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Sep 13, 2018, 31 tweets

1. #QAnon asks "How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE" to those with treasonous intent upon our nation? Answer:"Drop [daily] carpet bombs" and get them running before dropping/releasing the MOAB.

2. #QAnon…
They 1st targeted Sessions and Flynn for immediate recusal/removal.
If Sessions weren't a threat why was he the primary target?
Sessions Senate CONF vote? (52-47)
Rosenstein Senate CONF vote? (94-6 )

3. #QAnon Sarah link: "The template for leak campaign.. traced to Obama admin.. which made press reliant on ..fav leaks from gov officials.."an echo chamber” newly minted experts, social media validators.. an offensive op..early successes included Flynn and Sessions..#Q

4. #QAnon 2nd phase of leak campaign – defensive, pushing back against congress uncover[ing] irregularities in FBI’s investigation of Trump.. willing press to back off stories that leaks were deeply misleading – including roots of the FBI’s investigation. #Q

5. #QAnon... leak campaign has press willing to back off stories of Deputy AG Bruce Ohr and [#FusionGPS] producing the discredited “Steele dossier”, and journalists publishing classified info – to dismiss the suspicions as “conspiracy theory.” #Q

6. #QAnon It was critical to move Rosenstein to DOJ Acting AG for appointment & oversight direction of SC Mueller to strategically prepare for what enemy was known to be planning. Now, the strategic advantage of today, is that the Left are supporting and defending Sessions. #Q

7. #QAnon (Sara, (above, 2.-5.)): "After[ing] Steele dossier funded by Dems, a new FBI origin story's leaked Dec 2017: NYT reports began w a tip from Australian diplomat Alexander Downer..that Papadopoulos informed.. 'Russians' had .. “dirt” on Hillary. #Q

8. #QAnon "Downer never mentioned emails but NYT says dirt ..'was almost certainly emails from Dems pub'ed by @wikileaks 2016'. That version's now in doubt as Pap says he doesn’t remember saying anything to Downer about Russia; Downer says they had 1 drink & brief discussion" #Q

9. #QAnon "Favored outlets aimed to discredit congressional oversight ..quot[ing] 'anonymous officials' warning oversight endanger[ed] nat sec — but it was WaPo who leaked Halper's identity May 21 a 74-year-old.. with long ties to US & British intel"

10. #QAnon "The leaks were intended to paint Republicans as reckless.. willing to risk safety of constituents, a congressional investigator said. The purpose explained the source, 'is to warn Trump against declassifying, and to shape public reception against him if he does.'” #Q

11. #QAnon "@POTUS is being urged to declassify ..and anti-Trump officials dig in, pre-emptively leaking info of CIA & FBI Russia-ops .. combin[ing] classified intel with .. fiction .. to obscure wrongdoings." #Q

12. #QAnon "According to 'unnamed officials' last mo in NYT, uncovering Halper collect[ing] intel on Trump assocs had a chilling effect on intel against Russia..
But Russia stuff is extraordinarily secret..[NYT] wouldn’t get to speak w anyone who knows..ops', said Dan Hoffman" #Q

13. #QAnon "NYT Sep 1 account of FBI recruiting Deripaska, as a..Putin..informant, published days after .. documents show.. Ohr's in close with Steele, who was employed by Deripaska’s lawyer..but .. [by leaking to NYT] FBI told Putin that they’re trying to flip Deripaska."

14. #QAnon "That (13.) is not a good look... the story they’re trying to bury is FBI’s using dossier to get a warrant to spy on Trump, [thru] a senior DOJ official whose wife [Nellie Ohr] work[ing] on dossier w the dossier's author, Steele, who works for a Putin ally.”

15. #QAnon "Ohr story's evidence that leak campaign continues, even while being exposed. A [bad] precedent's established, joining political ops w law enforcement & intel officials to prosecute a campaign of illegal leaks of classified intel."

16. #QAnon
With PANIC comes ………….


17. Alex Jones' de-platforming was trial template for #QAnon speech censorship across platforms by fascists.……

18. #QAnon "Sexual misconduct" is how media reports rape, trafficking, pedophilia, and exploitation when of society's leaders. #Q

19. #QAnon "Sexual misconduct"

20. #QAnon
Would 8chan be only place left to follow #Q drops when Twitter/FB "collapse of their own weight of illegal activities" (like censoring us?). Q's read-only board where Q posts main points of interest only:…
This is not a game.

21. #QAnon There are 297,000 people posting on 8chan.
Military planning at its finest!

22. #QAnon This is one war we MUST win!

23. #QAnon's "PANIC IN DC" statements started a FIRE, but we're twelve moves ahead.
Suicide watch.

24. #QAnon Massive #FakeNewsMedia attention for a 'conspiracy' reddit board ban? Why are we being targeted by some of the largest media organizations on the planet?…📁…📁…📁…📁

26. #QAnon all for a "LARP"?…📁

27. #QAnon Actions of [Antifa], [#FakeNews], [Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Reddit, etc]:
-Aggression from Projection
-Suppression via Fascism
-Censorship indefense of Narrative-Dogma

28. Most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…

29. #QAnon unroll current thread here:

30. #QAnon "How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?
What is the common theme/tactic of the LEFT?

31. #QAnon Lindsey Graham seems to've changed his tune, since this day? Lot's of "theories":

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