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Sep 3, 2018, 18 tweets

#WomeninSTEM get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments.

@shrewshrew and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time.



We will post one Reply Guy a day, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Starting with a very nice fella, full of helpful advice, with one big problem:

Reply Guy #1. THE LIFE COACH

People who get annoying replies can tag the dude with the appropriate Reply Guy from this thread, and save themselves a pointless debate. That’s the idea anyway.

And some guys seem to take it to heart when you point out that they’re being a cliché.

#MeTooSTEM #MeTooPhD

If you like this #9ReplyGuys thread, follow my 50-50 partner in this project, the amazing @shrewshrew.

Plus STEMinist teachers/heroes @McLNeuro @NeedhiBhalla @gbaucom @GeoEdResearch @tishabohr @docfreeride @MeTooSTEM etc. & the #STEMTrollAlert boys

introducing Reply Guy #2: THE TONE POLICE

Whatever issues you are discussing, he knows that your attitude is the real problem here! #civility



What’s the big deal anyway?

#9ReplyGuys #gaslighting [tagging my co-author @shrewshrew]


He’s such a nice guy.

(He might actually be a nice guy, which makes it hard to call this out. So here’s a tweet to help.)

[tagging co-author @shrewshrew]

Reply Guy #5: HIMPATHY
(coined by @kate_manne)

He's worried that with all this talk about #MeToo we're losing sight of the real victims: him and his friends.

#9ReplyGuys #himpathy #dudeprocess

[tagging my co-author @shrewshrew]

Reply guys don’t take the weekend off, so neither do we!

Reply Guy #6: SEA LION

Hey, he’s just asking questions.

#9ReplyGuys #sealioning

[tagging my co-author @shrewshrew]

Here's an earlier tweet about the origins of the term #sealioning.
Reply guys: please don't @ me about how the term is offensive because the fictional woman in the comic strip is prejudiced against aquatic mammals. [This really happened.] #irrelevant


The internet is about sharing information, whether you want it or not.

#9ReplyGuys #mansplaining

🚨 Some of you are following me but not my co-author @shrewshrew, and I’m telling you, it’s a mistake

ICYMI, here is possibly the greatest moment in #mansplaining history. This dude takes @kimgoodwin’s flowchart for mansplainers (without attribution) and tries to mansplain it. It didn’t go well for him.

Reply Guy #8 will have to wait until tomorrow - apologies for falling behind schedule!

To all the bros on here worried that women aren’t being sufficiently criticized on this thread, I’m only gonna say this once, you men’s-rights loving, #himpathy-riddled babymen, so please refer to this tweet:

Reply Guy #8: THE PRESTIGE

Your career is a mere speedbump on a great man’s road to even greater greatness.

#9ReplyGuys [tagging my co-author @shrewshrew]


Last, and certainly least: the category reply guys go to when they stop trying to hide it.

#9ReplyGuys will return! Thanks from @shrewshrew & me ❤️

P.S. Carolinas, stay safe! If you can't evacuate text SHELTER & your zip code to 43362.

To all the guys who are frustrated & upset about our advice “Stop replying, start listening”:
Please read this thread, which nicely illustrates the value of Shutting Up and Listening.

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