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Republican strategist on GOP plan for Kavanaugh: 'We need to ram this through as hard and fast as possible'…
Pun intended. 😷
GOP plows forward amid sexual misconduct allegations lodged at Brett Kavanaugh via @suntimes #DirtyOldMen #AmericanSociopath
Trump's Treatment of Women, Not Russia, Will Bring Him Down… #TimesUp
GOP senator: Kavanaugh's 'a good man' even if he tried to rape a girl… #AmericanSociopath #DirtyOldMen
Propane Jane discusses how Trump, Kavanaugh and the entire GOP are abusively anti-woman in theory *and* practice and why American women of all political stripes must join hands in solidarity to FIGHT BACK on Election Day 2018 🔥 via @RickSmithShow…
It often goes overlooked or flat out ignored, but this entire Trump presidency*/GOP reign of terror has been particularly traumatizing for women. The disrespect and disregard are palpable and unforgivable.
It’s not only the preponderance and willful elevation of sociopaths, but the vilification of their accusers and anyone who grants credence to their claims. It seeks to invalidate the lived experience of women. It’s repetitive abuse and retraumatization every single day. It’s 😷.
Everywhere we turn there’s an arrogant, dismissive White man trying to convince us that sexual assaults aren’t really assaults and hate crimes aren’t really hateful or crimes. At what point do we stop allowing serial abusers the privilege of defining what constitutes abuse?
This is blatant authoritarianism, patriarchy, apartheid and SOCIOPATHY. I know I sound like a broken record but honestly IDGAF because I simply cannot stress enough how completely pathological the Republican Party is or how shameful our society is for harboring this madness.
They claim to be morally superior and religiously anointed while they aid and abet all manner of sexual deviancy/physical violence, and I’m sick of the privileged double standard they’ve afforded themselves. They’re not bringing their best, they’re bringing rapists and racists.
Always be mindful of their projection because the White folk screaming bloody murder about alleged crimes committed by immigrants and people of color in general are the MAIN ones sanctioning the sociopathic culture of racist/sexist abuse in their OWN midst. Behold the hypocrisy.
This is a cultural, sociopolitical defect and at its root is the institution of White male supremacy. Feigned superiority renders these people completely incapable of finding or admitting fault within themselves or their culture as a whole, so instead they glorify the deplorable.
What I continue to find most disheartening and disappointing about all of this is the malignant Stockholm Syndrome exhibited by Republican women who likely endure the same misogyny/abuse from their men at home but still vote as they’re told for the “greater good” of those men.
Republicans have created a climate in which their hostages proudly identify with their captors and as such will tolerate all manner of pathology and dysfunction as long as White men remain at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy.
In other words, Edith tolerates Archie’s emotional abuse because he’s the head of the household/the breadwinner and her survival depends on the “security” he provides. She votes with him in futile hopes that getting the world he wants will make him easier to be around.
I wrote a thread about #BlackKkKlansman a few weeks ago and one thing I excluded was how poignant I thought the portrayal of the Klansmen’s wives was. It really captured the shared destiny of White male supremacy and how White women are integral in sheepishly fanning the flames.
You also cannot miss how Republican men are notorious for enlisting their women to fight their culture wars for them, not only in the streets but in the voting booth too. It’s a co-ed team effort and a solid half of them are fighting their own selves.
They may be women but at least they’re still White and entitled to the privilege that comes with it, so they vote against candidates like Wendy Davis and Hillary Clinton because they’re convinced their abusive alliance with White patriarchy will keep them safe from oppression.
Authoritarian, abusive people always have enablers and more often than not those enablers have either already been abused or will be eventually. Not only that, they’re also prone to offering other people up for sacrifice in hopes of saving their own hide from the same fate.
Bottom line is we need to get serious about holding these uncivilized men *and* women accountable for the abusive, sociopathic culture they’ve projected from their own homes onto our government & society at large. Deplorable is their choice, it doesn’t have to be our reality too.
