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1) This is my #Qanon thread for posts from February 5th to the present.
The theme of this thread is the transfer of wealth of the puppet masters.

Q posts can be found here:
2) #Qanon begins with a screenshot of a tweet by POTUS responding to a tweet from Adam Schiff.

#Trump accuses @AdamSchiffCA of being a liar and a leaker, on par with James @Comey, @MarkWarner, @JohnBrennan & James Clapper.
3) #Qanon says Trump's BLUNT statement was made because damaging information is about to come to light. It involves Shiff, but t also the puppet masters: the Rothschilds, Prince Alwaleed (Dopey) and maybe even George Soros.
4) What happened concerning the Rothschilds and the Black Forest?
They sold their 13,000-acre estate for 90 million euros.
“This type of transaction happens once in a century." #Qanon…
5) Let's revisit this post by #QAnon from January 29th.
6) The Rothschild Investment Corp decreased its stake in the oil and gas firm Apache by 31.8% during the fourth quarter.
7) Feb 5th, a grand jury handed down a 23 count indictment for James Mann on charges that he defrauded Apache in a scheme that caused the oil and gas company to pay for the same work multiple times. #Qanon…
8) #QAnon suggests the Rothschilds are selling assets because they're in need of cash (fire sale). In his previous post, Q told us to review the executive order by POTUS on Dec 21.

Are Rothschild assets being frozen due to the executive order?…
9) "Dopey" is probably a reference to Prince Alwaleed who was released from prison in Saudi Arabia. Another victim of asset forfeiture as a result of the crackdown on corruption. @Qanon
10) What went on there?

There are many theories about what Q is referencing, including allegations of sexual abuse of children. That was definitely indicated in previous posts, but I don't see that here.
I believe, in this post, #Qaon is simply referring to the loss of capital.
11) In the next post, #Qanon gives us a bigger view of financial connections. The stock market crash, the transfer of Soros' wealth, marriages based on power/money instead of love.

Why did the #Memo drop on a Friday before the Super Bowl?
To minimize damage to the stock market?
12) #Qanon moves on to the news which will expose the elite's real motives and give us a clear understanding (20/20) of how they see us—as stupid sheep.

Q says public outrage is vital. It will lead to an outcry for justice.
13) If you've wondered why no one has been arrested #Qanon asks a poignant question:

"Can we simply arrest the opposition w/o first exposing the TRUTH?"

First, corruption must be exposed. That will lead to a demand for justice and then the elites can be arrested.
14) #Qanon reposts his previous message & responds to it, suggesting that the elites can control the stock market to a degree. Trump has been vocal about the market's gains. The puppet masters sent him a message.
15) 666 is a reference to the number of the Beast from Revelation chapter 13.…

#Qanon says the elites are using it to illustrate their control of the stock market.
16) The MSM caught the message.
17) The DJIA lost over 2,200 points between January 26 and February 5th. #Qanon
18) If you're wondering whether an individual can manipulate the stock market, the answer is yes. It can be done with just a few million dollars. And if it can be done with a few million, what could a person do if they had access to billions? #Qanon…
19) It's possible that the Rothschilds, Soros, and Alwaleed conspired to crash the market. But it's equally possible that their assets were frozen and withdrawn from the market causing a sell-off that tanked the market. #Qanon
20) The good news is that the market rebounded today gaining back much of what was lost. #Qanon
21) If Soros and the Rothschilds use market numbers to send a message to #Trump, it looks like he just sent a message to them. #Qanon…
23) In the next post, an anon links to an article claiming POTUS lied about Comey when he fired him. He asks #Qanon why the media is allowed to lie.…
24) #Qdrops responds with information about what goes on behind the scenes.
25) There's a matrix that distributes information to maintain the deep state narrative. It employs leakers of classified intel. Participants are paid in cash, sex, blackmail. or trading government secrets. Is there freedom of the press if reporters are part of the matrix? #Qanon
26) True freedom of the press is VITAL
You've been discouraged, but you need to remember how to fight.
We have power.
THEY are being destroyed.
Stay Strong.
Have faith.
It's BIGGER than you can imagine.
27) Just In: Adam Schiff falls for a prank phone call promising nude pictures of President Trump. #Qanon…
28) #Qanon drops an interesting post which suggests he has access to a call between Valerie Jarett (VJ) and Adam Schiff (AS) lasting 42 minutes and 13 seconds.
29) First, let's look at the reference to Article 3 Section 3.

Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution describes treason. Here's a short description.
30) Here's the text of the Constitution.
31) I reorganized the stringer because it looks like there may have been extra spaces added. This is what I came up with.
[2 listeners - no IDEN].
[1 ]_reroutes_[9 random]
[1 ]_reroutes_[2 random]
32) Apparently, there were 2 listeners who were not identified. I'm not sure what the reroutes refer to. (If you have suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.) #Qanon
32) The fact that I can't accurately decipher the stringer is not a huge problem though. We're not doing a crossword puzzle.

The take home point: #QAnon is telling us that Adam Schiff and Valerie Jarret discussed a subject that makes them guilty of treason.
33) In his speech in Ohio yesterday, the President mentioned the idea that perhaps Democrats could be considered guilty of treason. #Qanon

This makes me wonder if he's creating a public discussion to get people thinking about what treason really is.
34) Mission accomplished. #Qanon…
35) The next post by #Qanon has had people scrambling ever since he posted it. He asks about an image from the State of the Union Address showing Democrat lawmakers on their phones.
36) An anon responds to #Qanon
37) #Qanon draws their attention to the center person, Rep. Joyce Beatty.
38) Here's a better image. #Qanon
39) #Qanon tells them the text on the screen is fake and they should dig to find the original. People will be working to hide it.
He suggests the actual text says "Trump should be shot!"
Anons should store the unedited image offline then spread it on the internet.
40) Here's a closer image. Some have observed that the 4th line of text from the top seems to be missing.
41) John Norman (@maxoptical) says the entire image of the screen has been modified in photoshop.
42) We've just crossed a line, in case you didn't notice.

#Qanon has suggested that he knows about a private phone call between Valerie Jarret and Adam Schiff that makes them guilty of treason. No one could know this unless they had a high-level security clearance.
43) #Qanon claims that a publicly available image taken in Congress has been altered and that he knows what the text in the original image says. Again, the only way he would know this is if he has access to highly sensitive intelligence.
44) #Qanon has drawn a line in the sand. If his claims are untrue then he's a fraud. If he's a fraud, you should pay no attention to him. He's a deceiver.
45) But if #Qanon's claims are true, then he is a patriot who is in close contact with the President and has a high-level security clearance. If that is so, we must regard him accordingly.

Q has removed the middle ground.
46) Much like the Carpenter who claimed to be the Son of God. You can call him a liar. You can call him a lunatic or you can call him Lord. But you cannot, with intellectual honesty, call him a good man or a wise teacher. He claimed to be neither. #Qanon
47) #Qanon posts, saying we need to keep public interest high regarding the #UraniumOne informant, Willian Campbell. the #AwanBrothers scandal and the Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac meeting.
48) #UraniumOne informant background info. #Qanon…
49) @lukerosiak has been covering the #AwanBrothers scandal. Here's a recent article explaining the major issues being investigated. #Qanon…
50) Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187]

#Qanon suggests that a deal was made by Bill Clinton to have Lynch (LL) fill Scalia's (AS) vacant spot on the Supreme Court (SC) as a result of Scalia's murder (187).
51) Here's an article on Scalia's death from the Washington Post. #Qanon…
52) Then-candidate Trump expressed concerns that perhaps Scalia was murdered. (This was 9 months before he was elected.)
He didn't say it in the interview, but it makes me wonder if he had information confirming that Scalia was murdered.
53) Here's an article that examines the many problems surrounding Scalia's death. #Qanon…
54) An anon asks for confirmation that Lynch was offered a deal: she would not recommend prosecution for Hillary and in exchange, Lynch would get a seat on the Supreme Court.

#Qanon says a timeline of related events will show evidence of corruption/collusion.
55) This is a timeline of events regarding the Supreme Court from the death of Antonin Scalia to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch. #Qanon…
56) 4 days before Scalia's death, John Podesta and Steve Elmendorf exchanged emails discussing "wet works" a "pool" and a "vineyard." #Qanon
57) Wet works is a well-known euphemism for murder or assassination. #Qanon
58) The ranch where Scalia died has a pool. Cibolo Creek Resort does not advertise a vineyard. #Qanon
59) There is an agricultural area across the road from the ranch. Some have speculated that it's a vineyard. It's difficult to tell for sure. There are no vineyards listed nearby. #Qanon
60) The email from Podesta is certainly suspicious. Does it prove there was a conspiracy to murder Scalia? We may find out in the future. #Qanon
61) This is a timeline of events surrounding the Hillary Clinton email investigation. It begins in 2008 and ends November 6th, when James Comey exonerated her. #Qanon…
62) This is a release of emails from @FBIRecordsVault regarding the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting. There are some helpful disclosures in these emails. #Qanon…
63) An anonymous security employee did an interview detailing what he witness when Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac. (This article was referenced in FBI emails 🔼 as being highly problematic.)…
63) At the time of the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting, an anonymous FBI agent was posting on 4chan. In this post, an anon asks why the DOJ is hesitating about prosecuting Hillary.

