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1) This is my thread for #Qanon posts beginning the evening of January 29th, 2018.

The theme of this series:
Shifting the narrative—the #NunesMemo is about to be released.
2) Here's the first #Qanon post from Jan 29. Due to the removal of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the impending release of the #NunesMemo, the deep state media is gearing up for a battle to control public perception.
3) #Qanon wrote:
Nation on alert.
Firing RR = block Mueller.
Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.
Firing RR = Red line.
4) This article is a reference point (It's free in Tor Browser.)

Parts of the #Nunesmemo have been leaked.
NY Times: #Trump will try to undermine Mueller investigation by attacking (or firing) Rosenstein who has oversight of the investigation.
5) Summary: Expect the MSM to continue accusing #Trump of obstruction of justice by pointing to the potential firing of Rosenstein related to the release of the #NunesMemo
Also: Expect false flags to divert attention.
6) #Qanon continues:
What was the Senate conf vote re: RR?
7) Senate confirmed Rosenstein by a vote of 94 - 6
The swamp saw him as a friend. Sessions and #Trump knew that. Rosenstein was chosen because the deep state thought he wouldn't work against them.
He did what was required. His services are appreciated but no longer needed
8) #Qanon asks: Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement?

Is there evidence in the #NunesMemo that Rosenstein was involved in illegal activity or corruption?
If so, he'll likely be fired.

But there are other possibilities.
9) #Qanon wrote:
REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].



10) It looks like #Trump and his people busted a few nosy deep-staters as they viewed classified information illegally.

Were they trying to get a look at the #NunesMemo so they can prepare countermeasures?

#Qanon wants you to consider: Who is giving them access to the SCIF?
11) The next #Qanon post.
12) James Comey tweeted last night about Andy McCabe, his former second in command at the FBI.
13) In his next post, #Qanon provides his translation of Comey's tweet.
14) Deep State Message to Andy:
If you think you can lessen your sentence by giving up information on us, you are mistaken. We know where you live. (Down the street from Hillary.) Don't be stupid.

(187 is the California penal code for homicide.)
15) The next #Qaon post.
16) So many possibilities.
17) People have offered guesses about the meaning of APACHE
18) #Qanon and Julian Assange have been tracking together on some of their posts. The day Q posted APACHE, Wikileaks posted this.
19) #WednesdayWisdom The sound of an Apache = the sound of freedom.
20) Now that the FISA memo has been released, we should go back and look at past breadcrumbs from #Qanon.

Q seemed to know Rod Rosenstein would be implicated in the FISA memo noting that he begged Paul Ryan not to release it.
21) As it runs out, Rosenstein signed one of the FISA applications for the DOJ that was used to spy on the Trump team.

Did Sessions know that?
Will Rosenstein be fired?
Time will tell.
22) On January 31st, #QAnon posted in response to an anon who noted that Feb 1st is Freedom Day.

The theme Q is trying to drive home is Freedom which is why the reference to APACHE was about freedom.

[D]ay [Of] [D]ays = A special day brought to you by the Dept of Defense (DoD)
23) #Qanon posts again in response to one of the anons asking if they caught the most important part of the speech.
24) Lost of guesses as to that the most important part was. One commented on Federal Employees who commit crimes.

#Qanon responds with an exclamation mark.
25) Another guess about the most important part of the State of the Union address. A call for Congress to pass a bill holding federal employees accountable for their behavior.

#Qanon throws out a couple dozen exclamation marks.
25) One of the anons asks of the collision between the train carrying GOP Congressman and a garbage truck was a false flag.

#Qanon asks if they believe in coincidences and suggests there may be more incidents.
26) One of the anons brings up the President's mention of enemy combatants and Guantanamo Bay.

#Qanon directs him to re-read the recent executive orders and understand their real purpose.
27) An anon makes the connection between the statue Trump pointed to during his State of the Union message, the fact that freedom day was approaching and the flags #QAnon has posted.

Q replies: "News unlocks MAP."
(I believe the MAP is the entire collection of Q's posts.)
28) Next #Qanon mentions a helicopter crash and asks the anons to find the connection between the crash and a chain of hotels.
29) A news story about the helicopter crash. #Qanon…
30) Two of the victims: "Watzman and Reichelt were executives with The Standard Hotels. She worked for about 11 years, most recently as general manager..., while he served for more than six years as regional director of finance for the chain." #Qanon…
31) #Qanon asks what Adam Schiff [AS] is doing right now.
32) I was following #Qanon's posts at the time so I replied.
33) An anon replied that there may have been a coverup of a death at the hotel and Adam Schiff is involved in it. (There have been several suspicious deaths there over the years and the hotel is in Schiff's district.)
34) #QAnon suggested there (was) a relationship between the hotel's manager and Schiff based on control (blackmail?)
35) An anon points out that there is alleged to be a pedophile & human trafficking operation being run out of the hotel.

#Qanon replied that this intel is bigger than we can imagine.
36) #Qanon once again focuses their attention on Freedom. This time in the context of a human/child trafficking operation.
37) Which brings me to a dream I had when I first became interested in #Qanon

I met a man in the dream who reminded me of Q. He cleared up my misunderstandings of past events then asked questions about current events. How are these things connected?
Why is this relevant?
38) At the end of the dream, the man who reminded me of #Qanon asked:

(Yes, he looked like Mr. Miyagi.)
39) And that is why I'm doing this.

I could ignore #Qanon if this were about anything else (including mere patriotism) but I know there are children that are going to be set free because of what we're doing.
40) #Qanon's next post.

(Note TG>)
Trey Gowdy?
41) An anon posts about VP Mike Pence and GOP leaders who just happen to be in a bunker.

#Qanon asks if he believes it's a coincidence that they were under military guard while this was happening.
42) #Qanon lets them know the President is also safe.
43) An anon asked #Qanon about the train accident.
44) #Qanon suggests something he had not considered and asks him to review previous posts.
45) An anon posts a link to an article about a co-founder of Hamas who died, reportedly of an accidental gunshot wound to the face. #Qanon…
46) #Qanon suggests that his death is similar to that of Klaus Eberwein, who exposed the Clinton Foundation's corrupt practices in Haiti and was found dead on a Miami beach of a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound to the head.…
47) That brings us up to date on #Qanon posts as of 5;22 pm February 2nd.

• • •

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