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Aug 26, 2018, 15 tweets

Research shows that making a pledge to vote ensures actual voting. Have you made the pledge yet? Did you know @Slate credits using a pledge to vote as @BarackObama's secrete to a successful voter turnout?

Make the pledge today.... (click below)!

🌊Action 1: Please vote in your state’s primaries. It matters.

🔍Read about why it matters: 👇👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿


🗳️ This week's primaries:

August 28th (Tuesday)!
Arizona (early voting is open)!
Primary runoffs in some OK districts: Check here:

🗳️ Primaries Next Week:
September 4th (Tuesday)!

September 6th (Thursday)!


🌊Action 2: Encourage your elected officials to hold town hall meetings.

📱Call: Your one House rep and two senators.
🔍Look them up here: contactingcongress.org

📜Script: Hi. I’m a constituent from [ZIP]. Can you tell me when [name] is holding town hall meetings...


📜Script (cont)... in my area during the September 17-24 recess?
— If no meetings are planned: It’s important for citizens to meet face-to-face with people who want our votes in November. Can you let me know when s/he plans to meet with his/her constituents?....


📜Script (cont)...
— If meetings planned: Thank you—I plan to be there.
Once you have a date and time for the town hall, please share it with your friends, neighbors, family, community, etc. Remember participation is everything in a democracy!


🌊Action 3: Protect the integrity of our vote.

🔍Learn how paid foreign “trolls” make us lose faith in democracy—and what to do about it.

📽️Watch this 3-minute video.

🎁Bonus: Share the video with your followers on Facebook and Twitter:


🌊Action 5: Schedule a date with the voting booth.😉

✍🏿Write: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 into your calendar.


(Have you taken the @AoCChecklist Midterm Pledge? HINT! HINT!)


🌊Action 6: Advocate for preparing kids to recognize online misinformation.

✍🏼Write: Your local school board.

📜Script: Copy/paste this letter:

Dear Board of Education,

In the age of disinformation, finding trustworthy experts and reliable sources...


📜Script (cont): ...is more challenging than ever. It is also a skill our students need in order to function in today’s world. According to the National Association for Media Literacy, our country needs people who “can analyze and evaluate texts for credibility,...


📜Script (cont): ... point of view, values, varying interpretation, and the context in which they are made.”
I’m sure this issue is already on the minds of our educators. That’s why I am writing to request and encourage the Board of Education to assess...


📜Script (cont): ...current curricular offerings and strengthen the district’s media literacy. The Center for Media Literacy’s report on best practices (medialit.org/cml-framework) provides helpful guidance.
Thank you for all the work you do to ensure our students ...


📜Script (cont): .. are prepared to engage in our complex world.


🖨️Link to a printable version:


As always, these great actions and scripts are brought to us by @inspiredjen and the lovely voluteers at @AoCChecklist!

A big bow to say thank you to them for keeping us on track and focused on making that #BlueWave2018 a reality.

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