They never call theft hearsay.

There’s no discussion of he-said/she-said in Circumstantial murder cases- they lock innocent people up a LOT.

But in the group of crimes where women are harmed? When someone SHOULD be jailed?
No justice, not even the pretense Ever. We come forward, we are attacked, then assumed guilty. Forever.

Even if there’s a conviction.
They lock people up, without proof, all the time. It supposedly being hard to prove certain crimes? Not the issue.
CW: non-graphic reference to slavery & sexual assault.

The issue is America only pretends to value survivors. Men or women. #metoo
CW: non-graphic reference to slavery & sexual assault.

Then they use the period of unlawful “miscegenation” to insinuate that every woman would always lie about rape.

Which is nonsense. #timesup
And yes, when black women protest the attitudes about rape in America, sometimes the response is “but that’s how you got here.”

How does that make it right?
I’m not say the women who lied about their affairs with black men were in any way correct, despite many fearing for their lives.

Nor that anyone descended from slaves should be ashamed of the violent routes in their ancestry.
That’s not any of our shame to bear.

And in the cultures many of us came from, children are never considered illegitimate nor shamed for what occurred before their birth.
What I’m saying is America’s history of slavery is in our laws, our culture, our policing, the criminal justice system.

The argument the country is engaged in is a less-obvious way that shows how, in part, the hidden racism issue is part of what holds progress back.
We deal with slavery, then we deal with how it and the aftermath affects everything.
We deal with race and we realize why admitting sexual assault is a believable, probable crime that very few women lie about.
We deal with the reason white women lied about affairs with black men no longer exists.

That there’s no revenge factor because you can’t prove it without evidence.

That the advantage to lying is non-existent.
Not that this isn’t already public knowledge. But there is knowing something and dealing with it.
It is far from a magic fix. But dealing with the past helps for other peoples of the world.

Why not us?
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Oct 6, 2018
In any era the theme isn't theain problem. Let's start with the word "breastaurant."
In a world where people need a job enough to have to use their bodies for leverage, #MeToo isn't the thing in the way.
It's basic respect for women as PEOPLE. Does this restaurant perpetuate rape culture? Probably. So do lots of places.

Can you have CLEARLY POSTED rules and security precautions to protect these women? Um yeah.
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Oct 6, 2018
Updating Twitter disability hashtag thread.

@AllisonR has educated me that I should use Sentence Case for #Accessibility. Graphic reads: # symbol followed by the word Hashtag in white lettering on a blue background.
I have #brainfog so I know I missed someone. Please add your favorite resources as a reply.
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Oct 2, 2018
Mayne I forgot the code mayne.

Too paranoid to unlock my phone with my face.
My mother's chain mail game is strong. I can't buy phones they open with my face cuz I might be beheaded.

I guess that's what I get for never forwarding these emails.
Also I never open the door for anyone because maybe they stole that uniform although how did they know when to come to my house Mom?
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Oct 2, 2018
Friends, Romans, Country ass folks? This week all #myspoons threads will be cross-postedto @WeAreDisabled.
It's a cool project you can learn more about at -a snapshot of @disabled people's lives & experiences, hosted for a week at a time by various disabled people.
I'm also going to be re-postimg some of my old cancer posts from
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Oct 1, 2018
I know I have real depression. I know this.

Damn if coffee doesn’t help me more than hurt. #myspoons
I wonder if getting out of the habit of drinking coffee was a daft choice as a #spoonie with multiple fatigue conditions.
Once my body let me get out of bed today, I figured, let me get coffee while I'm up. And wow.

It didn't fix everything (I’m definitely depressed and need a therapist) but damned if I'm not actually getting things done for the first time in 3 weeks.
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Sep 30, 2018
I like #Ifeelbad.

I hate the title. It's also accurate given the explanation.

I love the Indian 1st gen lead. I lover her being an older woman in text. I like the nerds.
Did her neighbor just ask her to agitate her compost? I'll fight you. #ifeelbad
I love how her husband wanted her to pick the restaurant, schedule the sitter etc. For the date where HE was going to spoil HER.

As a reward for putting her needs aside for his.

It’s really 1971. We’re just in hell. #ifeelbad #EmotionalLabor
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