Trump is incapable of expressing sympathy for victims of mass shootings/domestic terrorism or natural disasters but b/c he personally identifies with habitually being the accused abuser this type of self serving display comes naturally. #AmericanSociopath
Brett Kavanaugh is a blend of toxic male privilege and affluenza: A perfect fit for Donald Trump… #AmericanSociopath
Stop exploiting your own womanhood to serve other women up on a platter to the disgusting men in your party. Stop functioning as an accessory to misogyny and patriarchy, Susan.
Trump attacks woman accusing Kavanaugh of assault — like we all knew he would… #AmericanSociopath
Senator whines not getting Supreme Court job would ‘ruin' Kavanaugh's life…
Peak White male privilege.
When You Elect and Enable Dirty Old Men, You Should Expect an Endless Shit Show
'Good man' Kavanaugh now faces multiple accusations of sexual assault… #AmericanSociopath
GOP congressman: Sexual assault shouldn't keep you off Supreme Court…
Propane Jane discusses how the GOP doesn’t care if the means involve sending a sexual predator to the WH or SCOTUS as long as they achieve their desired ends of maintaining White patriarchy, oligarchy and theocracy via @RickSmithShow…
At this rate even his dutifully loyal wife could break up with him before the GOP frat ever does...😳😷
Seriously, ponder the wealthy White male privilege of Kavanaugh ascending through the judgeship ranks w/no scrutiny or disciplinary action and enjoying the benefits of family loyalty despite being a belligerent drunk and sexual predator throughout adolescence and young adulthood.
Simple question, has Kavanaugh ever received *any* degree of substance abuse or mental health treatment at any point in his life and if not, why the FUCK not?! 🤷🏾‍♀️
He clearly had a proclivity for excessive binge drinking (with physical aggression while drunk) and sexual deviancy at a young age and I still have yet to see any proof from him or the @GOP that he’s been clinically rehabilitated and/or reformed in any way.
Why is the @GOP intentionally withholding Kavanaugh’s judicial records and might they be conspiring to conceal longstanding concerns about not only sexual misconduct but also his sobriety and interpersonal behavior in general?
And NO, he “found Jesus and became an adult” isn’t a valid or acceptable response because there are plenty of adult people with checkered pasts who’ve found Jesus but also still know how to find the liquor store, a drug dealer and/or their next victim. Cut the bullshit.
How much does Brett Kavanaugh drink per day/week now and if he’s completely sober, how long has that been the case? How did he achieve sobriety? How many witnesses can corroborate his sobriety and total abstinence from sexually deviant behaviors and physical aggression?
It’s possible for me to believe that Kavanaugh routinely drank to the extent of blacking out and likely can’t recall his intoxicated aggressive behaviors and/or has drank so much over the course of his life that his memory is now complete shit. Neither of these imply safety.
The underlying theme in each of the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh is his alcohol use and state of extreme intoxication. If he nor the GOP can thoroughly explain his allegedly evolved relationship with alcohol in these hearings, it’s because he has yet to evolve.
Men like Brett Kavanaugh make it through life without suffering any consequences for their bad choices and behaviors, they’re groomed by a culture that excuses and normalizes their misdeeds across their entire life span. It makes change nearly impossible and enables dysfunction.
This is coupled with the fact that their mere status as wealthy White men/boys discourages the ppl they’ve harmed from holding them accountable. If Brett Kavanaugh were instead a drunk & disorderly poor Black male assaulting White HS girls he’d have already been jailed or killed.
In other words, the degree of wealthy White male privilege is so high that it deters the women they’ve assaulted from reporting them. The less privilege the abuser has, the easier it is for his accuser to be believed in the court of public opinion and the crime to be prosecuted.
Trump and Kavanaugh symbolize everything that privilege allows wealthy White men to get away with in America. They wouldn’t be where they are today if not for a toxic culture that intentionally refuses to set proper boundaries for them then shields them from consequences.
Case in point, this White woman’s insistence that groping women without consent is no big deal. Would she and her daughters feel the same if the groper in question was Black, Latino or Muslim?
Emmett Till was brutally beaten and executed in 1955 after being accused of whistling at a White woman. Whistling. Countless other Black men met similar fates for similar reasons, but notice the lengths they’re going to minimize/normalize the infractions of wealthy White men.
