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Updating Twitter disability hashtag thread.

@AllisonR has educated me that I should use Sentence Case for #Accessibility. Graphic reads: # symbol followed by the word Hashtag in white lettering on a blue background.
I have #brainfog so I know I missed someone. Please add your favorite resources as a reply.
Do you want to share your disability experience with others? Try these hashtags.

Amplifying stories

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On #myspoons today I want to talk about other people's expectations & ableism about your symptoms.
The ones that plague me the most are #fatigue & #chronicpain. I went from writing 1800 words an hour, up to 4x daily?
To falling asleep while writing a single tweet. & Still needing at least 5 minutes of rest after sometimes.
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Getting coffee when I was abled:
⭐️get up
⭐️go downstairs
⭐️5 minute job at most

I miss that sometimes. Like today. I've been trying to get a cup of coffee for an hour.
How does it take an hour? Let us ask #myspoons.

While I wait. Again. To have a minimal level of functionality in my body.
Getting coffee while in #chronic pain:

βœ… 2 dry runs before being able to sit up or stand in minimal pain
βœ… Rest periods for each action
βœ… Stop by the rest room like an idiot*
βœ… Rest from that.
βœ… Stairs
βœ…Rest from that

Almost an hour later? Too fucking late for coffee.
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A1. On a wing & a prayer. I have #fibro fog and #brainfog from cancer treatment.
I keep downloading apps and forgetting to use them. Or what I'm doing. Or what meds are called.

Yesterday while watching #GreysAnatomy I asked my niece what the doctor place is called.

The hospital. At least that's what I gathered from her giggle fit.
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Type foggy. So I'll tell you about #myspoons then it's off to bed with me.

Today #myspoons were supportive. I received support from others via Twitter.

We committed & shared stories. I only wish I had the energy to respond when the original poster began to vent.
If you ever become a #spoonie with #chronicpain, #fatigue or other conditions that cause you to become #housebound, you may find yourself searching for community, support, tips or other types of help.

The web can provide that.
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[fun #brainfog thread] So I'm walking down the hallway & forget my cane. I turn around muttering what a great idea it is to attempt stairs.
I hear my sister's phone ring in the next room thinking "how rude. Everyone knows the poor girl is studying." I hear "hello" & look down.
I AM THE ONE CALLING HER. Plus I can't remember what was so important. I laugh, apologize, hang up. & Sit down cuz WHY TF DID I COME BACK.
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