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Aug 26, 2018, 50 tweets

Sometimes it’s helpful to get perspective by looking at what the other side is doing. So, we’re going to take a foray into the dark side. We’re going to look at two hashtags: #killTrump and #assassinateTrump. You’ll notice something interesting about these hashtags.

They don’t show up automatically as you’re typing them in, like normal hashtags do. However, they’re both there and both active. #killTrump has been around since 2011!. #assassinateTrump has been around since 2015. All the screenshots I will post are from active accounts.

Neither the accounts nor the hashtags have been removed from Twitter. Many conservatives are familiar with Twitter’s rules, because they keep bumping into them. Account deletions and account suspensions are common for conservatives. Twitter’s rules are quite clear.… “You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people.” So, you would THINK that anyone using these hashtags would at least be suspended & the hashtags would be blocked.

You would be wrong. There’s can’t possibly be a more clear example of Twitter’s selective enforcement than this. Numerous conservatives have complained to Twitter and reported the accounts to the @SecretService, yet it’s continued for SEVEN years. Clearly Twitter doesn’t care.

Their rules are written to be enforced selectively, when they choose to, and they choose to enforce them only against conservatives. There’s even a hashtag, #VerifiedHate (which also doesn’t autofill) that exposes blue check accounts that spew hatred and nothing is done.

So, without further ado, what follows is screenshots of active accounts and active tweets as of this date and time on Twitter. @jack and @TwitterSupport don’t care. This is basically their middle finger to conservatives.

Clearly Twitter sees nothing wrong with this, or these tweets wouldn’t still be there. Thousands of complaints from conservatives have been ignored. @TwitterSupport hasn’t even responded to mine. But perhaps, when Congress takes up this issue, they might ask @jack about it.

So, @realDonaldTrump, @SenTedCruz, @RandPaul, @GrassleyPress, @SecretService, @TheJusticeDept please use this thread as evidence when you question @jack. Ask him why these clear violations of his rules are ignored. That seems like the least you could do.

When @jack comes before your committee, you need ask him about everything that I wrote in this thread.

Read the thread. I explained it clearly.…

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