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1) This is my #Qanon thread for September 4, 2018

Q posts with research tools can be found here:

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My Theme: Alice And Wonderland
2) This thread is about the odd signatures used by #Qanon and how, over time, they become proofs of insider knowledge.
3) If you've followed Q's posts you may have seen some of the more common "signatures," #Qanon uses—usually the titles of films or books.

Iron Eagle
Hunt for Red October (more recently simply: "Red October"
Godfather III
Snow White
Alice & Wonderland
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for August 28, 2018

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My theme: Witch Hunt: No Deals
2) I missed this post in previous threads.
On August 16th, #Qanon posted a quote from an email that was reported to be from James Comey.
3 days later, Comey tweeted using similar wording.
3) #Qanon posted a link to an article explaining how Stefan Halper connected George Papadopoulos, Carter Page and Micheal Flynn to Russians as a pretext to spy on them and the Trump campaign.
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Seen this being passed around recently so thought I’ll go back to the source...This is the thread I was talking about @TheSharpEdge1 some interesting comments..🧐 do you have any other info on this @SnowWhite7IAM ??

First let’s compile what we have in way of blue prints..@TheSharpEdge1

#QAnon @potus
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for August 10, 2018.

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My theme: We Are Under Attack
2) You may have noticed that leaders and supporters of the #Qanon movement have come under increasing attack.

(It isn't necessary to send me links to posts or broadcasts from people who are attacking me.)
3) The strategy of the enemy isn't to discredit #Qanon.
It's to attack you, personally so you defend yourself.
When you do, you play into their hand.

This isn't about you.
It's about POTUS, Q & America. Eventually, they'll attack them and expose their true motives.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 18, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: What A Wonderful Day
2) This was posted by an anon who signed their post Q:

Access Kills.
POTUS in good spirits today.
Morning strolls are refreshing.
2.5 hrs
3) One minute later the same anon responded to their previous post with this. The user ID (33af96) is the same for both posts.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 12, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

The tite for this series: Start The Clock
2) On June 10, just before the #TrumpKimSummit was about to begin, #Qanon posted these pictures from Singapore.
He noted that information is first revealed privately and then it is made public.
Erik Prince's Blackwater is on guard.
Evidence [that kills] is being gathered.
3) An anon thanked Erik Prince for guarding POTUS.
#Qanon responded that Prince's company, Blackwater was not guarding POTUS but other important people/assets.
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1) This is my #Qanon update for April 12.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme for this series: "We Have It All."
2) On April 10th, #Qanon posted this.
It's a signal to Edward Snowden that after Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress, he can drop the information he has.
Q said they have all the info that's needed.
They just need Snowden to confirm it.
3) An Anon explained why it would be best to have Snowden drop his info after Zuckerberg's testimony.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts beginning April 2, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: Anticipate Arrests in April [AAA]
2) Last week, there was concern that #Qanon had been locked out of his Great Awakening /GA/ board. An IT anon explained what that would involve. I believe we can trust that Q has taken the necessary precautions and is the same Q who first posted in October of 2017.
3) #QAnon did a security test last night before posting.
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for Q posts beginning Feb 18, 2018.

The theme for this series is: "For God And Country."

Q posts have been migrated to a website that can handle more traffic. They can be found here:
2) There have been some changes in the last few days.
#Qanon posts on the 8chan #GreatAwakening site are not visible. One anon believes Q has locked the board, leaving them intact, but invisible. Q is responding to the anons who post on the 8chan research board.
3) #Qanon posted this on Sunday the 18th.

POTUS seems to be warning Barack Obama that he hasn't heard the last of the Iran deal.

Are Attorney General Sessions and FBI Director Chris Wray looking into where the money went?
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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts from February 5th to the present.
The theme of this thread is the transfer of wealth of the puppet masters.

Q posts can be found here:
2) #Qanon begins with a screenshot of a tweet by POTUS responding to a tweet from Adam Schiff.

#Trump accuses @AdamSchiffCA of being a liar and a leaker, on par with James @Comey, @MarkWarner, @JohnBrennan & James Clapper.
3) #Qanon says Trump's BLUNT statement was made because damaging information is about to come to light. It involves Shiff, but t also the puppet masters: the Rothschilds, Prince Alwaleed (Dopey) and maybe even George Soros.
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1) This is my thread for #Qanon posts beginning the evening of January 29th, 2018.

The theme of this series:
Shifting the narrative—the #NunesMemo is about to be released.
2) Here's the first #Qanon post from Jan 29. Due to the removal of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the impending release of the #NunesMemo, the deep state media is gearing up for a battle to control public perception.
3) #Qanon wrote:
Nation on alert.
Firing RR = block Mueller.
Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.
Firing RR = Red line.
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1) My #QAnon thread for posts from January 26th - 28th 2018.

Our theme for this thread:

Is Donald Trump (and his support group) an existential threat to a corrupt political system?
2) #QAnon posted a link to a video the night of the 26th. If you haven't heard it, you might give a listen.
3) The video reveals the theme of Q's posts and the purpose of Donald Trump's Presidency.

#Trump is an existential threat to the corrupt political system. They know it. He knows it and they're locked in a battle to the death. Only one will walk away. #Qanon
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