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Sep 7, 2018, 8 tweets

.@BarackObama at University of Illinois kicks off midterm campaign for Democrats and America’s future: Democracy should have no permanent ruling class. Citizens determine our course & our character. This moment is different. Consequences of sitting on the sidelines are dire. VOTE

Obama: Trump’s the symptom not the cause. Each time we pull ourselves closer to our ideals, of inalienable rights & responsibilities, the status quo pushes back. Sometimes the backlash is genuine. More often it’s manufactured by those who use fear to keep their power & privilege.

Obama schools students on the roots of today’s divisions & inequality: The politics of fear—pitting one group against another—is an old playbook. In a healthy democracy, it doesn’t work. When there’s a vacuum—we don’t vote, take our basic rights for granted, demagogues take hold.

Obama: Republicans aren’t conservative. GOP are utterly unwilling to check Trump, corruption, or safeguard our democracy. These are extraordinary and dangerous times. The good news: We have the chance to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics. YOUR VOTE is the check.

Obama: It’s not D or R to threaten to shut down media, or call them ‘enemy of the people.’ We’re Americans. We stand up to bullies—not follow them. We’re not perfect. But we can make things better. Better is worth fighting for. Honor & compassion can be restored to public service

Obama: Democracy only works if everyone takes part. Indifference & cynicism is the enemy. Your generation has the power to see a brighter future. But you have to show up. You gotta vote. If you thought elections don’t matter, I hope these last 2yrs have corrected that impression.

#Obama: There will still be problems. But with each new law and step in the direction of progress & opportunity, hope happens. Your generation can be the one that stood up in this critical moment to remind us just how precious and powerful this experiment in democracy can be.

Transcript of @BarackObama’s speech at University of Illinois today politico.com/story/2018/09/…

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