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Sep 12, 2018, 24 tweets

Granted time to load the show from 9/3/18...Hope you enjoy this deck. We'll start with the "Silent Executioner"... remember Andy Wong, the AP guy who loaded the video dropped on the 4th of July? Was he behind this awesome pic? Can you imagine those in the room seeing this now?

The "Key" to this story focuses on the server(s), the laptop, and Wikileaks as told by the "Mad Hatter and the "White Rabbit." Our goal is to answer the question as to who the white rabbits really are. Be prepared to "expand your thinking" here, as "everything has meaning."

Let's start with 2045/6 where we're introduced to the Mad Hatter... his name is Marty Torrey. He refers to Hillary as "Madam Alice." One thing is for sure, from what we found, he sure has a vested interest in Hillary winning and seems he may be rather integral to the 16-yr plan.

Marty's story begins with this not so spontaneous event where she met Brendan Torrey... Marty's grandson... while on a book tour in Clifton Park, NY. You remember Clifton Park, don't ya? Ranier's NXVIM headquarters? No coincidences right?

Brendan's mom is Tiffany, Marty's daughter-in-law... she just happens to be a grant writer, a fundraiser and maritime expert... you know... as in ports?

Her hubby, Barry, is a Port Captain for NYC DOT... New Rochelle specifically... picture getting clearer?

Meet Marty, just your "average Joe"... because every "average joe" is wired... right? He owns a company called Captain Consultants... you got it, ports again.

Hopefully you got the picture for the backstory into his name "Mad Hatter"... the adversary to the white rabbit. Is it any wonder neither he or Hillary were very fond of FOX news? washingtonexaminer.com/clinton-email-…

Oh look... Q drops 2047 right in the middle of our story... gee, wonder why? Oh... the media is tolling out "polls"... sigh... forget them... instead, think of real POLES... much better for one's state of mind anyway.

Back to our story...sadly. Logical question would be why the ports? Well... notice the H/T lanes... need to think easy access with few inspections... yea, those ports... while true many WW lanes have been closed down, not all of them are yet. #Pray the list of victims is long.

Interesting Q would point to the 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report... since none of the suggestions listed were ever followed up on. Or... may be that's why. In it we find SA to be on the Tier 2 list of gov'ts not complying fully. Alice in "Wonderland" … oh my

All that's left to our story are the identification of the white rabbits... for that we need to highlight the image dropped in 2050. I've broken it up so that you can enlarge and read the crumbs for yourself. (hopefully)

In the first row, we find the first set A&W signature, the first mention of SA in relation to that signature and finally the first mention of HRC in relation to A&W...

In row two, we find Q=Alice who went down the "rabbit hole" - who finds there's a duel story in that there's a difference between A&W and Carroll's Alice. Duel meanings in a world where everything has meaning.

In rows 3&4 we get clarification... A&W = Alice & Wonderland, referring to HRC in SA. When Q used that as a signature, he was referring to events that were happening in SA dealing with the HRC/BO corruption in SA. So, who are the rabbits... hang on, it's coming.

To answer that question, we had to dig into the art mentioned in post 2050...

The artist's name is Alex Podesta... he's the 2nd cousin of both Tony and John Podesta. He's known in New Orleans as the "Rabbit Man." His story is an interesting one.

He has an art studio called "Egg Art Studios" and show his work at a place called "The Front" in New Orleans. His wife, Arwen, owns a psychiatric practice that treats adult victims holistically. Meaning the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Check out his art... (BTW: my mistake, he's known as the bunny-man artist)
Notice the one titled "The Hero." I encourage you to think about both the White Rabbit vs the Mad Hatter here as they relate to the definitions I gave you earlier.

You see, all of Alex's art are self portraits and are generally created in pairs so they can be shown as working together or comforting each other in some way... When he creates, he thinks of super heros... a Velveteen Rabbit depicted around the security of a stuffed bunny...

So... Q asked "Who are the White Rabbits"...we believe they are the victims of the 2nd largest industry in the world next to drugs..."human trafficking." Judging by this post Alex was tagged in on his FB page...yes, FB...there seem to be many such victims among and around perps.

In fact, the Bunny Man idea isn't unique to Alex... it's a movement. Here we have Justin Novac arming up his 21st Century Bunny...now read his poem... you tell me... victim? Think definition... frantic, harried, manic, timid, occasionally aggressive... (as in living on the edge?)

Please say a prayer for people like Alex's wife who have dedicated their lives to the wellness and wellbeing of these victims? May they have the courage, strength, and fortitude to help such broken individuals learn to cope in a society that has no idea they are living among us.

And that, my friends, is the story of how the key uncovered the deep secrets found in the server, laptop and Wikileaks. I agree with Q... until these people are dead, our children, and those of the whole world are in danger.

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