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Sep 6, 2018, 12 tweets

August 1965,🇵🇰was devising a plot to annex Kashmir
Guuerrilla forces named Gibraltar entered Kashmir at widely separated points along 765km long Ceade-Fire-Line
dressed in pherens to conceal guns
some managed to blend with locals
some reached Srinagar

🇵🇰artillery started intense shelling near Thithwal,Uri,Punch
🇮🇳battalions fought valiantly
Many brave soldiers lost their lives
Haji Pir pass was occupied
Entry route into J&K plugged
Pak main base neutralised of infiltration
Contact between🇵🇰& invading Gibraltars snapped!

At the time of partition in 1947,
6 Armoured regiments were given to Pakistan & 12 to India.
In 1965, both had 17!
May 1964, Indian Defence Minister Yashwantrao Chavan's request to Americans to sell India the F-104 Straighter was rebuffed.
#IndoPak1965 #NeverForgetNeverForgive

Large numbers of F-104 and the F-86 were supplied, virtually free of cost – to Pakistan.

US.DefSec Robert McNamara told Chavan
“I wonder whether you are aware of the variety of aircraft in your AirForce,
you’re still operating with Hunters Spitfires,Vampires,Liberators
Harvards;exotic names of World War II vintage which’re only worthy of finding a place in museum.”

1st Sep 1965 Pakistan launched a massive attack with tanks & heavy artillery. This was 22 days high intensity largest tank battle in Military history between Second World war & 1965.

LalBahadurShastri,proving to be a decicively firm leader,took the historic descion to cross the border into 🇵🇰heartland & punish them!
He gave 🇮🇳Armed Forces a free hand to respond to Pakistani aggression in a manner they deemed fit! It was 6th September 1965!

India had delebrately decided to target Pakistani Armoured Division, just 6 of our Centurion & Sherman tank regiments had taken on some 10 Pakistani tank regiments neutralizing them in their own territory!

Lt Col H.R.Janu of 4 Grenadiers says,he counted as many as 103 abondened enemy tanks.
The battle- scarred enemy Patton tanks captured were displayed for some time & shipped to various cantonments & put on display as 'War Trophies'.😊👌🏻
#IndoPak1965 #NeverForgetNeverForgive

Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri visited the site & remarked,
"Maine too api zindagi mean itni tooth huee bail-gaadiyan phi nahi dekhi".
@adgpi @IndianArmed 🙏🏻

At the end of a 22-day war
🇮🇳held 1920 sq Km of🇵🇰territory
🇵🇰only held 550 sq Km of 🇮🇳land!
Yet agreeing to a ceasefire after repeated pleas from the major powers, India surrendered everything at the Tashkent Declaration in Jan1966..

The might of the Indian Army @adgpi made deep inroads inside Pakistan, pushed back 🇵🇰 Army into Lahore, hoisted the Indian 🇮🇳flag there & walked back victorious!
#Salutations We are proud of #IndianArmedForces 🙏🏻

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