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Aug 27, 2018, 47 tweets

I don't know of anyone who has been asked not to attend a funeral.

In only 6 mths, Trump has been asked not to attend 2 funerals.

This is unprecedented.

Republican voters & white "Evangelical Christians" really outdid themselves with this amoral, sexual predator & traitor

Christianity Today: Trump humiliates & demeans the vulnerable. The "embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool."

Trump publicly describing the "benefits" of sex w a troubled teen.

This public behavior IS rape culture.

Trump is unfit in every way.

By the time the following video had been shot, Trump had been accused by Ivanka's mother of a brutal rape & of sexually assaulting another woman.

Trump agrees that he's a sexual predator. @IvankaTrump response? Inappropriate giggling.

Ivanka Trump ...

1st time Trump ever saw her Trump said, "Who the hell is that?"

She was 12 years old.

Later, Melania brought 57 yr old Trump the sex tape of friends' then 22 yr old daughter.

Who does that?

Who stays in a conversation like this?


Prior to payoff, while under oath, the mother of Trump's 3 oldest children testified that Trump brutally raped her & pulled out her hair.

Why? Trump's plastic surgery hurt.

Book excerpt:

Trump formal response through attorney & fixer @MichaelCohen212

"You can't rape your wife."…

What do you & your daughter Ivanka have in common?

Trump's Answer: Sex

Let's focus on men in positions of power.

Today, Trump is in the White House.

Listen: Trump openly brags about getting away with going backstage for the purpose of leering at naked girls in his pageants.

Some of these girls were as young as 15

1992 Trump, then 46 years old, spies a few 10 year old girls riding the escalator at Trump Tower. Trump's 1st thought is sexual, "I'll date you in 10 yrs." Men, this is NOT a normal thought process when you see little children. This is a pattern w Trump

On Trump's wedding day he bragged "vagina is expensive."


Watch Trump near 70, brag about hiring a 17 yr old because she was "hot" & had no experience for the job.

Picking up women the Donald Trump way: "move forward even if you get smacked"

For men like Trump consent, mutual relationships, respect ...

It's all about taking, scamming, stealing, manipulating an object he wants

For sick men like Trump females serve 1 purpose, even baby & adult daughters.

Women & girls are just objects

Trump thinks women are objects.

Trump can do anything - grab 'em by the pussy, move on married women like a bitch.

Trump admitting that he doesn't treat women with respect

Trump's "secret" Russian sex life from Stern in 2001.

Trump "bangs Russian people ... He used to call me when I was a columnist and say 'I was just in Russia. The girls have no morals. You gotta get out there.' "

Watch Trump's left hand.

Trump says "hot women are my alcoholism"

This is a first time meeting, in front of a crowd of people. Can you imagine being alone with Trump?

Still photo next tweet.

This is what Trump does to women on first meeting with a room full of people watching

Trump humiliates women who don't "obey."

Why did Trump single her out & say he planned to lie about her for revenge?

She didn't want to introduce Trump.


Trump's interaction with Melania ... on stage.

Again, if Trump behaves like this in front of a room packed with people, can you imagine how he behaves in private?

Fox News reminds Trump supporters of Trump's history of publicly denigrating women

This article names 27 Women Who Have Accused Trump of Sexual Misconduct…

When has Trump been accused of rape or attempted rape? Allegations include a child, his wife and a business associate…

Physically Attacked by Donald Trump - a PEOPLE Writer's Own Harrowing Story… via @people

Trump was paying off Stormy Daniels in 2016 about the time that the child rape lawsuit against Trump & Epstein was voluntarily dismissed in early November 2016.

Here are the underlying eye witness pleadings on file in NY federal court against Trump.…

The NY federal district court child sex rape lawsuit against Trump was voluntarily dismissed on Nov 4, 2016.

Cohen, wired the money to a lawyer for Stormy Daniels from an account at First Republic Bank . The money was received by Stromy on Oct. 27, 2016.

Busy time for Trump

Let's face it America ... when it comes to children, Trump has a screw loose. No wonder his orders resulted in children living in cages.

