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I don't know of anyone who has been asked not to attend a funeral.

In only 6 mths, Trump has been asked not to attend 2 funerals.

This is unprecedented.

Republican voters & white "Evangelical Christians" really outdid themselves with this amoral, sexual predator & traitor
Christianity Today: Trump humiliates & demeans the vulnerable. The "embodiment of what the Bible calls a fool."

Trump publicly describing the "benefits" of sex w a troubled teen.

This public behavior IS rape culture.

Trump is unfit in every way.

By the time the following video had been shot, Trump had been accused by Ivanka's mother of a brutal rape & of sexually assaulting another woman.

Trump agrees that he's a sexual predator. @IvankaTrump response? Inappropriate giggling.

Ivanka Trump ...

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📌In death, Sen. John McCain is about to exact revenge on Trump

📌#GamerGate > #4Chan > Alt R > #QAnon > #Twitchy > (etc) = #TrumpRussia

📌#Religion and #MoneyWashing... Not so strange bedfellows.

In death, John McCain shows a virtuous alternative to Trump

PBO, who beat Mr McCain to the WH in 2008, said they shared a "fidelity to something higher".

GWB described him as "a patriot of the highest order".

Condolences pour in after the death of John McCain

John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in DC and Az

The death of Sen. John McCain marks the passing of a man, an American patriot & a politician whose record of service to country will always be his defining attribute.

We must ensure his legacy of bi-partisanship & patriotism endures into the future.
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Every field out there, women are more than capable to take on any task.
I can attest to how much sexism exists in the music industry til this day.
When I interviewed for years to intern as a music engineer I wasn't consider for my brain/skills but for my looks.
Felt icky, not taken seriously
Left almost every interview knowing what they wanted in return
Never gave in, never went back
This was when I was 19-25
Rather than being applauded for my accomplishments at young age, being 1 of a handful of women who knew pro-tools in the late 90s
I felt like how dare I try to be a part of a predominantly Male industry.
I'm sure is not as bad as then nowadays but I'm pretty sure it hasn't improved much either.

Women like me, aspiring to break barriers & molds, be pioneers of the industry, shouldn't have to be scared off.
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I’m a runner. Mollie Tibbett’s story terrifies me.

Running is such an integral part of me: it’s my passion, it’s empowering & a Huge part of my self care these days
The fact that it’s being politicized loses the lesson: it’s NOT who murdered her, it’s the WHY.
Although men empathize, they’ll never know the ways women/victims must think to protect themselves:

🔹Empty parking lots & elevators after hours
🔹At some places of employment, we need after hour escorts to our cars or the bus
🔹It’s a big reason why we use restrooms in packs
Some safety tips I’ve had to adopt to go on a simple run:

🔹I Never run in the same place from one week to the next, or the same time of day– I mix it up
🔹I Never wear my long hair in a ponytail - too easy to grab
🔹My dog comes with me on all runs– so dogs must be allowed
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Women candidates face rape and death threats, being intimidated at meetings, being followed and stalked.

#DNC doesn't track these threats women candidates are experiencing (why not?).…
The level and layers of harassment are intended to force women out of running for office by men who don't want the challenge from female candidates. Some women feel terrorized by the harassment.
Kim Weaver ran against notorious #whitenationalist @SteveKingIA. The Daily Stormer ran an article about her. The harassment got so frightening, that she dropped out of the race. King claimed she made up the attacks. (I talked to her at the time. She didn't.)

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Today is #WomensEqualityDay.

Male politicians speak of the working class and economic justice as if it is of and for men.

In the US, the working class and working poor are overwhelmingly women.

I wrote about the breadth of what this means here.
Some details from my investigative piece on women as the working class include:
▪most minimum wage workers are women

▪women still make considerably less than men
¤Asian women 87c
¤White women 79c
¤Black women 63c
¤Native American women 57c
¤Latina women 54c
If women don't have economic justice, they cannot move forward. If women don't have access to the same spaces and positions and jobs and clubs and....power, we will always be behind.

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