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[THREAD] Kavanaugh’s confirmation today is just 1 part of Republicans’ decades-long campaign to subvert our democracy. They put their relentless pursuit of a Supreme Court controlled by radical right-wingers ahead of brave women who have told their stories. #KavanaughConfirmation
By taking extreme personal risk, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford & sexual assault survivors galvanized this process. Disturbing and credible allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were brought to light by several courageous women. None of it mattered to Republicans. #KavanaughConfirmation
Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. He should be disbarred and investigated, not elevated to the Supreme Court. He has the lowest approval rating of a SCOTUS nominee since Robert Bork.
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Thought he’d just focus on Kavanaugh. Instead he gave best response on rape culture I’ve ever heard from a man!
I aspire to be this reflective. Damn!
#CancelKavanaugh #StopKanavaugh
The man in the video is @Mysonne and he was arrested about an 1.5 hours after this interview along with 14 other men blocking the road in protest. #CancelKavanaugh #StopKanavaugh #BelieveSurvivors
“We are not going back into the caves...” #StopKavanaugh #CancelKanavaugh
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If you're unable to watch what's happening on the floor, I'm gonna be updating this thread with the latest the best I can.

Just now:

Sen Grassley sd Dems doctored a video of Kavanaugh saying B.C was "abortion inducing drugs".

#VoteNo #StopKavanaugh #CancelKavanaugh
Sen Grassley:

The democrats had "one last card" to play with regard to Dr. Ford. Suggesting they sat on the allegations merely as a ploy.

People should see this for what it is- political play.
Lawd have mercy.

I just took my anxiety medication and bloop pressure pills. 😄😄

Grassley is on my fucking nerves. He is lying and lying and lying about the same stuff they've lied abt for a month.
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People ask what #patriarchy is. Think “Jim Crow” and apply it to women—all women. It’s a web of systems, structures, practices and believes that enforce gender hierarchy and silence women. 1/
#This is what #patriarchy looks like in the US right now. 2/
And #patriarchy looks like #this. Yesterday, .@OrrinHatch refused to listen to women and their concerns. 3/…
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Analysis | If Kavanaugh is confirmed, impeachment could follow. Here’s how. #CancelKavanaugh #ThursdayThoughts #VoteBlue…
2/"The countdown to the Senate vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh is underway. A limited FBI investigation into sexual assault claims against the federal judge is done. The agency’s report was sent to the White House on Wednesday, and lawmakers began reviewing it
3/"Thursday morning. With some swing-vote senators expressing satisfaction after their initial reads of the report, the odds appear to be increasing for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court. So what comes next? In early September, even
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In Post-Trump's alternate universe, people evidently can't wrap their minds around doing something purely on principle. We have to fix this, kids! #CancelKavanaugh #VoteBlue #ImpeachTrump…
2/"North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D), in a tough reelection race in her deep-red state, announced today that she would vote against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. She told local TV station WDAY that “the process was bad” and she’d be voting no.
3/"In a written statement, she explained, “In addition to the concerns about his past conduct, last Thursday’s hearing called into question Judge Kavanaugh’s current temperament, honesty, and impartiality. These are critical traits for any nominee to serve on the highest court in
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Perspective | Dishing up lies while proclaiming the love of facts, Trump and Sarah Sanders gaslight America #CancelKavanaugh #ThursdayThoughts #VoteBlue…
2/"President Trump’s assault on truth — and would-be truthtellers — has hit a new low. It may not seem possible, considering that this is a president who has misled or lied to the public thousands of times. But consider what happened in a White House news briefing Wednesday
3/"afternoon. Then consider this week’s rushed and restricted FBI investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. And, finally, consider the administration’s response to the New York Times’s groundbreaking investigation of Trump family finances that was published this
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2/"...Kenneth G. Appold was a suitemate of Kavanaugh’s at the time of the alleged incident. He had previously spoken to The New Yorker about Ramirez on condition of anonymity, but he said that he is now willing to be identified because he believes that the F.B.I. must thoroughly
3/"investigate her allegation. Appold, who is the James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History at Princeton Theological Seminary, said that he first heard about the alleged incident involving Kavanaugh and Ramirez either the night it occurred or a day or two later.
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We were planning to shut down the Capitol Building but the authorities were so scared of this #WomensWave that they shut it down for us.

1000+ women, survivors, and allies have gathered in the Hart Senate Building.
Every hallway. Every floor.

#CancelKanavaugh #BelieveSurvivors
The entire building is echoing with chants of “BELIEVE SURVIVORS”
We believe ALL survivors.

#BelieveSurvivors #CancelKavanaugh
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Do you want Brett Kavanaugh impacting your life for the next 30 years? If not, you have three days to #CancelKavanaugh.

Here are 5 things you can do. I promise you will be glad you did.

(Please RT to help save our democracy.)
1. Show up at a vigil Wednesday evening.

There are vigils happening all around the country. Find one near you, bring some friends with you, alert your local TV station, and tweet out some photos.
2. Come to Washington DC on Thurs/Friday.

