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Sep 18, 2018, 18 tweets

1/ After posting my last thread on #Spirals & #TheSerpent I realized that I needed to cover more on this subject Matter... THIS IS PART 2
Part One:👉…

#Demons #Witchcraft #RedDragon #Satanism #Reptillian #Illuminati #Occult

2/ The next thing was a prayer looking for more answers and a witness testimony on these matters... Those prayers were answered today... But it began last night with this 👉…
If you look closely at the Magic circle, it’s #TheSerpent

3/ Then @BradFitzpatriot posted a Video 👉
As tragic as that Video is, I made some very interesting connections...
👉What was in that video?
1) An Occult Magic Circle
2) Great Seal Of the United States
3) 666
4) Q

@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #QAnon

4/ Before I connect the dots, lets take a quick look at the Magic Circle... to Summon (or Conjure) something negative, like a Demon you must trace the circle 3 times Counter Clockwise, in the shape of a 6 👉666 👈
👉’Sin’nen👈… #QAnon #TheSerpent

5/ ...Double Meanings exist”, “Think MIRROR”, “666 Coincidence?”, “Follow the Light”...
So I went to the mirror and took a picture of the above image and turned it upside down and
💥BOOM 💥 👉QQQ 👈 is the Mirror image of 👉 666 👈 😳
But there’s much more... #QAnon

6/ My mind was stuck on
“Think MIRROR” this morning when my husband Nathan walked in...but First I want to share a thread that @LindaWarriorGal posted last week... Videos played backwards have “Double Meanings”...

7/ This brings me full circle to The #TheWingedSerpent
...andJesus 🙏 - This is a new Eminem video that has been re-recorded 👉backwards 👈😱 I’ll walk you through it in the next post, but first here is the Song
Backwards 👉 @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn

8/ If you listen to the Video it continually repeats Demons & false flag, there’s a large Circle where they summon Demons that Possess his followers, they become mind controlled slaves
👉 At the 0:33 mark Eminem says “Jesus is Real he threw me off of a cliff” 😳 It’s Biblical!!!

9/ This Next part Eminimen Clearly says @1:00 min mark “with the Feather of the Serpent will defend us” - This confirms 👆 Part 1 👆of this Thread 😱... Eminem made a direct connection to the #WingedSerpent as being #Demonic
👉 @GenFlynn DM’d @Twitmo_Inmate3 message...

10/ Now Eminem recently started a feud with @machinegunkelly 🤦‍♀️
I saw MGK live last summer his Presence is mind blowing!!! ...but he wrote a response to Eminem’s dis in a song... MGK calls him “Rap Devil”👿
Forward is great 👍
👉 backward next...

11/ I’m pointing all this out to proove to people that this is
👉A Spiritual War 👈
At Start “you may not be possessed but you look really evil”
@4:00 mark MGK says to Eminem “I’m gonna sh*t on you, you evil Demon”
@machinegunkelly song
Backwards 👉

12/ Back to #WingedSerpents & the British Monarchs 😳
This is the First Witness Testimony Of Arizona Wilder
@17:17 she States these
👉 shapeshifters👈 (#Reptilians) have folded appendages on their backs (wings) & like to Curl their tails up 😳

13/ Day of Reckoning is a movie about Hell Rising, I have Attached the Trailer
@1:00 “they might tear your flesh but they are feeding on your soul” 😳
@1:19 “That’s why they call it the day of Reckoning, it’s the one day that God gives to the Devil”

14/ Anyhow that’s a wrap...
👉Trust in the Lord👈 God Bless 🙏
This is an amazing to be alive!
Dear Father God please safeguard us from these enemies and please eradicate this evil from our existence -Amen 🙏 #QAnon #TrustThePlan #GodsPlan @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #WWG1WGA

*amazing Time to be Alive


Addendum 2: Donald Trump on the Vicious Snake 🐍 - God Bless 🙏#TheSerpent #Annunaki #DemonicRealm #TrustThePlan #GodsPlan #WWG1WGA
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn


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