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Feminist. Blocked by many on 'both sides'. Speaking truth. #MNLeg #WomenRiseUp #StopHimNow #ItCanHappenHere #LetThemEatCake #SayNoToFascism #BananaRepublicans

Sep 10, 2018, 9 tweets

@SenWhitehouse Senator do you understand what it means when judges claim to be 'originalists'? They mean they want the Constitution to be exactly as it was originally written w/o all later amendments. They only want rich, powerful, land owning, white men to vote. They want to take America 1/

@SenWhitehouse Back to Colonial times. They claim to love the Constitution so much, yet want to intertwine religious laws instead of civil laws in our daily lives, ie, Christian Sharia Law. I don't understand why Democrats aren't screaming from the rooftops about this. Everyone but trump 2/

@SenWhitehouse Is a member of Council for National Policy, a hate group posing as Christians per @splcenter. They hate LGBTQ, Muslims, liberals, POC, & want women to be seen not heard. They're Dominionists. Sarah Palin was their entry into mainstream GOP politics. They want christofascist 3/

@SenWhitehouse @splcenter Theocracy by 2020. I'm an #exvangelical. In every evangelical church, they tell people that liberals/Democrats are evil, immoral, & want to take away their religious freedoms. I heard it myself & quit going. This is happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Telling parishioners to vote 4/

@SenWhitehouse @splcenter For Republicans. Before the election, they told people if they loved God they'd vote for trump. They are nothing but power hungry Pharisees. They adopted the abortion issue to co-opt female voters. The Moral Majority formed over desegregation & threats to their loss of tax 5/

@SenWhitehouse @splcenter Exempt status. The male evangelical leaders DGAF about abortion. Once abortion became legal, there was statistical data for GOP bean counters that most abortions are performed on white women & that white people would be a minority in America by around 2040. They DGAF about 6/

@SenWhitehouse @splcenter Babies once they're born. They just want to control women & ensure white people don't die off. Republicans have enacted lots of laws to institutionalize white, male supremacy. They believe the rest of us are too stupid to run the country. Evangelicals are a cult. You get the 7/

@SenWhitehouse @splcenter Same message in church; Christian broadcasting; right wing radio; & #FoxNews. They're brainwashing people. I bet if all churches, religious groups, & non-profits were taxed this crap would stop. They take in trillions of tax free dollars, preach hate, & do nothing 4 folks. 8/

@SenWhitehouse @splcenter Please look at this overview a Twitter friend of mine put together. It's a brief overview on how we got here. I hope you'll share it @SenWhitehouse with your sane congressional colleagues. We're in danger. Please fight #ForThePeople. /Fin

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