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Aug 21, 2018, 9 tweets

(1) If you've never heard of Darren Beattie, former WH speechwriter, join the club.

My thread about him, for fellow #MAGA supporters:

(2) Beattie was apparently asked to resign a few days ago because it's not clear to the public whether he has ever expressed publicly the kind of views on race that the Left constantly tries to ascribe to the President and all of his supporters.…

(3) It's very unfortunate that we're not able to read a transcript of the speech in question or watch a video of it. There's a less in this for anyone who gives public speeches. Record it, for your own protection.

(4) Beattie's statement in full. IMO, it's a good statement, & resigning was a good decision.

ONLY because we have no way of listening to or reading the speech to test his claim.

I know it sucks, but I don't make the rules. I just try to hold myself and others to them.

(5) I tend to dislike it when people say they don't support the idea of political parties, because I believe in #PrincipledRealism. IMO, American voters who understand the existential threat that socialism presents, have no choice but to join forces and work within the GOP.

(6) Assuming the claims made in this paragraph are true, then this club's conference is not something I would ever associate myself with, and I sure the President is the same.

An astute prospective WH staffer would have disclosed the association before being hired.

(7) I agree with this statement.

(8) I agree with this, except IMO the Ds focus on illegal aliens, not actual immigrants. By that I mean people who use the existing path to citizenship, by applying for it.

The last sentence suggests to me that Beattie is a closet socialist. Many Trump voters are. That's OK.

(9) Which brings me to this point. My sensei @Debradelai always says (words to this effect) that if you scratch a Richard Spencer type figure, you'll find a revolutionary Communist.

Democrats have it all backwards.

#WalkAway #DefyHistory #MAGA


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