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Sep 20, 2018, 5 tweets

1. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes to use the expression "I like the cut of your jib..." The term was being used figuratively used to express like or dislike for someone like... Pompeo in 2015.... or

2. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson 'liked the cut of Rep Ron Desantis' jib" Ron spoke at an event hosted by a White Race Theorist and was administrator on a racist Facebook page.... or..

3. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes the cut of Tom Marino's jib. Marino's career is clouded with corruption charges. He gave an earlier endorsement to Trump and denied Trump was racist. Marino himself is a nativist and opposes a pathway for citizenship for illegal immigrants.. or

4. #neverTrumper Rick Wilson likes the cut of FoxNews' Katie Pavlich's jib too. Katie thinks "White Privilege is racist..." or...

5. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes the cut of Trey Gowdy's jib too...

So exactly why have liberals anointed Rick as an ally?


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