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Aug 13, 2018, 9 tweets

'Trump Derangement Syndrome has no natural stopping point...'

By @Sultanknish (full text, links) ⤵️

One grandiose act of vandalism is soon exceeded by another.

The true resistance is in topping all previous acts of resistance.


#AbolishICE? Nah.

Abolish the presidency.


Well that escalated quickly.

But if you guys abolish the presidency, how are you going to unilaterally nationalize health care, open the borders and claim control over all the water in the country in the name of the EPA?


This is what happens when you base your article on a 60 second browse of the Wikipedia article on impeachment.


Lincoln was called worse things.


Oddly lefties don't decide that the presidency needs abolishing when they control it.


What's next, calling for the abolition of Congress, voting and all life on earth?

Now that would really stop Trump.

~ End ~

By Daniel Greenfield @Sultanknish via @fpmag

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