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Sep 12, 2018, 51 tweets

(1) HW's running thread of information and updates about Hurricane #Florence and other less severe storms affecting the US this week. #Olivia #Isaac and potential #Joyce aka #95L in the #Gulf.

Thread #1 was:

(2) Official FEMA PSA on Hurricane Prep, please RT:

(3) The first clouds of #Florence arriving now. Please evacuate this afternoon, it's the last chance to do so safely. Eventually even first responders will stay put until she passes.

(4) Latest #Florence update (11am). She will affect an enormous area with heavy rain and flooding. "The Harvey of the East."

(5) The storm name #Joyce went to the one forming in the North. #95L in the #Gulf has a 70% chance of becoming a tropical storm within 48 hours. The next available Atlantic names are #Kirk #Leslie (female name) and #Michael.

(6) I like to use gendered pronouns for storms because it's more accurate, I like old fashioned things, and it triggers the SJWs.

(7) Summary:
>#Florence heading West, Max sustained winds 120mph, Severe threat to land
>#Joyce SW, 45mph, Too soon to tell
>#Helene N, 85mph, No threat to land
>#Isaac W, 60mph, Some threat to islands incl PR
>#95L (? #Kirk soon) NW, Too soon to tell

Also TS #Olivia HI

(8) The total area of expected #Florence heavy rainfall keeps increasing with each update. The purple area in the middle is forecast to receive >20 inches of rain over days 1-7, with even more in some locations.

Most hurricane deaths are caused by flooding. #TurnAroundDontDrown

(9) #Olivia just made landfall in Hawaii.

(10) Key Twitter accounts and websites during #Florence:


(11) Links to emergency mgmt agencies in some of the #Florence affected states:

(12) I'm following two Twitter lists I made:

16 key national info sources for hurricanes & other emergencies:…

EM agency accounts in 11 Atlantic states from GA to NY and inland:…

#Florence #Olivia #Isaac

(13) Use the @gasbuddy app to locate stations with gas.

Call, text or visit @distressline, a free 24/7 emotional support line for any1 in the US experiencing distress re current (or past) emergencies of any kind.

Check out @humanityroad, a great network for info.


(14) HW's top tips for #Florence:

>If in doubt evacuate now.
>If staying, keep out of the water until all clear given.
>If flooded out, get on roof, with a bedsheet. Attic can trap you.
>Use 911 only for emergency, if busy, stay on line rather than trying again.


(15) More #Florence tips:

>If staying & you need water rescue, call local non-emergency numbers (or 911) instead of asking publicly on social media, which duplicates & wastes resources.
>Write down your county Sheriff's numbers now.
>Plan for 7 days on your own, not 3 days.

(16) Some great detailed advice for before & after flooding.

While it's too late for new flood insurance plans to cover #Florence #Olivia #Isaac, please consider getting it wherever you live. Most plans kick in after 30 days.

80% of #Harvey flooded homes had no flood cover.

(17) During hurricanes #Harvey #Irma and #Maria there were a lot of #Tornado warnings. Here's what to do if #Florence or other storms come with #Tornadoes:

(18) In major disasters like #Florence, #CashIsKing. The best way to help those affected is by donating CASH to trusted organizations (listed at

Donating goods is a real pain for responders (unless they ask 4 specific items.) Beware the #SecondDisaster

(19) Please do not give money to individual gofundme campaigns related to hurricanes.

>The chance of scam is high
>Even if the need is genuine, donating to a trusted charity is fairer & more efficient IMO
>Channeling giving thru trusted charities helps plan for future need.

(20) MANDATORY evacuation orders have been made for the worst affected coastal areas.

If you're foolish enough to try to stay, DO NOT go out on the beach as the eye of the storm passes.

Water gets sucked out, then the danger resumes without warning.


(21) During every storm I cover, people always say "we're used to them, we'll be fine." That's great.

Some in the affected areas will not be fine, though. Those new to the area, the less well educated etc.

My approach to a mega storm like #Florence is: #BetterSafeThanSorry.

(22) Please support first & second responders in whatever way you can.

LEOs, ambulance/medical, firefighters/rescue/USAR crews, @USCG @NationalGuard @DeptofDefense @USACEHQ @DHSgov @fema & county & state govt workers & leaders & more.


#Florence #Olivia #Isaac

(23) #Florence is #Catastrophic. I have no hesitation in saying anyone still in the mandatory evacuation areas should be afraid. Then get out.

(24) This time please, may no first responders lose their lives trying to help others during or after #Florence. RIP Officer Perez, who drowned in #Harvey floodwaters in Houston just over one yr ago.

