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THREAD 1.Soros has long been hate figure for Putinites & nationalists like Trump. #NeverTrumper Louise Mensch pushed the same antisemitic trope. Watch at 4:18 Louise on FOX. “We were lined up to join the Euro & we were bounced out of it by George Soros”…
2. Brexiteers like Trump repeatedly blame Soros a wealthy Jew for their problems. #NeverTrump Mensch at 1:12: “Soros--As a Greek American he should look at the disaster in Greece.” Louise knows Soros is NOT Greek but a Jewish Hungarian Holocaust survivor…
3. 3rd time #NeverTrumper Louise Mensch takes a dig at Soros on FoxNews. At 1:18 “The pound was shorted by George Soros” Louise promulgated the Brexiteer's antisemitic myth of “the Soros web” while reinforcing it on Trump's station FoxNews here in the US.…
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Thread: Aren’t You Getting Damn Tired of Violent Leftists Not Being Held Accountable?

1. I sure as hell am! Let’s review just a few incidents over the past few days. Here’s Flake getting accosted in an elevator by Soros-paid leftists:…
2. How do they and other protesters make it past the @capitolpolice anyway? Sure seems like Democrats are facilitating access by leftist protesters to Republicans and their staffs, doesn’t it? Remember that there are NO coincidences when it comes to Democrat tactics.
3. Speaking of Democrats “facilitating access,” how about lunatic Mad Maxine Waters’ staff doxing Republican senators?…
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Hey liberals amplifying #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson. Remember the SCOTUS/Garland f**kery & how Rick enthusiastically cheered the GOP blocking Garland? Rick said Garland would "spend 30 years wrecking everything in sight." You are being played. Rick is not our ally. #CancelKavanaugh
☝🏼Dear @kathygriffin
You have amplified & called Rick Wilson a hero. Here he is cheering the GOP blocking of Garland. Rick is part of a far right machine that paved the road for Trump He worked to elect bigots like Kobach, Giuliani, Hasner etc. he is no hero & no liberal ally
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1. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes to use the expression "I like the cut of your jib..." The term was being used figuratively used to express like or dislike for someone like... Pompeo in 2015.... or
2. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson 'liked the cut of Rep Ron Desantis' jib" Ron spoke at an event hosted by a White Race Theorist and was administrator on a racist Facebook page.... or..
3. #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson likes the cut of Tom Marino's jib. Marino's career is clouded with corruption charges. He gave an earlier endorsement to Trump and denied Trump was racist. Marino himself is a nativist and opposes a pathway for citizenship for illegal immigrants.. or
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To liberals who think #NeverTrump Republicans are allies. Here is Erick Erickson an early #NeverTrumper spreading ugly propaganda on @BetoORourke. #NeverTrumpers Erickson, Mensch, Rick Wilson, Mair have always backed Cruz who's just a Trump sycophant. They still do. #VoteBeto
#NeverTrumpers back Ted Cruz who has ties to racist extremist David Horowitz. Horowitz has hosted Bannon, Milo, Farage, Sessions, Geert Wilders. Here's a link to Ted's 2013 speech from Horowitz' TX retreat.👇#NeverTrumpers are not liberal allies
#NeverTrumpers oppose Trump because they think he is a "pro abortion liberal masquerading as a conservative." See Rick Wilson & Erickson's quotes below. #NeverTrumpers are pro NRA, anti choice, anti immigrant, anti ACA. Mensch wanted Cruz appointed to SCOTUS. #VoteBeto
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Thread: Weighing in on Social Decline in America

1. #NeverTrumper Steven Hayward hand-wrings about youngsters’ ideological proclivities these days versus us “oldsters.”…
2. “Americans aged 18 to 29 are as positive about socialism (51%) as they are about capitalism (45%). This represents a 12-point decline in young adults’ positive views of capitalism in just the past two years and a marked shift since 2010, when 68% viewed it positively.“
3. “Meanwhile, young people’s views of socialism have fluctuated somewhat from year to year, but the 51% with a positive view today is the same as in 2010.”
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@JonahNRO @TheRickWilson @RadioFreeTom @NoahCRothman
Read this article:…
Note this:
"The woman shudders as she imagines what kind of problems she would encounter if she gave her name, so she declines."

Your concerns about Trump are bankrupt and void.
While you were concerned about Trump's tone, or his character, or his purported incompetence, you failed to notice or care the US Left made conservative US Citizens *afraid* to share their thoughts publicly.

