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Sep 20, 2018, 8 tweets

(1) #Florence #PhotoThread: Week Two, starting 9/20/18.

(Some pix in this thread are from Week One. The first thread is here: )


Please donate to a Governor's fund (NC, SC, VA) or trusted charity.

(2) State level #HurricaneFlorence fundraisers:




Below: NC Gov Roy Cooper & Mrs Cooper at a shelter this week.

(3) Rescued at night: "We made it!"

(4) Precious cargo being loaded into the boat.

(5) Brave pupper, kind soldier. 12/10.

(6) Scenes from the great Wilmington Airlift, before responders bashed through a land route for trucks to bring in supplies.

(7) Look at the care they are taking with this elderly man. Beautiful.

"#USCG Strike Teams continue to assist residents in #HorryCounty, #SouthCarolina, as floodwaters rise as a result of #HurricaneFlorence. Download imagery here:" @USCGSoutheast

(8) I just had to add this story here, because it's so positive & inspiring, and the guy is only 18 years old! Serving your community during disasters is a great thing.

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