words and hands my own she/her unblock fee is like me :1G
Oct 9, 2018 23 tweets 4 min read
So @thewayoftheid is a very good friend, I had a panic attack and I’m still off but , I feel the need to say this so I’m gonna . They are emboldened by Kavanauhg And this is why when folks talk about legal versus illegal or “choose another target” i am a marauding hell beast
Oct 9, 2018 18 tweets 2 min read
Know what imma say this once : if you think calling cops on sex workers is cute , or real ? Unfollow or block my ass right now . Because you’re not hateful to dumb ass is worse than the fed You really out here dry snitching claiming to be real , talking cash money shit when the internet hasn’t seen your face without a filter since Geocities ?
Oct 7, 2018 21 tweets 4 min read
Again and I’m gonna say it with EMPHASIS . be KIND. Because people are not running on large well springs of can right now . INCLUDING ME And there are people who are LEAPING and I mean pas de deux SWAN LAKE style , to say stuff and be seen saying stuff.
Sep 30, 2018 16 tweets 2 min read
I’m not blacking out. Fuck you. I don’t have to black out to be ignored. I’m black and a woman and not the right kind . I’m a specific kind of ignored anywho I’m mitigated by oodles of privilege and Yet the constant reminder I have is two things : I’m a frigging ELEMENTAL force and that’s a REQUIREMENT
Sep 26, 2018 18 tweets 3 min read
Hi. So women, let me be blunt : that feeling? Is FUCKING RAGE. It is incandescent fantastical earth shaking rage And hi , imma be an asshole but in love , folks like to talk about dark ness and magic and dark gods .. but we who are women. ALL of us are more often than not taught to not engage with
Sep 22, 2018 13 tweets 2 min read
So the spin being put on this is “oh families” and how terrible... but can we reframe this ? Can we talk about how many folks say “ oh I can’t check ______” because family and here 67 percent of this man’s siblings went on camera to say “ This ain’t it” And there are epistemological critiques to be made but these aren’t public people.there careers and personas aren’t knowledge or communication , but they recognized the had power... and then did something
Sep 9, 2018 15 tweets 2 min read
She was in actual tears. On calls every star who watches her sport was furious at in real time. And that’s what happens . Like I’m no great champion and people want blood . She “made them look bad”
Apr 5, 2018 14 tweets 2 min read
Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. Police shootings are gun violence. This is why “ mentally ill” isn’t enough for gun control. This is why we can’t agree . Because what that means for your life in certain places isn’t about other folks comfort it’s your survival
Feb 21, 2018 46 tweets 7 min read
Know what . I got thoughts and feelings and a lil time so I wan to play this one out for yall in public on real scale : This is n extension of what they already do , it's the long game of their language AND IMMIGRANTS HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU ALL FOR YEARS If you want to see someone damn near black out in rage about immigration who is in it or has skin in the game? Say "moral turpitude" and watch languages and accents FLY