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Aug 18, 2018, 5 tweets

For 15 years I ran a small no-kill cat shelter co-founded by me and three friends.
We rescued, rehabbed and placed more than 800 cats and kittens in that time.

I rescued this cat--a kitten abandoned after Christmas--in a blizzard. She lost an ear to frostbite.

We closed the shelter 2rs ago after my paralysis, but maintain the feral colony & house the remaining cats who were unadoptable due to behavior or health problems.

Please spay/neuter your pets. If you can no longer care for them, relinquish them to a shelter.

Abandoning pets makes those animals targets.
I've rescued cats covered in cigarette burns and other wounds. I rescued a kitten kids had swung by her leg and thrown. The leg needed amputation. One cat turned up in my yard shot by a BB gun. #CleartheShelters

Pets are a commitment. They require check ups, a good diet, companionship. Dogs require daily exercise.

Don't adopt out of obligation but out of a well-considered plan to add an animal to your family for at least a decade.

Animals give us so much.
💓 🐱🐶🐹🐰

No one can ever love you like a companion animal.

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