Trump even makes disgusting jokes about dating children — a lot

Trump is a menace to our children.

Please VOTE!

The allegations against Trump, a known sexual predator, are not new. Look at this headline from his own buddies at the National Enquirer. Even friends couldn't keep this story from October of 1996 under wraps for Trump: TRUMP SEX ATTACK SCANDAL.

Allegations of sexual assault by Trump are documented back to 1996 & when he started making allegations go away

16 of the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault w/ descriptions match what you've personally seen from Trump

A former doorman at one of Trump's buildings said in a statement that he wasn't allowed to criticize a former housekeeper at the property because she had a child with Trump

Trump's buddies at the National Enquirer paid the doorman $30K to zip it…

Trump is "not right"

Watch & listen:

If you think your wife's bowel movements are for public discussion, sexual exploitation of children is humorous; if you are a sexual predator; if you have ever used your position of power for sexual manipulation; if you degrade women. Trump is your man.

Eye witness sworn declaration of an Epstein employee

This declaration states that the witness saw Trump rape a 13 year old. The declaration is on file as part of the pleadings on file in NY Federal Court against Trump.

Case was voluntarily dismissed

Trump was on the witness list for civil case involving billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Evidence shows that at least 1 former employee at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago was recruited by an associate of Epstein to become involved in the child sex crimes…

This is a dirty rotten gutter rat act on the part of Trump, Pecker and the National Enquirer.

The nerve of that monster!

Trump and Pecker ... falsely accused Hillary Clinton of the exact crimes they were committing together.

Un f'ing believable scum

October 31, 2016 cover of the National Enquirer featuring Hillary Clinton destroying Bill's sex victims, bribing reporters to bury the truth & paying hush money to hookers

8/ 6/16 Trump's sex partner Karen McDougal was paid

10/27/16 Trump's sex partner Stormy Daniels was paid

3 days after Trump paid off a sex worker, Trump & his filthy Pecker filled ever United States quick stop and grocery store checkout w a publication claiming on the cover that Hillary Clinton was the one paying off reporters and sex partners with hush money!

That's outrageous!

Look-back at National Enquirer election stories.

Trump, David Pecker & the National Enquirer projected all of Trump's crimes on to Hillary Clinton in Nov 2016.

Hush-money to sex partners & reporters, corrupt, racist, criminal

Like a Trump confession

What if the public knew these facts before we voted?

8/ 6/16 Trump's sex partner Karen McDougal was paid

10/9/16 Trump's circus before a debate w Bill Clinton's accusers from the 1990s

10/27/16 Trump's sex partner Stormy Daniels was paid

35,000 votes

If Brett Kavanaugh gets on the #SCOTUS, he will work to:

- Roll back reproductive health care rights
- Repeal #ACA
- Overturn Roe v. Wade & access to safe, legal abortions

End your #WomensEqualityDay with this question.

Hasn't Trump has done enough damage to women?

This 2016 Christianity Today editorial about Trump has proven true

" . . . he takes every opportunity to humiliate & demean the vulnerable. He shows no curiosity or capacity to learn. He is, in short, the very embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool."

Watching the vindictive Trump using the American flag to strike out at Senator McCain ... let's re-visit that story of Trump having prostitutes urinate on the bed President Obama slept in.

Not much daylight between these stories

100% consistent w Trump

Comey says Trump kept asking him about the "pee tape"

Think about it ... if it isn't true, why did Trump keep talking about it?

Trump's "secret" Russian sex life from Stern in 2001.

Trump "bangs Russian people ... He used to call me when I was a columnist and say 'I was just in Russia. The girls have no morals. You gotta get out there.' "

If AJ Benzi knew, Putin knew, Trump's weakness for Russian hookers.

After a meeting before the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013, a Russian offered to "send 5 women" to Trump's hotel room in Moscow, Keith Schiller Trump's longtime bodyguard told Congress…

Then to humiliate the likely 1st female POTUS. Trump used his dirty filthy abuse of women, his history of being a sexual predator to turn it all on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton isn't guilty of anything except loyalty and being faithful to her marriage vows. We just watch

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