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Read this article: nypost.com/2018/08/22/why…
Note this:
"The woman shudders as she imagines what kind of problems she would encounter if she gave her name, so she declines."

Your concerns about Trump are bankrupt and void.
While you were concerned about Trump's tone, or his character, or his purported incompetence, you failed to notice or care the US Left made conservative US Citizens *afraid* to share their thoughts publicly.

You care about the wrong things. You are fiddling while the US burns.
You have a voice with a national audience. If you care about liberty in the US, you should use that voice to protect liberty. The least among us should feel safe to express their views. You should champion them, not ignore or disdain them.
You have the ability speak freely.
It is now obvious that your ability to speak freely is not due to the 1A or Free Speech traditions in the US, but because your position protects you from the Left's attacks.
(Because they are cowards, and will attack the powerless to cow others)
You should recognize that your position on the national stage protects you. Your free speech is a conditional right, based on your identity (which is the way the US Left assigns Rights).
If you are for Liberty, you should want free speech to be a universal and individal Right.
If you care about Free Speech Principles, if you care about the future exercise of Liberty by all US Citizens, you should use your voice to champion the views of the average conservative individual.
You should, like @SalenaZito, help defend the rights of non-elite conservatives.
If you only use your position and power to maintain your position and power, to only push your own personal view at a time the free speech rights of all conservatives are being smothered, then you betray your principles, and you are useless to the Right & to the Cause of Liberty.
You don't have to love Trump. You don't have to support Trump.

You just have to recognize that the Right, and liberty, and free speech rights, and conservatism, etc., are under assault from the US Left.
Stop using "companies can do what they want" as an excuse.
The US Left has used the govt as part of this assault, from Obama's attacks on reporters, to IRS targeting of conservatives, to cooperating with Silicon Valley to suppress conservative participation in politics.
You should know better than I that the US Left uses any and all levers of power it has to sieze and wield more power, and to reduce the choices and options of US Citizens, and to suppress & eliminate dissent.
They have already used and are still using govt power to attack speech.
This is not a time to stand on the sidelines and criticize the most prominent Republican for matters of style or elements not directly related to his duties as POTUS. This is not a time to lend weight to Perception and Guilt by Innuendo.
President Donald Trump said it clearly: He would rather have fake news then suppress *anyone's* free speech.
He is demonstrating the most basic principle: the answer to speech you don't like is speech you do like.
He is championing Free Speech better than you are.
Where are your principles? *WHAT* are your principles?

The US Left is assaulting our freedoms. Note that even while legal gun rights are expanding, and after proof of 2.5m successful defensive gun uses/year is known, the US Left is using corporations to demonitize gun groups.
The time has come to stand up for principles of liberty, or principles of taste.

If you choose liberty, you need to make your primary purpose to understand and champion the voice of the common voter, and to fight back viciously against incursions against Liberty by the Left.
If you choose to stand up for your personal tastes, and defend only your personal privilege of free speech, then you help the Left suppress ours.

And we will abandon you as useless at best, or unfaithful at worst.

No matter how smart you are, or no matter how pretty your words
Everyone else: forward this to your favorite RINO/moderate/#NeverTrumper
I think everyone needs to see (andhopefully be chilled by) the stark fear of the Left Rampant expressed by the lady @SalenaZito interviewed.

• • •

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