Trump came down that escalator fearmongering about Mexico sending rapists b/c the folklore of colored men coming for White women is a staple of right wing political propaganda. What they don’t want you to know is it’s 100% projection. They’re clearly coming for their own women.
Trump is a self-proclaimed sexual predator and he’s littered his administration with domestic abusers and fellow sexual predators. He’s the one who’s “bringing rapists” and he’s doing it b/c the people who voted for him are ok with abuse & rape as long as a White man is the perp.
They’re ok with underage drinking, drunken belligerence and “routine” sexual assaults at raucous keg parties because “White boy wasted” has become accepted in the American lexicon and life experience. It’s being dismissed as no big deal simply because of *who’s* doing it.
The normalization and acceptance of “White boy wasted” is how men like Kavanaugh never get meaningful, rehabilitative substance abuse/mental health treatment or face legal consequences for the type of heavy use that coincides with dangerous or criminal behaviors.
This is also how a man like Dr. Ronny Jackson maintained gainful employment despite a well documented history of on the job intoxication/unethical practices to the extent that he was nominated to lead Veterans Affairs and his drunken exam of Trump is still considered to be legit.
Bottom line is these men are dangerous because no one sets any limits for them and instead our society jumps through hoops to grant them status and responsibilities they’ve never proven themselves capable of holding with self control and without the abuse/exploitation of others.
Christine Blasey Ford describes how Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her, and it's devastating…
Peak narcissistic injury/rage of White male privilege...
GOP senator: Not sure I believe Christine Ford, but she's 'attractive'… Scumbag.
Amazing how Kavanaugh has told so many swiftly/easily debunked lies during these hearings but folk still have the nerve and gall to deem his testimony as equally (if not more) credible than Dr. Ford’s. Behold the undue White male privilege.
I continue to submit that not only is Kavanaugh not being honest about the sexual assault allegations against him, but also his lifelong abuse of and dependence on alcohol for not just party enhancement but to cope. None of the above imply safety or fitness to serve the public.
This isn’t just an issue of what Kavanaugh did 36 yrs ago, it’s about how many of those behaviors from his youth (sexual predation, physical/verbal aggression, substance abuse) have been present across his lifetime & may STILL reflect who he is and how he makes decisions today.
They still have yet to provide any evidence of Kavanaugh’s purported evolution from drunken, belligerent, sexually deviant frat boy to someone who’s fit to serve as judge in any jurisdiction, let alone SCOTUS. Kavanaugh’s angry/arrogant testimony revealed that he hasn’t evolved.
The @GOP has been totally opaque in regards to Kavanaugh’s judicial records, if he was as stellar and upstanding as they claim him to be they wouldn’t have to conceal so many thousands of pages. More than likely he’s been that same belligerent/aggressive frat boy on the bench.
Kavanaugh Was Questioned by Police After Bar Fight in 1985
Friend who said Kavanaugh wasn’t aggressive when drunk was arrested in bar fight Kavanaugh allegedly started:… via @slate
Text messages reveal Kavanaugh effort to refute sexual misconduct allegation before it went public… #AmericanSociopath
Propane Jane discusses the angry entitlement and privilege of Brett Kavanaugh and how the GOP doesn’t have the insight, ego strength or common decency to admit this nomination was a disastrous mistake via @RickSmithShow…
Trump viciously mocks assault victim even GOP admits is credible… #AmericanSociopath #AbuserInChief
62% of White male voters chose con artist, crook, sexual predator Donald Trump in 2016. Roughly 60% of White males still approve of Trump’s job performance. They love him because he’s a sociopath, not in spite of it. Fix White “masculinity”, it’s BROKEN.
For all the fearmongering about the “identity politics” of marginalized groups, American political observers routinely fail to acknowledge the dangerous mob mentality of White male privilege or how the GOP’s always thrived on the camaraderie & debauchery of White male supremacy.
In Trump, Kavanaugh and the Congressional GOP, the ~60% of White men who routinely vote GOP see heroes and martyrs. They identify with their aggrieved arrogance, ignorance and entitlement. They vote to enable, elevate and absolve themselves.
