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Sep 11, 2018, 12 tweets

As the govt continues to ignore the crisis in Puerto Rico after #Maria, I urge those affected to prepare for #Florence

It’s a Cat 4-5 & flooding is predicted.

Here’s how to prepare & what to do if you run out of bottled water after.

Please RT this thread— it could save a life.

First—listen to your state & local news. EVACUATE if you’re mandated. Don’t leave your pets behind.

I worked on the rescue efforts after Harvey & Irma. I spoke to people on dying phones who didn’t evacuate. They required rescue from rooftops.

If you’re not mandated to evacuate for #HurricaneFlorence, see @NOAA’s list of numbers and supplies you‘ll need

@Firechatapp is a web app & works when cell towers go down between phones.

Prepare & have 1 gallon/day water supply for 7 days minimum.

After a hurricane, most deaths occur from flooding & unsafe drinking water. 2975 in Puerto Rico is an example of this.
Tap & well water are NOT safe to drink after a flood event. Bacteria, viruses & pathogens are present & will make you sick in just HOURS.

For a hurricane/flood event, here are 5 options for safe drinking water.

BEFORE the event:
1. Buy bottled water— 1 gallon/day/person for 7 days minimum

AFTER the event:
2.Chlorinate the water
3.Iodine tablets
4.Calcium hypochlorite- used in swimming pools
5.Boiling the water

As an engineer, I’ve worked extensively w/water systems in developing countries & used these methods

Adding chlorine to H2O is the best option.
⚠️Bleach must be less than 6 mos old. You MUST let it sit for 1 hour after treating, otherwise it’s toxic


Iodine tablets to treat water can be purchased at a pharmacy or sporting goods store.

⚠️Do NOT have iodine disinfected water with
—Thyroid conditions
—Allergy to shellfish

Cautions on iodine:
—Overconsumption is toxic
—Taste is metallic



Calcium hydpochlorite or pool shock is found in swimming pool supply stores.

⚠️Use caution with this if you have no other options because it takes VERY little to treat. It is DEADLY if overconsumption occurs.



Boiling water only works if you have a heat source hot enough to boil it for at least 1 minute. I recommend 3 to 5 minutes.

⚠️Caution - this is a remedial method at best. It should be a LAST effort and it will NOT remove all contaminants.



Flood waters rapidly multiply with pathogens & water bourne illnesses. Avoid standing in it, if possible. A cut can easily become a life threatening infection.

Wash your hands often & any part of you that must go in flood waters, immediately.

If you’re affected by #HurricaneFlorence prepare for a week MINIMUM. The emergency response of our govt seems to be ‘survival of the fittest’

During the rescue efforts of Harvey & Irma, no one rescuing or in need cared if you were Dem or GOP.

💚Look out for each other
💚Be safe

I’ve signed up again to help again with rescue efforts for hurricanes

If you’re able to, we’ll need all the help we can get. If you have a computer & a few hours, please consider volunteering. Join us.
It could save a life.


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