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1) This is my #Qanon thread for September 4, 2018

Q posts with research tools can be found here:

Android apps:

My Theme: Alice And Wonderland

2) This thread is about the odd signatures used by #Qanon and how, over time, they become proofs of insider knowledge.

3) If you've followed Q's posts you may have seen some of the more common "signatures," #Qanon uses—usually the titles of films or books.

Iron Eagle
Hunt for Red October (more recently simply: "Red October"
Godfather III
Snow White
Alice & Wonderland

4) There's one #Qanon signature many people have missed.
It's only been mentioned a few times.

It's another film: Speed.

5) This thread is about the #Qanon signature: Alice & Wonderland.

Note: It is not Alice IN Wonderland.

It's Alice AND Wonderland.

6) There are 26 #Qanon posts that mention Alice.
21 mention Alice & Wonderland.
Nearly all of them were posted between November 2nd and November 4th, 2017.

Unlike most Q signatures, This one was decoded in just a few days.

7) I believe #Qanon wanted the anons to work on decoding this particular signature because they would need to decode many others and this one was their training exercise.

8) I'm not going to go through all the posts that mention Alice & Wonderland. We'll look at the ones that are the most important. but you might want to look at them yourself. It's easy to do since they're clustered together and easy to find.

9) On November 2, 2017, #Qanon dropped the first post with the signature Alice & Wonderland.

Q asked about false flag terrorist attacks, Obama's inability to eradicate ISIS in 8 years and Trump's success in dealing with them in just one year.

10) Another #Qanon post with the signature Alice & Wonderland had to do with:
How North Korea and Iran obtained uranium
Cash sent during the Iran deal
Who benefits from war
Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett

11) This post by #Qanon narrows the list of subjects Alice & Wonderland might refer to.

Although many politicians have non-profit foundations, at the time of this post, the Clinton Foundation was under investigation for corruption and money laundering (and still is today).

12) This #Qanon post on November 2nd is about Senator McCain's criticism of Michelle Bachman for exposing the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of our government.

Q asked: Who made an undisclosed trip to Saudi Arabia?
Why a face-to-face meeting [f2f] instead of a phone call?

13) A few days earlier, it was reported that Jared Kushner made an undisclosed trip to Saudi Arabia.

14) It doesn't have the signature we're looking for but on the same day, November 2nd, #Qanon posted an article about Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hillary Clinton's efforts to minimize those connections.

15) This post from later that day mentions Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia.

It's signed Alice & Wonderland.

#Qanon asked the anons to analyze the posts so far and try to make some connection and perhaps speculate about what Alice & Wonderland refers to.

16) At this point, the two most likely suspects to be considered as a decode for Alice & Wonderland seem to be Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia.

17) In this post, #Qanon said less than 10 people have the full picture and of those people, only three are non-military.
They never divulge secrets.

~ Alice & Wonderland

18) The very first post by #Qanon has had people scratching their heads.
It was a prediction that Hillary would be arrested.
Q even predicted the date and time.
As far as we know, it didn't happen.

Some hold it up as proof that Q is a LARP (a phony).

19) #Qanon also predicted John Podesta and Huma Abedin would be indicted during the first week of November.

As far as we know, it didn't happen.
[Unless it happened secretly.]

20) #Qanon predicted massive rioting after Hillary was arrested that would be handled by the National Guard [NG].

That did not happen.

21) But a funny thing did happen.

The first week of November, members of the political ruling class weren't arrested in the US.
They were arrested in Saudi Arabia.

22) If you're going to go after corrupt people, would it be wise to telegraph your moves in advance so your opponent can make plans?

Or would it be better to give them a false plan to take action against?
A distraction.

23) On November 4th, #Qanon asked if the Saudi National Guard had been deployed and he asked about the arrest of Saudi princes.

He asked how much money Saudi contributed to politicians.

And he confirmed that disinformation is real.

~ Alice & Wonderland

24) Remember, #Qanon asked prior to the crackdown about Jared Kushner's visit to Saudi Arabia claiming Kushner had a face-to-face meeting with someone.

25) Months later, it was disclosed that Kushner met with Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman before the crackdown.

Kushner gave the prince intelligence reports on his enemies in the royal family.

26) #Qanon gave us the first part of a flowchart for the removal of corruption globally. It began in Saudi Arabia and would later spread to the US.

We now know it was necessary to first remove the money and protection the Saudis provided to US politicians.

27) #Qanon revealed the order in which the removal of corruption would happen.
Saudi Arabia first then the US, then Asia (North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.) then the EU.