No one else matters to them.
What we are witnessing is White men talking only to themselves and assuring each other that all the shit they’ve always gotten away with is still ok to do to women and people of color, no matter what #MeToo or #BlackLivesMatter have been screaming for the last few years.
They justify putting immigrant families in concentration camp cages by calling Mexicans rapists, while simultaneously nominating and electing White sexual predators to the highest offices in the land. They vote to sanction their oppression and hypocrisy.
With Kavanaugh confirmation, GOP officially becomes the party of rape… via @RVAwonk

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Oct 9, 2018
I don’t begrudge their secrecy either, but how exactly are the ~60% of White men who vote GOP ever going to evolve away from misogyny if not even the women in their lives feel safe enough to speak their minds? This is the American Taliban.
No one is explicitly addressing the narcissism and sociopathy of *mainstream* White American male culture from within its ranks. It’s literally shooting up the public square, desecrating the US government, waging endless war abroad/at home and killing the planet with IMPUNITY.
It’s already painfully clear they won’t listen to the marginalized groups they’re oppressing, but the fact that there’s literally been no appreciable impact of White on White peer pressure on the WM majority for so long in this country should be cause for much greater concern.
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Oct 8, 2018
How are they possible Democratic voters if a) they don’t know or care what the party stands for b) they can’t be bothered to listen to or be intersectional with the marginalized groups that ARE the Democratic base c) they can’t tolerate confrontation of White male supremacy? 🤷🏾‍♀️
Listen Bros, I understand that you haven’t had a party to proudly call your own since GWB irreparably destroyed the GOP in the 2000s. I’ve documented it at length. None of this means you get to commandeer a coalition you don’t even actually support.
Rather than work internally to change the GOP or establish a viable 3rd party for Bros who are aware enough to be embarrassed by the GOP, they seek to meet their ends on the backs of the women, POC and LGBTQ who anchor the Democratic Party. HELL NO, Bro.
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Oct 8, 2018
Respectfully, what you also aren’t getting is that the White privileged psyche of MAGAts, Klansmen, Nazis and other GOP isn’t unique to them or completely absent from the folk on the Left who routinely thwart Democratic objectives out of spite for women and POC. Slash that.
@philip_md1 I don’t make exceptions for racist/misogynist fuckery on the left. If these people want to actually join the Democratic Party, they need to listen for once in their lives and learn how to be RELIABLE allies to the base of the party. If not, they can GTFOH.
@philip_md1 You really need to take the time to read MLK’s Letter from Birmingham jail because if you still don’t see how White “moderates” are equally responsible for this disaster, you’re aiding and abetting it.
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Oct 4, 2018
LOL if I’m honest I’d say I’m struggling to even figure out which one you’re referencing because aren’t they all?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤪 Either way you’re guaranteed to find it on a) my wakelet page (link in bio) or b) my Moments tab #onhere.
@noralove It’s gonna irk me until I figure it out though 😂 is it this one?
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Sep 28, 2018
Seriously though, where is Mark Judge? WTAF?!
I thought it was so disingenuous how Kavanaugh cited Mark Judge’s substance addiction as a reason why he shouldn’t be brought into this as if their mutual relationship with beer isn’t at the heart of this controversy.
Not only that but it’s also highly plausible that the sheer stress of keeping his and Kavanaugh’s dirty secrets concealed over the last few months triggered a relapse or exacerbation of Judge’s addiction.
Read 13 tweets
Sep 24, 2018
I love how people keep declaring a constitutional crisis every day as if we haven’t already been in one perpetually since 1/20/17. 🙃
Who would’ve guessed that the illegitimately installed sociopath would behave like an illegitimately installed sociopath every fucking chance he gets?! Who would’ve guessed that his Republican enablers would actually use the rubber stamp they nominated?
Every Congressional Republican who’s up for re-election in November should be VOTED OUT simply on the grounds that they’ve aided and abetted Trump’s illegitimate and illegal occupation of the White House for going on 2 years. Mueller shouldn’t have to be doing their job for them.
Read 6 tweets

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