We all saw what a huge impact @AnaMariaArchil2 had, simply by showing up to the Senate and telling her story. She wants you to join her. 9 am in the Hart Senate Office Building.

There are buses from major cities.
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We’re coordinating buses to DC from several cities to help you get to DC on Thursday are traveling from.

Check this thread to find out if there’s a bus leaving from your area, and RSVP to claim your seat!

NYC: There’s a #CancelKavanaugh bus leaving from Brooklyn at 5am on Thursday, and returning that night.

Reserve your spot now:…
BOSTON: There’s #CancelKavanaugh bus leaving from South Station at midnight on Wednesday night and returning at 5pm on Friday.

Reserve your seat here:…
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1/ UPDATED ACTION ITEM TO STOP KAVANAUGH; The ABA has issued a formal notice requesting that the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings be delayed pending a formal FBI investigation. In the meantime, the ABA continues to rate Kavanaugh as "well qualified." As no federal judge has ever
2/ been confirmed without a "well qualified" rating by the ABA, if the ABA were to rescind this rating (as it did once before in 2006) it could further derail Kavanaugh's confirmation. For all of you who hire lawyers or know lawyers please ask them to contact the ABA to urge the
3/ ABA to immediately withdraw Kavanaugh's rating of "well qualified" and institute a process to reconsider whether this rating is still appropriate after the surfacing of extremely negative information about Kavanaugh during his hearing with Dr. Ford. Of course this request
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Hey liberals amplifying #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson. Remember the SCOTUS/Garland f**kery & how Rick enthusiastically cheered the GOP blocking Garland? Rick said Garland would "spend 30 years wrecking everything in sight." You are being played. Rick is not our ally. #CancelKavanaugh
☝🏼Dear @kathygriffin
You have amplified & called Rick Wilson a hero. Here he is cheering the GOP blocking of Garland. Rick is part of a far right machine that paved the road for Trump He worked to elect bigots like Kobach, Giuliani, Hasner etc. he is no hero & no liberal ally
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So, the walk-out/speak-out that happened at 1:00 PM today wound up being pretty pivotal in at least one way. #BelieveSurvivors, #CancelKavanaugh, and Deborah Ramirez are trending (Ramirez with a whopping 323K tweets) after being pushed out by the morning cycle.
Twitter is registering more tweets for Deborah Ramirez than Rod Rosenstein. That's amazing. Everybody who tweeted her name should feel a little proud.
Like, "just" tweeting about something and getting something to trend is not the only thing that has to be done for real change to happen, but in the modern world it's a barometer of where the conversation is, where public will is.
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Find your Senator's twitter account and phone # here… #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
In 1991 a bi-partisan agreement delayed the confirmation of Judge Thomas to allow for further FBI investigation, thus setting the precedent you claim doesn't exist @chuckgrassley #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
In an April 2014 speech to the Yale Law School Federalist Society, Brett Kavanaugh had a clear recall of binge drinking and partying. @senbobcorker @pattymurray #TW #StopKavanaugh #MeToo #CancelKavanaugh
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We believe Christine Blasey Ford. We believe Christine Blasey Ford

This thread will include quotes from #ChristineBlaseyFord describing her assault.
While his friend watched, Ford said, #Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed.

#CancelKavanaugh While his friend watched, she said, Kavanaugh pinned her to the bed.
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white fundamentalist Christian fascists who advocate rule by Old Testament law (like stoning people).

Recent speakers?

DJ Trump
Clarence Thomas
GW Bush
Dick Cheney
Rand Paul

This is a must-read.

Plz RT?

'One of its five founders, Tim LaHaye, is the co-author of the Left Behind series of apocalyptic Christian novels and a man who has described gay people as “vile,”'

"Another advocated for a society ruled by Old Testament law requiring, among other things, the stoning of adulteresses, idolaters and “incorrigible” children."

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🚨BREAKING: A criminal complaint and judicial ethics complaint are being filed against Kavanaugh for perjury in Congressional testimony — and LOOK WHO’S REVIEWING IT!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

#MerrickGarland #CancelKavanaugh #StopKavanaugh #BlockBrett

ME: 207-784-6969
DC: 202-224-2523

AK: 907-271-3735
DC: 202-224-6665

IN: 317-226-5555
DC: 202-224-4814

WV: 304-342-5855
DC: 202-224-3954

ND: 701-258-4648
DC: 202-224-2043

So far, thousands of citizens have pledged OVER $700k to @SenatorCollins’s 2020 opponent if Collins votes Yes on Kavanaugh.

Together, we can BEAT Collins’s cash on hand!

🔥Help crank up the pressure by pledging $20.20 right now!
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Dear @SenatorCollins, You keep saying you’re hearing “nothing” from constituents about #Kavanaugh. I invite you to come back home and actually spend some time in #Maine- and see the incredible community fighting his nomination. 1/9
For someone who repeatedly promised Maine women you would protect our rights - and earning the @PPact endorsement - how do you explain the 76% of women who OPPOSE his nomination? 2/9
And why are you letting the White House papers - of his “most formative years” (his words, not mine) not be released? Where’s the anger? 3/9
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