You care about the wrong things. You are fiddling while the US burns.
You have a voice with a national audience. If you care about liberty in the US, you should use that voice to protect liberty. The least among us should feel safe to express their views. You should champion them, not ignore or disdain them.
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Thread: John Brennan on Meet the (De)Press(ed)

1. I woke up early today to watch Manchester City crush Huddersfield Town in a Premier League soccer match. While checking today’s news program line-up, I noticed that John Brennan would make an appearance.
2. I wondered whether he would continue walking back his accusations of treason against @POTUS and decided to do a “delayed live-stream” report on the interview. Here is what I captured from the interview by Chuck Todd, with a couple of tidbits of commentary, too:
3. Chuck Todd began with his usual build-up painting @POTUS as a “crook-in-waiting,” this time with a Nixon twist about John Dean’s comments on “using the federal bureaucracy to screw our political opponents.”
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1. Watch this latest interview between ⁦@maddow⁩ and #JohnBrennan. If you listen very carefully you will surmise a few things.…
2. He walks back his bold statement that @Potus meeting with Russian President was #Treason
3. Former #CIA director, John Brennan has ALL of the intelligence regarding the Russian meddling in the 2016 Election. ALL OF IT, make no mistake!
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Oops... #AlexandriaOcasioCortez didn't make Obama's top Democratic list of candidates he endorses. And not a word from the #FakeNewsMedia, mainly #FakeNewsCNN, as to why.
Hey, guys, this is Breaking News @CNN. Why are you quiet on it?
Not that she would win, but further proof the Democratic party is in shambles. All the more reason Republicans/ Conservatives must #VoteRed.
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Thread: The East End of the Chinese Trans-Africa Railway

1. I remain an Army of One shouting to the moon about the Chinese plan for world domination (sorry for the mixed metaphors here, but you get the idea).
2. A previous thread discussed Chinese plans for a Trans-Africa railway system as the western-most “belt” in their Belt-Road Initiative (BRI) on the Dark Continent.

3. That thread introduced the economic mechanism by which China seeks to control access to the raw materials needed to fuel Chinese industry in the 21st century and beyond. African nations are desperate for foreign investment, particularly in infrastructure.
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Newsfeed --- July 13th, 2018 --- Friday

4chan/pol 🐸were asked to come to the aid of the pro-life side,
bc their messaging sucks.

Past 72 hours, their memes are popping up....

🐸 are going K.I.S.S. and keeping it Authentic Feelz.

Maybe DL and send them around ?
Newsfeed --- July 13th, 2018 --- Friday

4chan/pol 🐸were asked to come to the aid of the pro-life side,
bc their messaging sucks.

Past 72 hours, their memes are popping up....

🐸 are going K.I.S.S. and keeping it Authentic Feelz.

Maybe DL and send them around ?
July 13th, 2018,
Follows of the Day are @Ma_Deuce_ + @NotScottInSC

Deuce VERY funny/smart
twattered bc he pissed off the wrong Lefties

Scott is a #2A Normie Dad from the Woods of NC
but wicked smart and common-sense
He got hacked by a lefty, who deleted all his 5k Fws
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Thread/Rant: On the Senate Intel Committee’s “Russia-Trump Collusion” Report

1. The totally compromised Senate Intel Committee released a report supporting the long-debunked claim by three US intel agencies that Russia tried to help Trump win in 2016:…
2. Yeah, right. At first it was “17 intel agencies agree,” and then it was reduced to but three, and then we learn that a small group from CIA and the FBI were behind the whole thing, and that the NSA essentially dissented from even that “Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA).”
3. Hmmm. Who’s on that committee again?

Chairman: Richard Burr (R-NC), #NeverTrumper

Ranking Member: Mark Warner (D-VA), of Deripaska collusion fame…
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1. This 👇 is actually more important than a quick twitter review presents.
2. The most important shift in political awareness comes when a person admits they have been a victim of "battered conservative syndrome".
3. Just because the cat had her kittens in the oven, well, that don't make 'em biscuits.
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Newsfeed- ---6-27-2018 -- Wed

#1 Story of the day ) is Janus
Supreme Court Decision Should be Handed down today 10-11am EST

Janus loses, big sadz
Janus wins, end of all Unions in the USA and a YUGE blow to Democrats

Below is then required reading…
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Thread: An Old IC Guy on Gen Michael Hayden’s Anti-Trump Rants

1. Gen Michael Hayden is a former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under George W Bush.
2. He is a card-carrying Swamp denizen and a vocal #NeverTrumper, appearing on legacy media networks to bash the president at every turn. Here is just one example (overseas, no less!):…
3. And he even wrote a book that critiques the president’s “America first” national security policy:…
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Thread: Yes, Hillary Should Have Been Prosecuted

1. I don’t generally like quoting rabid #NeverTrumper’s like David French, but as the saying goes, the broken clock tells the right time twice daily.
2. I am in complete agreement with his analysis and conclusions here:…
3. Most of you know that I have had a burr under my saddle about Hillary’s email server and the many felonies committed by her and others. In fact, it was the topic that stimulated one of my first-ever threads:

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