Snow White (think C_IA)
Great Awakening (global freedom)
Godfather III (think Vatican)

28) On November 4th, an anon found a link to a book: "Hillary Clinton in Wonderland."

30) #Qanon confirmed that Hillary was "Alice" and Saudi Arabia was "Wonderland."

31) Saudi Arabia—"The Bloody Wonderland"

32) #Qanon clarified the connection.

33) On August 31st, in a new FOIA dump of Hillary's emails, an anon found an email that was sent to Hillary Clinton.

She was referred to as 'Madam Alice"
The sender (Marty Torrey) called himself "Hatter"

#Qanon asked, "How did we know?

FOIA link:…

34) Direct link to the image:

35) #Qanon reposted a drop from a few weeks ago that outlined the progress that had been made in shutting down human trafficking in certain countries.

[SA US Push] = Saudi Arabia and the US working together to close trafficking operations.

Who are the white rabbits?

36) An anon shared this theory on the wite rabbits.

37) #Qanon said the situation with child sex abuse in Saudi Arabia was so bad the President felt it had to be dealt with first.

He posted 3 links.

38) Link 1 is to an article about child marriage in Saudi Arabia.

39) Link 2 is to an article on human rights abuse in Saudi Arabia.

40) Link 3 is to a 2015 State Department report on the dismal record Saudi Arabia had regarding human rights abuse. (This was before the purge of corrupt Saudi Princes.)

41) An anon gathered #Qanon's previous posts that were relevant to Alice & Wonderland.

(We've covered them in this thread.)

42) #Qaon responded.

43) The images are from the website of artist Alex Podesta.
(I have not been able to confirm if he's related to Tony & John Podesta.)

44) #Qanon has not confirmed anything more on the images. I'm content for now to say that I believe it's a signal to us (and them) that Trump's people are taking down those who abuse children.

45) Rubbing salt in the wounds... #Qanon posted a quote from an email between Hillary and Marty Torrey.

Hillary customarily signed her emails, "H"

MH = Mad Hatter.

46) Here's the email #Qanon referred to.…

47) The State Department Inspector General found numerous security risks in the way Hillary handled her emails as far back as 2011. Despite the warnings, she continued using unsecured server(s) and Blackberry devices.

48) #Qanon posted this.

49) Hillary claims to care deeply about Americans but her actions speak differently. #Qanon said she planned to get rid of Justices Antonin Scalia [AS], Kennedy & Ginsberg & replace them with judges who would open the borders & repeal the 2nd amendment.

Links below. 👇🏼

50) #Qanon posted links to 2 threads by Hillary.
This first one is about how deeply she cares for labor unions.

51) The second thread #Qanon posted tells how much Hillary wants you to have high-quality healthcare.

52) Sadly for Hillary, she lost the election.

Pain comes in many different forms.
Full control.
Enjoy the show.

53) #Qanon posted another Twitter thread from Hillary expressing her fears that if he is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh will help overturn Roe vs Wade.

54) Hillary's thread.

55) #Qanon posted links to a couple of Tweets about John McCain.

56) The first link is to this tweet by @Imamofpeace who retweeted Robert Spencer.

57) Spencer tweeted an article he wrote explaining that John McCain was instrumental in helping the Muslim Brotherhood gain preeminence in Egypt.

59) #Qanon reposted a drop from June 30th suggesting that by the time the Supreme Court [SC} confirmation vote came, people would know the truth about McCain.

60) #Qanon posted a link to this tweet by Kyle Morris featuring a video by Linda Sarsour imploring people to vote Democrat.

61) As #Qanon predicted, Jack Dorsey testified before Congress that Twitter does not censor based on political ideology.

62) Link:

63) #Qanon posted this.

We previously decoded the letter-number combinations as "DECLAS"

Note: The filename is FISA[20]

Is this the week the 20 redacted pages of the Carther Page FISA application will be declassified?

64) #Qanon posted an excerpt from an FBI Vault FOIA release pertaining to the Uranium One deal. The excerpt outlines suspicious financial transactions surrounding the deal, specifically—donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Link to FBI Vault release:…

65) #Qanon posted a link to the House Financial Services Committee.

Maxine Waters happens to be the ranking member.
A convenient way to get inside information on closed-door investigations and/or control the committee's activities.…

66) #Qanon posted a link to a video where Tucker Carlson asked how Maxine became so rich.…

67) An anon posted this.
Ever since Jack Posobiec weighed in on #Qanon, he's claimed to know who Q is and insists he's not a Trump insider.

