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Sep 11, 2018, 10 tweets

1. This is a friend of mine from college. #HisNameWasMarkBingham He was the rugby player on #Flight93 We were waiting for him as he was the best man in one of my best friend’s wedding. Like the rest of America, I watched in disbelief as the #FakeNews spewed sh*t about (contd...)

2. What was being said about Mark. He was an awesome human being, fearless and honest. He realized something was not right on 9/11 and was part of the reason the flight came down in the wrong place as it was intended to do more damage by the cabal. Truths long hidden ..

3. As we anxiously waited and could hear Mark’s voice placing that fateful call to his mother from Flight 93, we couldn’t believe the towers were under attack. A bunch of bright graduate students at the time, many of us didn’t buy the #fakenews even back in 2001.

4. The pain and anguish we feel with everyone else who was affected and lost loved ones will never be forgotten. Many of us were so deeply affected, we finally got over our mourning and talked about what was really going on. The US stock market had a few big gainers ...

5. Among those with massive ups after the closure of the NYC stock exchange was a privately held water company, a generic cell programming company and other eyebrow raisers. Someone should look this up and go at it dig on... who gained the day the market opened? The Bush family..

5. Owns a major privately held water company and had ties to the gainer of stock after 911 - make note. So did the UK somehow. Mark called to tell his mom something was wrong. CNN gave us their version. But what really happened on 9/11 ? #WeKnow and the world is about to change.

6. We all knew it was not what the news was “programming” into our brains. Some of my smart friends actually figured out a lot of what was going on. But no one could say something. Who were we going to tell? The corrupt three letter agencies only to be found in a riverbed? No.

7. So we waited. And waited. America waited for this very day. Most people realize now what 9/11 was. God is always in control. Praise Jesus and Praise God for bringing us back to the Light. Exposing these demons and locking them up or terminating them for taking innocent lives,

8. For financial gain, greed, cannibalism, torture, rape, murder, treason of the highest order. They must pay now. It’s time.

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