FBI anon suggests Lynch is compromised and it has to do with Bill Clinton. #Qanon
64) An anon asks when the DOJ will make a decision about prosecuting Hillary, fearing that a decision not to prosecute could give Hillary the White House.

The FBI anon notes that if they decide not to prosecute, Trump could use it to his advantage. #Qanon
65) Bonus for making it this far:
An anon asks why Ambassador Stevens was killed in Benghazi.

FBI anon says there was an arms deal with Libyan "rebels" that needed to be covered up. #Qanon
66) An anon asks about rumors that politicians are involved in sex rings.
67) An anon asks for more info about pedophiles in government. #Qanon
68) FBI anon responds to several questions, including:
a) A previous remark about Obama and Hillary hating each other.
b) FBI agents monitoring /pol/
c) The depth of corruption in government
69) An anon asks for an example of government corruption. #Qanon
70) An anon asks what specific charges could be brought against Hillary. #Qanon
71) #QAnon directed us to scour the Wikileaks emails for ones related to Lynch and the Clinton email investigation. This page collected the 100 most damaging emails. Many pertain to the way the Clinton email investigation was handled.
72) #Qanon also asked us to search the publicly released texts from Peter Strzok (PS) and look at them in a timeline to see how they line up with other events. A timeline of the most important texts between Strzok and Lisa Page can be found here.…
73) Today, a text was released that suggests President Obama wanted to keep up to date on Strzok's investigations. He was involved in the Clinton email investigation, the original Trump-Russia investigation and the Mueller investigation. #Qanon…
74) Sundance, from the Conservative Treehouse, has been following the Strzok-Page scandal and piecing together the larger story behind it. In this article, the latest texts are examined. (Included in the article are newly released FBI emails.) #Qanon…
75) A friend has been compiling an #Obamagate timeline that includes events surrounding the Clinton email investigation, the DNC hack/leak, Seth Rich's murder, surveillance of the Trump campaign and important texts between Strzok & Page.…
76) The latest post by #Qanon is a link to the FBI leadership structure page featuring Carl Ghatas. my assumption is that he will become a person of interest soon and he wants us to get a jump on the news.…
77) There's a lot of information here to digest. Thanks for following the story and thanks for your prayers. Remember, we all play an important part in this adventure.
78) #Qanon just began posting again. I'll research the new posts and update this thread.
79) The good thing about being the last one to post about #QAnon is that if it takes you long enough to get your act together, you'll be first on the next set of posts.
80) Tonight, @Qanon went back to a previous post about Freedom of The Press and John Perry Barlow. The key point of the discussion was that Barlow may have been murdered by those who oppose freedom of the press.
81) #Qanon then posts an excerpt from an article that served as a eulogy for Barlow that was written by a friend.
82) #Qanon then responds with a familiar observation.
83) In the previous thread, an anon suggested that Barlow may have been killed with the heart attack gun. #Qanon…
84) Men like Barlow are dedicated to preserving freedom of the press. #Qanon is reiterating the fact that those who control the way in which we view of the world (though the media) do not want freedom of the press and they will kill those who dare to stand in their way.
84) In his next post, #QAnon responds to an anon who sees a code in president #Trump's tweet about the #BudgetDeal.
85) The anon sees a code in the capital letters of POTUS' tweet and develops a complex theory that seems far-fetched.
86) #Qanon says, nice try. Go back and look at the previous discussion about how Schumer was crushed by POTUS in the last budget negation.
87) Schumer (CS) and Pelosi (NP) were previously united but today they APPEARED divided.

In the Senate, Schumer agreed with McConnel to a 2-year budget deal that excludes DACA.

Pelosi spent 5 hours on the floor of the House reading reports about DREAMers.
88) People made a big deal about Pelosi's stand for DACA.

Stiletto heels? No potty breaks? What a hero!

