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Sep 11, 2018, 11 tweets

(1) OK listen up. Hurricane #Florence is going to cause extreme flooding, wind & storm surge over a huge area. Due to shallow water off SC & NC, already sodden soil in ~6 states, & the storm's power, size, & forward speed. Explained in this brief story:…

(2) You can follow the thread I have going at the time, which covers all hurricane and storm threats to US territory. Current thread is below. I also have a couple of Twitter lists & links to other info sources there: ]

(3) I'm going to add below some photos and other things from my 2017 coverage of #Harvey #Irma #Maria and #Nate. That storm season was a historic event in American emergency management and community life. There were moments like #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat:

(4) The details of the back to back 2017 hurricanes are fresh in my mind, but I think there's value in remembering key moments as we prepare for hurricane #Florence.

Everyone who can evacuate before this storm, should. There will be fewer to rescue like during #Harvey flooding:

(6) #DontMessWithTexas headline during #Harvey in 2017.

(7) An impending monster hurricane should sharpen one's focus. If it's you or your home, pick you.


(8) In the aftermath of #Irma, I heard reports that 16,000 tree-clearing and power restoration workers went to Florida from 30 states. They did an incredible job. #Americanism #Florence

(9) On 9/10/17 Lauren Durham and Michael Davis, both deployed in @AirNatlGuard for #HurricaneIrma relief, got married, wearing their fatigues.

(10) Members from various federal law enforcement agencies rest before deploying to areas affected by Hurricane #Irma at Moody Air Force Base, GA on 9/11/17.

I love the state flags around the room.

(11) Democrats are so mad that the federal response in PR was so good. They tried several false narratives, to avoid facing up to what their own people did wrong there.

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