"Put on your own oxygen mask first."


(25) A great example of how volunteers can help no matter where we are. Complete list & status of hurricane #Florence shelters in North Carolina. Retweeted by @HumanityRoad:

(26) It's too late for the slower wind speeds in now Cat 2 #Florence to reduce the harm she will bring, because all that water that's been scooped up has to come down sometime. Read the 5am key messages: They're not good. #TurnAroundDontDrown #Flooding

(27) South Carolina's emergency managment agency is encouraging people to call if they have questions about shelters, evacuation and so on.

Other states' websites appear in a tweet upthread. Write down key numbers now in case you need them later. #Florence

(28) Wind and Pressure Components of Hurricane Storm Surge via @VDEM (Virginia dept of emergency mgmt.)

More than 50% of hurricane deaths are caused by storm surge. #TurnAroundDontDrown #EvacuateNow #Florence

(29) "Do not focus on the wind speed category of #Hurricane #Florence! Life-threatening storm surge flooding, catastrophic flash flooding and prolonged significant river flooding are still expected. More: " - @NHC_Atlantic

(30) "The track that #Florence takes after landfall is still questionable. Anyone in the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic should continue to monitor this dangerous, life-threatening storm into the weekend." @NWSMARFC (NWS Mid Atlantic River Forecast Center).

(31) Beware the "Second Disaster" of donated goods...

(32) Darn, It's past midnight in my hurricane watching lair in NZ. See you in a few hours and please, stay safe! My #Florence Watch continues then.

Landfall expected Friday 2am, with increasingly severe weather before hand.

(33) Hurricane #Florence grew in size considerably in less than 24 hours. Rain, rain, and more rain.

(34) The FEMA-endorsed National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster "has launched donation & volunteer forms on our website. Please visit… for more info on how u can help those affected by #Florence & other storm systems around the country." #NVOAD

(35) Watch this live briefing on #Florence by the Governor of NC at 5pm:

(36) NC has a live interactive map of river gages so you can see where and how bad the flooding is. An excellent service.

(37) Pretty much the only storm system risking US land now is #Florence. #Olivia passed thru Hawaii as a TS, did some damage. #Isaac passed well to the South of Puerto Rico. #Joyce and #Helene are meandering towards Europe. #95L in Gulf prob stay as is.

(38) "The updated rainfall forecast from @NWSWPC now expands the area that can expect 20+ inches, which includes southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. The risk for flooding spans as far west as the Appalachian Mountains. #Florence" - @hurrtrackerapp

(39) Not wanting to alarm anyone, but there's always something brewing in the Atlantic at this time of year.

A new tropical low is forecast next week near Bermuda, travelling Westward. I check the page daily bc I hate being the last to know.

(40) US Dept of Energy: ▶Over 40,000 workers from 17 states have been mobilized to support power restoration efforts after #Florence.

(41) US Dept of Health and Human Services provides for self-contained mobile medical units after major hurricanes like #Florence:

(42) There's ALWAYS someone who dies of CO (Carbon Monoxide) poisoning from using a generator indoors after a major hurricane.

Please note these safety tips. #Florence

(43) Now she's STRENGTHENED again. Hurricane #Florence is very changeable. If you're in or near an area of risk, please follow her throughout each day so you know what's happening.

(44) 40 minutes ago the number in NC without power was 66,000. It could be ten times higher by tomorrow. Then there's SC, GA, TN, WV and VA as well.

(45) It's just gone midnight Eastern. The 11pm update showed #Florence 60 miles East of Wilmington, NC, moving at 6 mph. Not good! Will make the already severe predicted flooding even worse.

My thoughts are with everyone affected by this storm.

(46) Hurricane #Florence making landfall in NC about now.

(47) She's a most unusually shaped hurricane, #Florence. Constantly changing.

Not especially strong wind speeds but A LOT of rain, over a long period of time.

(48) "#Florence is making landfall between #TopsailBeach and #WrightsvilleBeach. Wind speeds are at 90 mph, storm is slowly moving WNW 6 mph. Catastrophic freshwater flooding expected with another 20 to 25 inches of rain in SE NC." - @SCETV

(49) Another satellite image of #Florence, 4.39am Friday. The dot is Myrtle Beach, SC.

>300,000 customers without power in North Carolina.

Hang in there folks.

(50) During #Florence you can listen to the Weather Channel for free on Sirius XM.

(51) I'm used to a hurricane making landfall within about 30 minutes of people starting to talk about it. #Florence is very slow. By the sounds of it, Eastern NC is getting absolutely pummeled.

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