Dems knew DACA was dead. It's not a hill they're willing to die on. But the party needed to APPEAR committed to the cause

The ART of illusion
89) #Qanon's next post.
+ (Soros)
++ (Rothschilds)
+++ (House of Saud)
The forces of tyranny

"The Hunt For Red October" & "Iron Eagle" are 1980's films depicting the victory of freedom-loving patriots over those would control the world through tyranny.
90) The anons were curious what the [] meant in the previous post.
#anon tells them it symbolizes a kill box.
91) Info:
(Boys will be boys)
92) An anon reports Fox news take on Schumer & Pelosi.
#Qanon confirms it's all for the benefit of normies.
93) The next series of posts by #Qanon contain pictures of a building in China and a discussion of what just happened inside.
94) The final guest has arrived.
95) #Qanon posts 2 more pictures of the parking lot.
96) #Qanon posts a 4th image of the parking lot and notes 2 minutes.
97) #Qanon posts an image of an open window with residue on the glass around it.


Sounds like someone was nailed.
98) This is a picture with the correct orientation. The anon is interested in the object low in the frame.
99) #Qanon asks them to consider what the substance on the glass might be.
100) #Qanon explains that arrests were made tonight and that we need to trust that the plan is moving forward even if we can't see it.
101) #Qanon confirms the anon's guess that the door was blown open in the arrest. He asks them to back over previous posts about intel.
102) #QAnon posts a tweet from Seth Abramson declaring that if Rod Rosenstein is fired, Trump will have crossed a red line.
104) #Qanon responds. with a post from last week.
105) #Qanon asks: Do you believe?
The hunter becomes the hunted.
105) An anon asks about the breaking news concerning the #UraniumOne witness.

#Qanon asks us to go back and review previous drops on Uranium One and consider why it's important to put the story back in the news cycle.…
106) Next, #Qanon turns to the subject of corruption in big Pharma and keeping track of resignations.
107) I do a daily check for news about corporate resignations. Here's a story about a CEO of a cancer research firm who stepped down February 5th. #Qanon…
108) Robert Dickey, Chief Financial Officer of Motif Bio Plc resigned last week. #Qanon…
109) Voyager Therapeutic's founder and CEO stepped down February 1st, preferring to take an "advisory" role in the biotech company.…
110) #Qanon asks about suspicious deaths of researchers.
111) This page chronicles the untimely (and often unsolved) deaths of doctors who research alternative cures. #Qanon…
112) Some may have missed it, but in his State of the Union message, POTUS signaled the beginning of a war with big pharma over unfair prices. #Qanon
113) In #Qanon's next post, he asks if emergency alerts have been more frequent.
114) We all know about the false missile alert in Hawaii, but yesterday's false tsunami alert on the east coast didn't get as much attention. #Qanon…
115) Because of problems with the Montecito mudslides and the Thomas fire, the nation's emergency alert system will be updated.…
116) Is #Qanon suggesting that someone is using the emergency alert system for a nefarious purpose?
117) That brings us current on #Qanon posts through Feb 7th.
118) Today is February 8th. #Qanon posted after midnight.
Those monitoring comms in DC noted increased chatter over the non-stop news exposing the deep state's plans to take down President Trump. Let's do a recap.
119) William Campbell testified that Russia paid the Clinton Foundation $3 million dollars to "ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the U.S.-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement. “ #Qanon…
120) The declassified #GrassleyMemo bolsters the House Intel memo which exposed a scheme by Obama's FBI/DOJ and Hillary's campaign to spy on then-candidate #Trump for political purposes. #Qanon…
121) Senator Ron Johnson released more damaging texts and emails between the FBI/DOJ leadership team in charge of the investigation of President #Trump.
122) One of the latest texts suggests that President Obama was more involved in FBI investigations that he has previously admitted. #Qanon…
123) Bob Goodlatte of the House Judiciary Committee has formally requested all the documents related to FISA applications used to spy on the Trump campaign. #Qanon…
124) David Laufman, Deputy Attorney General for the National Security Division resigned yesterday. Laufman may be involved in the growing scandal over weaponization of the Justice Department. #Qanon…
125) Democrats were forced to concede defeat and agreed to a 2-year budget that does not include a provision for extending DACA, which will likely expire. The budget, if approved, will significantly increase defense spending. #Qanon…
126) These latest stories don't help those who are hoping the Mueller investigation will remove #Trump from office. Much of the leverage that's been used against him has been removed. It's no wonder DC is panicking. #Qnaon
127) And if the swamp has sensed that its existence is being threatened, it is surprising that the Secret Service is on high alert?
128) Ending this thread on a positive note, this morning, President #Trump attended the #NationalPrayerBreakfast

• • •

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