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Sep 8, 2018, 7 tweets

Brett #Kavanaugh doesn't have the integrity to be on SCOTUS. Kavanaugh committed AT LEAST 5 instances of perjury. This is judicial misconduct. Let me spell some of it out for you and tell you what YOU can do. #StopKavanaugh #PerjuryBrett


1) In 2002 Manny Miranda stole thousands of documents belonging to Dems. Kavanaugh worked alongside Miranda. During a 2004 confirmation hearing Kavanaugh denied receiving any of the documents Miranda stole. In 2006 he lied again under oath. We now know he committed perjury.

2) At a 2006 confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh told @SenatorLeahy that he knew nothing of an illegal warrantless wiretapping program until the New York Times broke the story in 2005. Now we know he was lying. He committed perjury.

3) During a 2006 confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh told @SenatorDurbin that he “was not involved” in legal questions related to the detention and torture of so-called enemy combatants. Now we know he was lying. He committed perjury.

4) In a 2004 confirmation hearing, Sen. Ted Kennedy asked Kavanaugh under oath whether he had assisted William Pryor’s nomination to the 11th Circuit. Pryor had called Roe v. Wade “the worst abomination of constitutional law in our history.” Kavanaugh said no. He was lying.

5) During 2006 confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh downplayed role in the nomination of Charles Pickering, a racist judge who once reduced the sentence of a man who burned a cross in front of an interracial couple’s house. Kavanaugh denied involvement. Now we know he was lying.

6) Kavanaugh doesn't deserve ANY bench let alone SCOTUS. Here’s what you can do:

Go to…
2. Click on "Form for Filing" to go to the PDF

3. File a complaint that Kavanaugh committed perjury, which counts as judicial misconduct.

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