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Aug 25, 2018, 7 tweets

I have a little #Caturday/#ClearTheShelters story for you that I hope you'll share.

The Wife just brought our newest family members home.

Maggie (black) and Iris (Siamese). Two beautiful, elderly cats.

Here they are in their former home.

Iris is 14. Maggie is 12. Their original person was forced to enter a nursing home last week.

She has dementia and it was no longer safe for her or the cats for her to live alone.

It's a very sad story.

Not only has she had to leave her home, but also her cat friends of well over a decade. So sad.

All involved have been traumatized.

As you know, we previously had a small no kill shelter. A friend asked if we could place these elderly cats.


We knew that wasn't possible. The Wife and I discussed it. She decided we'd take them in, as they wouldn't have much chance in a shelter and they would be separated.

We definitely didn't want more cats. But it's not their fault their mom is ill.

People have to make arrangements for their companion animals should they become ill/incapacitated/die. No one wants to, but you have to do it.

Have that plan ready if you live alone, no matter your age since bad things can happen suddenly.

Iris & Maggie will be living in the guest room. They arrived an hour ago & are currently under my grandmother's bed, according to The Wife. It will likely take them several days to adjust. It's a slow and difficult process and I feel bad for them.

So if you are looking to adopt, think about adopting an adult cat and a kitten if you really want a kitten. They will be companions for each other and you. Adult cats are most likely to be euthanized.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

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