(Sorry about the language. I'm just reporting what's posted on the board.)

68) #Qanon asked why he's such a threat to people allied with Alex Jones.

Why not post images over a period of time proving the integrity of the operation?

(I think we have confirmation that MOS is Mossad.)

69) #Qanon is revealing to the world how President Trump is eliminating the deep state. In doing so, he's eliminating the fears people have about it and he's destroying the market for people like Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, American Intelligence Media and others who report on it.

70) An anon shared this theory.

71) Alex Jones has reported on the deep state for years. His platform has flourished.

#Qanon has reported on the deep state for less than a year and suffers non-stop attacks from the C_IA, the mockingbird media & "truthers" who make their living reporting on the deep state


72) On authentication:
#Qanon was prepared for those who would at first acknowledge his authenticity but later deny his legitimacy.

That was the purpose of the Air Force One series of photos.

73) On November 9th, while POTUS was in Asia, #Qanon posted this image.
The file name is _AF1_5A_2.png

Link to original post:…

74) Anons who searched for the image could not find it. That led many to conclude this was an original image not posted anywhere before.

75) Jerome Corsi was one of the main #Qanon decoders at that time. He said he believed this was proof that Q was with Trump on Air Force One.

76) In April, #Qanon warned us that some people had selfish reasons for being involved in the movement.

77) Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones (and others) turned against #Qanon in April, insisting that his tripcode had been hacked and his board taken over by someone else.…

78) On May 22nd, #Qanon posted an image that was eerily familiar.
The file name: _AF1_5A_3.png

The image was taken seconds before or after the image posted on November 9th, which Corsi swore was proof that #Qanon was with Trump on Air Force One.

79) If #Qanon's board had been compromised, how did the "new" person posting as Q have access to the images taken on Air Force One in November?

80) There's been a lot of discussion among #Qanon followers about money, loyalty, and subversion. I came up in one of those discussions.

81) After @therealroseanne tweeted a few of my #Qanon videos, some anons were pissed because I have PayPal and Patreon links on my Twitter page.

82) An anon wondered exactly where we draw the line of the issue of money and the #Qanon movement.

83) An anon made a distinction between making a living reporting on #Qanon and subverting the movement.


84) #Qanon reposted the comment above, confirming that it isn't about money. It's about faithfully reporting what Q posts without trying to subvert the movement.

84) The plan by Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones to infiltrate the #Qanon movement then discredit Q and bring followers to their own platform is outlined here.…

85) Speaking of Corsi...
It looks like Robert Mueller wants to have a chat with him.

86) #Qanon posted a link to an article.

87) Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Lee Zeldin are asking POTUS to declassify additional portions of the Carter Page FISA application.

88) #Qanon posted a link to another article.

89) @SaraCarterDC [gets all the good scoops] is reporting that the President may declassify the additional 20 pages of the Carter Page FISA application.

90) #Qanon posted a link to a video of Lindsey Graham questioning Brett Kavanaugh about... the difference between the law of armed conflict and basic criminal law.

91) Why is Graham asking Kavanaugh about how to prosecute Americans who provide aid to enemy combatants??
(The video should be cued to the 26:00 mark)

92) #Qanon indicated in April that when no name announced he was not running for reelection, Lindsey Graham had been flipped and is now supporting the President in the takedown of global corruption.

93) #Qanon posted a link to a tweet by the President.

94) Here's the tweet #Qanon linked to.

95) #Qanon posted this message with a link to a video.

96) #Qanon's video.

97) An anon posted a quote from an article about the Grand Jury investigation into Andrew McCabe's involvement in #Spygate.

99) #Qanon responded with a quote from a March article about Bob Goodlatte's request to the DOJ for documents related to Andrew McCabe.

A DOJ spokesman said the documents provided to Congress would exclude those involved in Grand Jury proceedings.

100) Reading between the lines, it's apparent that Grand Jury proceedings related to McCabe were ongoing.

101) An anon posted this.
#Qanon #DoitQ


102) Since Twitter assigns names to image files, what are the odds that this filename would begin with Do It Q?"

103) Coincidence?
#Qanon #DOITQ

104) An anon noticed there will be a test of the emergency alert system on September 20th.
#Qanon #DOITQ

106) #Qanon reposted the crumb.

107) An anon replied to #Qanon

108) The President will be at a rally tonight in Montana.
#Qanon #DOITQ

109) Why are threats are called in attempting to implicate #Qanon followers and why is there coordinated opposition from the mainstream media if Q is a LARP?

The world is watching.
The world is changing.

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